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  1. I think you forgot to put it on FS then. Because in mine this skill doesn't exist yet.
  2. I see people talking about certain classes like BD and SWS, but the DWARFS were abandoned a long time ago. I've been here for 3 years and I don't see any updates about them, it has become a "Useless in the game" class, both in terms of farm, olympics and class upgrades. Missing at least one "RUSH" or something that doesn't make the class "useless" in game. Once yes, it helps regarding there are some items like spoiling on the island, but other than that it's not good at anything else. !?!?!
  3. can already update? Or is it necessary to wait?
  4. Renan Silva

    Easter Event 2021

    Tem a lista no NPC
  5. Will the other bosses reappear 12h + 8h after death yet? What time cd of the rage after 15min?
  6. Tragic or funny?? ;´( Funny! It's funny, for sure funny, very funny! HAHAHA!!