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  1. a possible solution is the coins go for the biggest number of ppl on CC. if a farmer come with low ppl he will get the last hit anyway hiting 16k/50k on RBS remove the last hit and use the max number on CC. randoms will help each other couse everyone want the lote. #farmersDown, #randomsUP
  2. the prime that get the last week on oly will have advantage
  3. 2 hours like u do before, should be really nice.
  4. RU... they make war, dont make love dont speak this lenguage <3 Спасибо
  5. If u make a week mission ex. 80+ Farm 5k monsters week and get 3 hours lvl 4 epics. Ppl will have 1 day olly to play with this epics, that will not be a lote. Ppl that have epics will be able to use strategy bouth days and have some advantage to play some matches and w8 enemys to make full matchs before play himself and be safe with points. Also ppl who focus on pve can make 3 hours/week insane pve. who are not interested on oly can also save his 3 hours epics to spend on siege time. In the end, everyone can get it and will force everyone to play and be more time online.
  6. About BD skill: dont work 3 up of ur skill. ex.: if u have the 80 lvl 1 skill it will work just on 82 and lower. New power break lvl: skill 80 lvl 20 will work even on 84 lvl. poison/bleed skill lvl 80 work on ppl lvl 84 BD 82: all skills work good. psychic dance have low chance, dont work on any skill like the description say. just work on skills that target an enemy. (pls make it work like the description) and if u can, make it have a better land rate. Anyway, good changes on BD, just have to fix this skill that is not working like the description Edit 1: Also the description dont show the reuse time.
  7. darksinger


    Who have Trojan problem: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security-811816c0-4dfd-af4a-47e4-c301afe13b26#:~:text=Go to Start > Settings > Update,%2C file types%2C or process follow this instructions and add ur game place there on exclusions and everything will be under control.
  8. u think 10k euros is enough? just baium 4 = 80 bi :v
  9. my sugestions: buff PVP from tyrant. nerf bleed from rush on titan. give sk buff spirit of shillen just to himself or give critcal damage to every weapon and not just blunt or just remove the critcal damage and the vamp. the rest of atributs is nice to have on archer partys that is already "bad" (on bad hands). a place to spoil EAA will help with this big buster on damage and 0 buff on defence. (the buff on defence is on epics lvl 4 and it is not to everyone) also is time to have +8 A sets on the game. and something that newbies can do, like the spoil on lilith/anakin, that u dont need big resource to do it.
  10. how do u feel geting +1 buff on titan?
  11. if u farm aoe u can. but for rbs no....
  12. sorry, I think i understand bad... The rune is for 1 - 76 or 76 - 85? @San0
  13. @Rizos check ur dagger with 9 seconds stun and 8 seconds reuse haha looks like dagger can win bd now lets see with this new skill from bd, i think it will be good, the mechanic looks like throwing dagger, use a skill and active. the gap from new ppl with out epics and old ppl with epics lvl 4 will be really hard... I think we miss a good place to farm armor enchants A grade and ppl have armors/jwels +++ or this status from AQ+baium will destroid more and more the dreams from newbies to catch the late game. but anyway, to who is already here, it is good. baium lvl 4 maybe should get a nerf on skill power to be not big big op. and poor tyrant... 0 chems to tyrant...
  14. also more buffs on titan not necessarry... check tyrant that get nerfs and nerfs and now cant even pve on new areas and still dont get anything with focus on pvp