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  1. I also agree, all events change to -2h so will be more ppl participing
  2. yes, like all other support classes. and all other support classes can fight in oly. bd is the only1 that cant. All elders is really good, WC OL have fear and also eazy to win. sws have puri and also win eazy on oly. what about support class cant play oly? bd is the only1 that cant play.
  3. OUR SKIN IS BLACK BUT WE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!!!!!!!!! Prophet was really nice in oly and still get buff and now is running with auras, 4rd skills and BD scratch on the floor with c4 skills... (completly necessary the buff on prophet, good job) The change that we need is a hard CC or debuff resistence. and debuff resistence is not a good one for a bd... so, we need a hard cc. Dont really need to be a OP think, just a single CC can make everything on BD. here is just 4 changes: demonic blade dancer (yes, this skill is from c3 and we still dont have it here) I add, this shouder charge couse can use with dual but the assaut rush is skill from blade dancer and do the same. Fighter will Inner ritim decreace meduza reuse The rush+stun 3 seconds is enough to give a rotation skills and petrific the enemy. During the petrification u are able to hit the statue, even if u dont make damage, u can use it to active fighter will a new rotation of skills, now, making him be exposed to enemys. yes, it will not make him invencible, a single core, tk cubic, tree of life, etc will be enough to cleance the 3 seconds stun and kill the bd, but if enemys dont have such resource, bd will be able to win a bit more. It's not OP, it's not strong at all. out of oly, the CC of skills is from 15 to 10 seconds with rene champion. anyway dont change a lote... PLS HELP US! SAVE BLACK SKIN!!!!
  4. I dont agree with the time of new patchs. If u start a game with top B, ppl dont even catch up B grade and u already have A grade, lilith rune, Primeval talic. the ppl need to have a focus. if they have everything to do, they will do nothing. If the players have 1 focus to do. ex.: on this new patch, they change tyrano and make more eazy to make the primeval talic, everyone will be there, ppl will pvp for spot, etc etc. on our server, is 1 primeval talic, maybe lilith/anakin rune lvl 5 max... right now, ppl see primeval talic, and say "wtf, it's impossible, lets farm other place". The changes must be on game mechanics, dont really need a full patch everytime. Need some1 with good eyes to check what is happend, what is going bad, why ppl are leaving, and fix this thinks. and yes, the new server should be a good idea. Also have a old chronic in this new server, yes. they have already old patchs, so is just change acording with the ritim of new server. noty exactly each half year. can be fast, can be slow
  5. ty my friend, if I can motivate 1 even with 5 vs me is not a problem. i will keep helping
  6. If u want to start and u dont know how to do, this event is perfect for you. you can exp ur character in event place and get some adena to start! let me explain how: after get red leaf, you will get 6k exp from monster. (yes that is not a lote for high lvls) but for low lvls it's really a lote. good mobs on low lvl give 3 - 5k exp. when u race the lvl 25, make the moon knight quest to get armor and weapon cupom. when u race lvl 40 make apella set and u will have enough adena for C grade weapon. You will have adena enough to buy a weapon and get lvl fast with out any box to log, or time to waste or chance to die. about adena: U can set shop to sell or just sell to who is buyng.: 1400 leaf was the number that i get until lvl 20. Enjoy everyone!
  7. darksinger

    Easter Event 2022

    u forget to type name of agation. is it the last one of the agation list?
  8. Great Idea, Also tyrano should spawn in group zone, this mob cant kill alone so why spawn on solo zone? no sense. it will help farmers to farm much more faster, but they are there anyway so it will not really change to much on his life. and ye, there should be a spot where ppl can farm with out CC, maybe let same p.def/hp on monsters but just reduce his damage. 4.1 perfect 4.2 remove this vampiric status, they already have lord of vampire, vamp, dance vamp. is enough vamp on this server. also remove this critcal damage with blunt. let the rest of status. SK should use sword couse of sting, now the meta force them to use blunt. 4.3 good, was a funny time when we can just check map and PR to go pvp for rbs. 4.4 should work to bring pvp to the server. 4.5 idk what can drop from this rb, but if is top A weapon, ppl ofc will pvp for it, but the marketing will have a crazy drop on price of weapons. anyway a drop on price of weapons will help the newbies to catch up the end game. if u have a +3 top A sword is same than +10 top B grade. is already enough to join on pvp. the bad point.: Over enchant of this weapons with out over enchant of top A sets will make seriously problems with Damage on pvps. ppl with a diamon cristal ++ will just delete ppl with out jwels. Maybe add better drop of EAA on the server and force the price of enchants drop. the over enchant of armor/jwels will be there and ppl will be able to tank this crazy damage from korean's mages Anyway good idea.
  9. some time a dagger try to train my BD, i kill the pull 3 times and he stop. just realize he is helping me
  10. now u dont drop for monsters, ppl stop to train in GC
  11. (first, not about ppl, is my old cp member and I dont have any problem with him, just to show the situation of this shit pvp circle) RS leader CP and WK leader cp farm in the same spot. HOW IT IS POSSIBLE?????? than they see a no clan guy and come to kick him from spot. come to kick 1 guy alone, 1 guy who is starting on server and building his itens... is not this single guy that is farming his itens that u should pvp and kick from the spot... OFC, if u need the spot that he is, u should kick him couse u have priority, jungle law. but u let enemy free farm in the same spot than u and come here to say server need action, need pvp, need more ppl. How ppl will play in this fucking shit server? PLS, FIGHT! KEEP FIGHTING. if u dont die on pvp, server will die in ur place.
  12. Other problem of this server is the community. TX farm on the side of WK and no fight RS take half spot with haugu party Wtf is This server, ppl lost the blood on the eyes... The Last exp event when í was on fórum warriors cp, we play with 5 câmaras to check-in enemys coming. If some enemys come to any room close to us, we just go there gank and back... No peace to solo farmers. Or they bring full party to pvp or they don't farm. The community merge in this pve circle and just fight in FI during the morning and siege... Even zaken is close to free farm. I leave my cp that I was really fine and enjoy to play with them just to have some pvp and some fun during the prime and I hope it will work, we are already close to have a full pt and be able to fight vs big partys, still with 5 players we fight vs 11 ppl on sv. Remember this game is not about friends. U make ally with no friends and fight vs friends just to have fun. To talk with ur friends u can do on stream chat, forum, discord, pm. Go make enemys inside game and maybe the server will work again.
  13. blade dancer and sword singer is classes that u can farm solo and also in group. other supports will be more hard to find a low lvl gorup couse ppl already have warcryer, pp 80 maybe SE also will be eazy to find couse stigma must be on level of rbs to give all the time
  14. we need epics hahaha joke ty for sup everyone!