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  1. Hi! We decide to make a Fair play pvp event (and knows who is the stronggest cp hahaha) When? 11/12/2021 saturday --- 14h (CET) / 22h korea (GMT+9) / 11h Brazil (GMT -3) where? In a special area (where no1 can disturb haha). You will be able to watch all pvp's on twitch.tv/guichart. the stream will be on from 13:30 - 19:00 h What the winner will get? 1bi adena (Hangle is the suggar Dady) In the end will be the rulles, now lets see how will work: The event will have 2 parts. Points fase: Here they will have 1 single combate vs all CPS, the 4 partys with more points will be the winner of the fase 1. This is the order of matchups and the aproximate time of each duels. (if we can decreace the time of each pvp we will do) EU/RF PVP EVENT Time matchups Brasil Korea ES/PL/DE 1 11:00:00 22:00:00 14:00:00 HOM vs Q 2 11:10:00 22:10:00 14:10:00 TBT vs Hangle 3 11:20:00 22:20:00 14:20:00 khorne vs T 4 11:30:00 22:30:00 14:30:00 Q vs Nansey 5 11:40:00 22:40:00 14:40:00 HOM vs T 6 11:50:00 22:50:00 14:50:00 TBT vs khorne 7 12:00:00 23:00:00 15:00:00 Hangle vs Q 8 12:10:00 23:10:00 15:10:00 T vs Nansey 9 12:20:00 23:20:00 15:20:00 HOM vs Nansey 10 12:30:00 23:30:00 15:30:00 TBT vs T 11 12:40:00 23:40:00 15:40:00 Hangle vs Nansey 12 12:50:00 23:50:00 15:50:00 khorne vs Q 13 13:00:00 00:00:00 16:00:00 HOM vs Hangle 14 13:10:00 00:10:00 16:10:00 Nansey vs khorne 15 13:20:00 00:20:00 16:20:00 TBT vs Q 16 13:30:00 00:30:00 16:30:00 T vs Hangle 17 13:40:00 00:40:00 16:40:00 HOM vs TBT 18 13:50:00 00:50:00 16:50:00 T vs Q 19 14:00:00 01:00:00 17:00:00 Hangle vs khorne 20 14:10:00 01:10:00 17:10:00 Nansey vs TBT 21 14:20:00 01:20:00 17:20:00 HOM vs T In this painel, we will have the points calculator table. Hangle TBT HOM Q T Nansey khorne Fase 2: The 1 will fight vs the 4 and the 2 vs 3 in a MD3 pvp. Who win 2 pvps will win Winner 1 vs Winner 4 md3 Winner 2 vs Winner 3 md3 final Final 1 vs Final 2 md5 The winners will have the tittle strongger in EU/RF ally and get 1 bi adena to do what they want. (like the carrot) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rulles: 1 u should find 1 full setup with 9 characters. ex. u can make 1 full pt of bladedancers and will be able to join. (in this case will be the winner ) 2 ur party will have 1 salva for each bishops u have in ur setup. if u have 1 bishop u can use 1 salva in each round, 2 bishops 2 salvas, etc. u can not get 9 box bishop and get salva in everycharacter. 3 will be in pvp area and u can get ress scroll and will not lose exp. The pvp just end when the all 9 players is dead. (like china pvps haha) 4.Form your pt / ally friends, this event is not a competition. just fun. (it’s a joke?) 5.Hero weapon cloaks are not used. The same for Aden cloak. 6 hero skills is forbiden. 7 u dont need 9 ppl to participe. if u think ur guys can win 8v9 or 7v9 but dont cry "I just lose couse we are 8 ppl" but it is also a help ín case of some1 disconect and u lose round couse of it. 8 will work by points. everyone will fight vs everyone. the 4 cps who have more wins will come to the next stage. there will fight cp vs cp in md3, the winners come to the final md5. 9 the event will be on 11/12 from 14 h (CET) until finish pvp. In case of we overtime the pvp event, the final will be on sunday 1 hour before the siege. (but we will try to do it in saturday). 10 you can use every potion, transform, frut u want. and also standart buffs from pp, wc, ee, se and ol, even if ur cp dont have it on main setup. u cant use some special buff in case of u dont have it on setup. like pt UD, palabuff, bd sws, and leave party with box. (in case of rulle 7, u can bring box in main party but dont replace for another class). Enjoy the event!
  2. lol nice nick hahahaha extreme BDSM is the best1 that i see in this game hahaha
  3. Back to normal rutine! Stream on! Happy birthday!