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[WEIGHT IN] EXP loss in siege zone

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Dear players!

We have been receiving requests to remove EXP loss on sieges not only for registered clans, but for everyone who enters siege zone.

We see it as a bad idea for the following reasons:

  1. It is not hard to register a clan for sieges to not lose EXP as a perk of being participant of the event.
  2. All parties should know in advance who will participate in sieges. 
  3. There should be no situations, when a random clan, which is not registered for sieges, decides to come in just to interfere, so there will be no assumptions that they would not come in knowing that they could lose experience. And if they want to mess around - they are welcome to, but with a penalty as an EXP loss for not participating in the event properly.

But now to make a final decision we want to hear your voices for or against that idea and why.

Every voice matters!


Classic Team

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Yes . You are right, but also as far as I remember if You own a castle, You are unregistered for all other castles (I might be totally wrong, sorry if it is the case) and You can not help Your ally to fight on another castle without risking of losing tons of exp. So You have come up with tricky ideas to not lose it. For example, register some dwarf with golem on alt clan, move your castle there, then fight together with Your ally and then retake castle back on your main clan or something.


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nevermind, i just read the changelog

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Clans that are registered to attack/defend the specific castle (example: Giran) should not lose EXP, but other clans that are registered to attack/defend other castles and that wish to attack castles other than those shown in their registration should really lose EXP. Because it becomes very easy for you to die and return as many times as you want until you conquer all the castles. If the rule set by KSE continues to apply, the competition becomes fairer. Big hug.

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You really have to lose XP, if the clan doesn't want to participate in the siege, attacking or defending, they don't have to interfere in the event.

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