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  1. @San0 forget about A grade top dual shots 2 > 1 u say on twitter *---*
  2. after u lose BD vs BD with better equipaments u still talk it hahaha its a joke?
  3. All A grade top weapons are spend 1 SSA sobekk 1 - dual 2 do u have plan to change dual tallum*dama to spend 1 ssa also?
  4. @San0 what skill from daggers say it? I try to find 1 by 1, all skills and dont find this info...
  5. some ideas about bd/song bd realy need a buff... song its "ok" not perfect but ok. this classes need to be able to fight in olly when u are not full epics top equipaments. (BD cant win 99% of machups iven with full epics and full equipaments) also need to have a secundary funcion on pvp/pve songs cant make damage on pve/pvp and BD cant tank damage any class on olly iven if u have full A grade set +6 I am here again with new ideas to help this forgotten class
  6. the atualization is coming! I will w8 for bd balance :v
  7. this is realy not fun... the ppl see a pvp and just mount and run... if we have some sistem like this will be good, not just for balance this sumonners on mount but also to make the ppl fight and dont run. if u want run, give some CC on enemy and after u can go with ur legs
  8. well done! The first winner 1 MorokeiPP ---- 1 EWB 6 EAB 2 RazorWind ---- 8 EAB 3 Glidehook ---- 5 EAB Thank you all for participating!
  9. darksinger

    Rec report

    but if I want start in the midle of pvp for exemple and I am runing, I cant. or if I am a sumonner who play full time on mount I cant make a rec in some casualy pvp
  10. remember u cant use damage skills from spectral sumonner couse he have a biggest p.atak :v but the cancel its ok to use :v
  11. a principio son 3 EAB's por que si hay mucha gente lo haré en 2 o 3 turnos si no hay mucha gente, pondré premio a los 3 primeros pero eso a decidir con la cantidad de gente que quiera participar
  12. darksinger

    Rec report

    we cant start record video when we are on mount.
  13. we can add a new rulle all daggers will have a staff on party to check if he mount or not :v
  14. This is the race circuit!!! you will need to run all it with self buffs and with all debuffs of ur friends and the staff will give
  15. not all, we have aoe skills also and the "STAFF" will be to give debuffs in the first position and buffs in the last position