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  1. Jsem

    Runes disappearing

    or just delete system 32, its help me a lot.
  2. Jsem

    Any NA clans/CP's?

    There is none. Maybe some BR Groups but not clans at all. I have been playing here since Octuber last year and the only NA clan that was playing here was one called "BigDaddies", but they quit in december due to no one to recruit in that prime. If i find something i'll let you know.
  3. As tittle say, a tournament will be freaking good to bring some attention and fun to the server, a lot of people will enjoy it and server can benefit from it if particiapant stream the whole event. There can be some rules applied from others GvG events. all characters 80 with skill learned Weapons +3 Runes max +6 Just 3 set of epics No toi +6 Sets+3 about win princes it can be something like 1. Golden Nicknames and 1kkk or some col or vip status? 2. Colored Tittles and 500kk or some col or vip status? 3. 250kk and some col or vip status? i don't know maybe some people can bring better ideas, the ones above where just examples. But a tournament will be freaking good. What you guys think about it?
  4. Jsem

    Event Winter attack!

    The bamboo and panda hats are permanent? i have open like 300 and still no hat :X!
  5. Jsem

    Elemental Summoner help please

    40-55 i recommend go nuker style. After 55 if you have group everytime you're in game stay as nuker, if you have a hard time finding group, go melee.
  6. Jsem

    Event Winter attack!

    Spawning: Wait... What i'm doing here? Dying: It's nots even christmaaaaaaas...
  7. Jsem

    TH Gear/Dyes

    Stop trolling me? lol
  8. Jsem

    TH Gear/Dyes

    Hello as tittle says i'm looking advices for the best setup for pvp and pve. Which set fit more th style? BW HEAVY +6 BW LIGHT+6 DOOM LIGHT+6 DRAKE+6 Dyes Setup And which rune i should have for pvp and pve. Thx
  9. Jsem

    [You Laugh You Lose challenge] NCwest gets exposed

    This is the answer a couple of people get when we asked for a better new comer pack to make new people research end game a little bit faster and join server sides/dramas.
  10. Jsem

    [You Laugh You Lose challenge] NCwest gets exposed

    Thanks god they are burying themselves alive, the good part we might get lots of people if update come anytime "soon" ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. Jsem


    I'm bored, so i want to know your opinion about what you consider to be the top cp's in server. all though most of them are lacking bd's BD most wanted class 2k19 ๐Ÿคจ lets battle begin!
  12. Jsem

    here maybe in 5 years

    I do enjoyed soulhounds in gracia/h5 but they do not have space in classic. Thanks god we have classic club.