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  1. Starting as new player?

    Difficult choice. Pt after 50+ will want to take u in aoe pt only if u have some support box and pole. RB pt will take you only if u have good bow or high lvl buff. Spoiler is for making money or some class which is usefull for aoe (bard\tank\regen\mage). Try to make money from our current event.
  2. Killing low level players

    1) he is 61lvl only - u can make like 1lvl\hour on 40lvl? U can ask some hero to hero chat with helping vs pk in your loc. Or just learn how to relog. 2) back in the days of c1-c3 you would be PKed from 1st lvl near starting villages, then in ac\rod then in eg and around dion\gludio etc. till SoS. And sometimes not with 1 solo pk but with 1 pk pt with bards and healers.
  3. 1) l2 never been about balance 2) Who told you that hitting with mage skills + tank with pony+recharge is a wrong way or badly designed? ES is using different skills, supporting with pets, its pretty different from clear mage gameplay. Not saying about stat difference, different equipment, variety of possible pt roles. 3) ES is stronger then any mage in open locs - only spamming superspeed pots can help. Thats why. Same story on oly after 77. Dont forget that all pets dont require 31 tablets. 4) Its YOUR common sense, in reality of l2 from c1 - all summoners used smth in addition to pets damage - daggers\duals\magic.
  4. U can hit mobs with your 1st prof aoe while merrow hydra is on cooldown - with full buff and staff its fine, ofc less dmg then mages do but u have infinite mana. And about mages farming rb with bows - it's fun activity in the 1st place. U can solo aoe with mage from 20 to till 45 lvl 5-20% per train duo with tank\bard. It's faster then rb but no fun. Even before 77 pony is pretty strong - u can see progressive's movies or look on oly. BTW u can solo aoe with pony too - i've seen ppl doing that.
  5. Academy System

    Nope. Points like CRP farm or TS usage are applicable to any clan. But I'm confused why some small PVE clan could be needed to have it's own academy. All PVE clans are basically academies in their nature. It's l2 - the game about pvp, politics, mass pvp. And it's always been like this. And classic is focussed on that cause of free box restrictions, cp system and aoe farm. Also, lets be honest, l2 server is alive till there is big war exists on the server. Big war is making server attractive, big sides spend a lot of COLs for PA, spend a lot of adena for events\sertificates or enchanting >>adena deflation>> increasing COL consumption>> money for admins. And big sides want different things - new content, bug fixes, events etc. Why integrate some low lvl groups who cannot solve their own problems in the 1st place? They need to solve their problems for themselves or they will be perma head ache for main ally\clan. I dont deny that there is some possible valid arguments to implement these academies. I simply dont know anything about it, I just point that these arguments you mentioned are pretty questionable.
  6. A grade weapons and armors

    Destroyer Hammer (a 2 handed blunt) Blood Tornado (a fists) Inferno master (a 2 handed sword) Bloody Orchid (a dagger) A grade armors and jewels
  7. Summoners are OP. If you will be dissappointed playing ES here - you playing wrong game. Hydra screw is pretty fine with full buff in abg as i remember.
  8. Some of Monday Action

    top content indeed good soundtrak tho
  9. Academy System

    It all sounds like a marketing bullshit. 1) Main sides all have box clans even with clan halls where they can put academy if they want it. 2) "chat with ppl, see the actions etc" - all ppl always in TS in any ally, ppl have global voice commands and see actual online in TS. 3) "empty boxes clans feeling alone" - if main clan cares about new ppl - they will def them when its needed. TS whispering list or jumping to main CPs ts channel is used for that. 4) "Clans will have access to some bonus CRPs" - main clans can farm cpr also they have additional CRP from siedges+ heroes every month. Any active clan can make all clan skills in 1 week if they are not lazy. 5) "more precisely filter who they want to have in main clan or not cuz they can actually control those lower level players activity and actions" - how? And high lvls dont have time to babysit any low lvls, especially now - epics\mini epics\rb\baium quest\ toi pvps\ baium. 6) "New comers will be able to join an academy and found themselves in the possession of a clan buffer" - whaat? Probably there are some valid arguments to push admins to make academy system (i dunno much about it) - but definitely not these you mentioned.
  10. ищем русский клан)

    genocide, lost souls, fear.
  11. A grade weapons and armors

    Blood Tornado (a fists) Inferno master (a 2 handed sword) Bloody Orchid (a dagger) bellions cestus+3 A grade armors and jewels FEOH 13
  12. Флудилка

    Вам же уже выкладывали скрин со спойлером "закен в разработке". Обновы внедряются постепенно. Тои\лоа пвп ивент - внедрили, мини эпиков - внедрили. Другой вопрос что выхлоп с этих нововведений - нулевой т.к. А грейд нереально распечатать. В 2.5 столько всякого бреда, что вообще я бы 100 раз еще подумал, что оттуда ставить, а что - нет.

    i didnt see much luck on ikiki last weekend with his 79 and 3rd skills tho and i guess he is the closest to be called max stacked here. 80 sk with majestc+baium... ofc even here SK is free farmer class but lets not compare to pony where u need only be lucky to get 2\3 arenas 77lvl and yul rune in your weap.
  14. A grade weapons and armors

    Blood Tornado (a fists) Inferno master (a 2 handed sword) Bloody Orchid (a dagger) aoba+6 bellions cestus+3 A grade armors and jewels
  15. Баг с танцами БД

    танцы песни всегда были на 2минуты. как-то не обращали внимания на dance of light, но вроде тоже 2 минуты был. он не используется по причине мизерного прироста урона и доп расхода мп при наличии свса и бд.