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  1. qloc01

    Glad vs tyrant

    well, gladi have heavy passive, have lion heart still, go for tyrant pls 🤥
  2. qloc01

    NA trying hard =))))

    the hype is real, the population is crazy, but after reading few forum topics from the staffs, its.. kinda seems they dont even know what they will have on their server and so they will have to report to the original developer to fix/change stuffs, and usually, this takes... time... months 1 thing for now its that dye +5 cap, it may takes months before it got fixed
  3. qloc01

    FAQ Zaken update

    tbh, that ideal of pk scroll usages only available at Floran is srly good, genieuly good job here, read the patch note of official all the time, idk why they just dont follow this, simple and very effective
  4. qloc01


    its free, 3 boxes allowed, easy fake classic server, can kill time when i have, and i consider it "killing time", not play, just 30m-1h a day after a long sh!t real life problems have to deal with, still want to play here instead when have more time
  5. qloc01


    btw, hope this post wont be deleted, that "classic" is not 1.5, its antharas patch with customize sh!t and limited area at 1.5 patch you have catacombs, runes, extra raid bosses which 1.5 doesnt include and lots of boost stuffs from 2.0 like we already knew easy classic there, and its free, you can kill time at catacombs anw
  6. qloc01

    Made in China

    OGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!iSeb, the call of his life !!
  7. qloc01

    Made in China

    never needed, chinos is dumb
  8. qloc01

    Made in China

    can anyone tell me how long this new recruit from perk is fighting for epic already? he seems so "proud" about this "epic" =))
  9. qloc01

    Made in China

    pff, you dont join CC doesnt mean you not 69, you priority to prevent blue zerg to get castles, over everything, even chinos came to clear us from behind for you, yea it maybe not intentionally, but again, that doesnt make you not 69, pff, whats the point here? why mad? pff
  10. qloc01

    Made in China

    you two b!tch also so proud when go 69 on siege, pff
  11. qloc01

    L2 Summer Action Part 2

    hes PR, not BD, not orc shaman, he needs to control his range to secure safety and throw more FC, you want slow, you want hex, ask somebody else
  12. qloc01

    Fail Magic :)

    such butt hurt, sell him some modafaka jerry
  13. qloc01

    POV PALADIN / small scale pvp in toi

    more sense when Ama said he went for + str - dex dye, coz beside healing which bp do better he needs strong normal attack to be relevant in pvp
  14. qloc01


    i have been diagnosised cancer after 2 years playing here, after swimming out of this topic on this forum i may have to visit doctor again, hope thing wont get any worse, gl guys, pls try to take care of your health, ty
  15. qloc01

    I am Prophet

    that Pop dagger moment when he got root right after the moment he used Hide must be like " i fucked up", lol