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  1. Jsem

    It was never so easy to join L2Classic.club!

    Totally fake, my god did you realize no every new comer will get help from an older player? The only way to hit 40 in three hours its saving the 100% exp rune you get at lvl 4, use a middle scroll and maybe stew fish 10%, clan exp passive 10% and unity lvl 4 plus that you have to gathering 3 raids together, have cov dance and songs and the whole pt having goods bows. So dont come with that 1>4 in 3 hours if you know what to do, its more like 1>40 in 3 hours if you have high lvl buffers, c bows and stuff. Even getting 1-20 takes around 40min-50min if you dont use the 100% exp rune. Not telling you may spend like 2 hours to fill the group in the party matchmaking.
  2. Jsem

    Music Thread

  3. Jsem

    Music Thread

  4. Jsem

    New player on TI x3.

    This 10000%, save them so you wont struggle to get 70 easily. I mean keep all of them till 60+ If you play summoner i recommend playing ES, its more easy class to play and it really fit melee and mage pts. GL
  5. Like rip said, hes keeping zombies "death" to avoid zombies apocalypse and come on! he have some decent videos. Still mad at me coz you broke your dagger?
  6. Its just a new strat! or are you jelaous because i didnt mentioned you?
  7. My bad, seems like that dagger belong to NonHoly. Btw, i recommend you to watch some TetsujinOP or Z1nger videos so you can learn how to play tyrants.
  8. Jsem

    regular sunday

  9. Jsem

    regular sunday

    From where do i get those macro icon pack?
  10. Jsem

    regular sunday

    This shit is more interesting than the last season of TWD.
  11. Jsem

    Thanks zxcsadqeqsa

    Thats make sense! ROFL!
  12. Jsem

    Thanks zxcsadqeqsa

    Explain what it means, even our mighty lord google can't answer my question. Really nice video btw, can't wait to join end game pvp.
  13. So finally i know who is the fucking trash behind this dagger. Thanks for screwing peoples parties in abg, so sad to be high lvl with no real enemies?!
  14. Jsem

    It was never so easy to join L2Classic.club!

    You're missing the main point and comparing low lvl grind with high lvl grind its just for dumb people. Maybe if the server was fresh, new comer may handle it but try to go to all pre 40 zones and tell if you will find any kind of group or if any raid party will take you without having a bow. Classic its about grind? Yes, but more easy and enjoyable in groups, and tbh there is not life pre 50 is this server. Even 76+ are the same fucking partys pvping each other all the time for the past 3 years. Why play in a 3 years server with so low newcomer love, when a newbie can go to skelth with his huge boost to 60 or classic na with full of people? The low level boost here its a joke, you cant even use the ss/bss they gave you pass 19? i mean seriously?
  15. Jsem

    It was never so easy to join L2Classic.club!

    This is so sad. Do you really think people like this chronicle for the grind of it? No. It's just for the pvp, and believe me there is not fun trying to hit end game in a 3 years old server, without any help. By the time you get to end game, the people in the end game have already quit or are full of epics and shit. I'm not asking for full b grade, a grade or npc shop. For god sake, it's just a help to people get 40 faster. It's to much to ask? Stop acting like you're are an official server, i will tell you something "you guys are not".