Happy New Year!

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Dear friends!

The end of 2015th year is coming. For each of us it was different. For someone good and he doesn't want to say goodbye, for someone not so good and he want to quickly say goodbye to it and move into the New year.
For our team this year was difficult, but at the same time joyful. We hope that this long-awaited launch of the server brought a joy for you too. We will try to do everything to the server to meet your expectations and bring only positive emotions.

I would like to once again briefly describe our plans on the server:​
1) Of course, it's update to 1.3 and 1.5.
The topic with voting is created. If you didn't gave your voice or did not express your ideas, we are always waiting for you * here *. Also I would like to draw your attention to the fact that a lot of people are asking to wait with the update. To them I would like to clarify once again that the date of installation of the update will be agreed with you as well. And a little bit more about the update: as we reported earlier, they will not be 100% identical to NCsoft. In the voting thread we said which updates we don't like and don't want to include them, and received great support from the members.

2) Further updates.
As we have reported, we believe NCsoft really suffered. The idea of ​​restarting Lineage 2 was very good, as the complexity of the game was quite an interesting idea, but in the update 2.0 NCsoft begin to distort our favorite game. We don't want to do that. Of course we'll have updates from the Olympiads and 2.0 skills if their work won't have a lot of complaints from players, who tried 2.0. But at this time we are not very interested in the rest of the update . That's why we are moving away from NCsoft and from 1.5 will start working on our own way, which we think will return exactly the game that everyone loves. Of course we will appreciate your feedback and before working on an update, we will show you the changelog. You will be able to speak and may be will be decided to change something, delete or add. We are always open to your ideas, and if it is really worth it, we are ready to implement it.

3) The new updater.
The last time we looking for a good new updater. The one we have is obsolete and doesn't fulfill all the functions we need, as well we get complaints about the updater itself. All this is not for nothing. We are working on it, but unfortunately at the moment all our efforts ended with no result. But don't think that we surrendered. After the new year, we will take care of this issue more actively and will try to give you a good, comfortable and functional updater soon .

4) New events.
What would be L2 without them? We will try to diversify the game, so you can take a break from the monotony and enjoy taking part in the new events.

5) Restart on Friday. (The closest plan)
Restart on Friday will be canceled, so you don't have to run and replaсe your traders and you can happily celebrate the New Year. The next restart will be made on Monday 01/04/2016

Brevity is clearly not mine. ^_^

The most important thing that I would like to tell you.
We are very grateful that you are with us. While you're with us, you give us the impetus to the creation of better and interesting server.​
On behalf of the Classic Team I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Wish all of you the next year to be more joyful. And we will try to help this wish to become true. :x

Happy New Year!

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Happy new year everyone,
Thx for your hard work and always giving us the feedback!
I know the server will be every day a little bit better then yesterdays

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