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Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce that we have solved one of the most important issues (implemented good anti-bot protection)
And now we are launching a new round of advertising campaign, and with it adding to the game "Starting pack" which will help newcomers to start the game on our server comfortably.
And due to this we are announcing a new contest, where you will be able to help us in attracting new players and win great prizes!


To participate you need to:

1. Like our Facebook page

2. Like and share first pinned post about Starting Pack on our Facebook page.

3. Add kse.classic in Skype and make Skype mailing to all your friends (full instruction is given at the end of this post)

4. Post information from this page to at least 30 Lineage2 forums/communitys/fb/vk groups (posts in fb/vk communitys can take not more than 30% from all publications) and make screenshots of all publications with the visible link of the resource you've posted it.

5.  Send to Kse.classic in Skype your Facebook account link (make sure you have account open for non-friends or add Kse to your friends!), screenshot with Skype mailing window, screenshots of forums etc publications


Every participant will get guaranteed prize:

15 days PA

Death Deal Certificate 7 days

Hair Accessory for 7 days


The winners, which will be picked randomly - 5 or more depending on the amount of participants - will receive:

300 CoLs

Color Title

Hair accessory by your choice

Agathion by your choice




  1. Start your Skype
  2. Add Administrator - Kse.classic to your contacts.
  3. Run the program Clownfish - you can download it HERE
  4. The first time you will start it, the program will request premission to use Skype. Allow access.


      5. After right click on the program icon and select Broadcast mass massage


       6. Send the following message

Still not playing on Lineage2Classic? Now it's time to join!

Starting pack will help you with it! Hurry to join our amazing company!

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30 is really much. I know max 10.

15 days PA

Death Deal Certificate 7 days

Hair Accessory for 7 days

I would better change this to that cool looking bat aghation. It looks too good.

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