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  1. i think his intention is dont drop the population during summer. so yes, is a good plan. who take vacations from game will not be able to be on the top of server. also will be a time to other partys get top level or catch up the old partys that make break and who dont make break and is top lvl, can be on top of rank
  2. Virus clan recruit CP's to play and chill on new server. probably will join in one of this sides that already is on, slot for 1 melee CP and 1 Archer/mage cp
  3. e claro, nao tem coisa mais original que criar uma musica inteira falando do server u.u eu falei pra eles pra me julgar como compositor e nao como cantor. pois eu sei que minhas habilidades cantando nao sao boas hahaha
  4. pq o san0 entende portugues e a kse usou o google translate u.u mandei a letra escrita pra ela
  5. i think they have no1 that is chinise expert on the staff :v imagine translate to every lenguage that ppl want? san0 is from portugal and also dont do portuguese for brasilians. is just to be just to everyone, a english version and done u can use the google translate or ask for some english expert from ur clan to help you
  6. olha minha musica kkkkkkkkkkkk fiz a parodia, ta em portugues uheueheuh
  7. I think the biggest point to bring some pvp on the server is make this quest itens not tradable like baium quest. make ppl must play to farm it and with it, main party's to pvp for the spot vs farmers. this will send farmers back to 70 lvl rbs and make place for full cps who want the farm of late game.
  8. agree. is no point to do it. now. for S grade, ppl will need to play on mains. about pvp, about the spot that is not really a lote. will be more free time about farmers that dont do the same. I dont see any info about rbs.... will be no rbs on new area? maybe giants cave rbs (from inside) can be on game? and make ppl pvp for it.
  10. completly agree. the changes makes farmer's life eazy, but they already have a eazy life. but for newbies, it change a lote... the changes nerf a bit the farmers but nerf muuch more the new ppl
  11. basic thinks that everyone knows we need and they do now... a bit late but they do I think is a good patch. maybe a shyeeds bow from verry slow to slow should be also a indirectly buff on archers to make them "strong" on new area