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  1. Dude bd its a support role and class, get over it. Go make dd class or something and stop whining about it.
  2. Still waiting for free box ;3
  3. Agreed with all. The part of the free box for x's amount of time was teh best part, some love for newbie comers will be a huge plus..
  4. Even with all of that 1-76 grinding is super slow and boring without people around. Also there is not a small chance any new player will pay for box in such old and empty server. The only way to a newbie have fun here is to spend tons of money and pay somone to power level him if he want to progress fast. People here is very weird, no offense. Dont want a new server and are highly against newbie boost. But its okey if you enjoy club like this.
  5. It will be to hard for you to add vitality system? or cake systems? A exp boost for newbies would be great, i know you will come and say "CLASSIC" but fucked it, no matter how many updates you bring to the table if you dont do anything to boost 1-76 it will be a waste of time.
  6. Jsem

    17.05 Sieges

    How china actually manage to lose Aden to them? China no number1 anymore? Gz to HdM tho.
  7. Wait a second... Rizos you're or was one of the most stacked daggers around, are u telling me even with all the gear u had and perma hero, u werent oneshotting people? So habber and fucking silent were throwing shit in my face all this time?
  8. I saw you were hitting 2k m.crits on people thats neat to be a summoner idk plus skitty hits hard to :F
  9. Solid game play and hella fun class to play tbh. I was thinking in making a ES but WK seems fun :) thanks Modoy.
  10. Is not new l2 is not about fun anymore, is just about the exp and money... Thanks for the honest answer, gonna chill out then and just level up a summoner or try to copy the san0 challenge with an archer or th.
  11. I'm pretty sure br side only recruits pt speakers. So the pupil became the master. And what the hell with that ugly name? better sticked with dv8 or back to zxcsadqeqsa
  12. So Andrius left? Sad news at least to me. Whos leading alliens now? DF is still the only NA Alliance on server? There are NA cps recruting? Seems like the only viable option is to play EU prime again.
  13. Pretty simple, hows server doing right now? sides? online? hows NA prime doing? which clans are still playing? With all this karanahvairus thing, my friend and i pretty much wanna start playing here again.
  14. god even, generation z is pussy af. they dont tolerate nothing.