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  1. Mount Abuse

    I can say that ppl should not adapt to brain-dead staff of NCsoft balance department. I can say that it's obviously made to make more $ with moving OP from 1 classes to anothers with each update. I can say that seeing "a great sense" in the place where it is obviously just a $ greed or stupidity - is stupidity itself. I can say to @San0 - please stop be afraid to send "like on offi" retards to offi servers. And panic ppl "u can broke the balance" you can send the same direction. You can do it better - why to keep the broken things here then? You didnt make custom changes to PRs and what do we see last 6-8 month on the server? Only PRs in archers pt + several HE\SR left only to contest for heroes.
  2. 2 компа по локалке

    гугли hwid l2
  3. Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    Man, if some guy took CC leadership - nobody cant blame him for any weak gameplay on his char. It's pretty difficult to control ppl, info and play at the same time. CC leader is a strategist then tactic and only then - a player. Plus dont forget that in addition the guy could box something. About assists - in the best CPs its rarely used cause all DD see the situation and the targets they should nuke. So it is not a measure of the professionalism. On this particular server its a waste of time in 90%. Every time I try to do some assists - in 90% it is no target/our own chars/bards.
  4. JerryZ cp lf BP\EE+OL or drivers

    Одумайся, женщина, пока не поздно Фигуру запорешь, мозги профармишь, какое ла2 в 15 лет?! Нам бы 22+ (а лучше 25+). Да и повидал вашего брата в л2, больше штатным психологом работать не хочу.
  5. CS

    Lose 3 castles for the sake of 3-4 pvp 1time\2weeks? When you have mass pvp in toi every day? No,tnx. No need to be hypocritical, ws side tried to take "free castles" 5 times this siedge as well (2 times ex on dion, 2 times oren, 1 time gludio), but no luck. No mention ws groupped in oren 4 times and then moved back to aden
  6. CS

    No I mean after you crested it back, there was a moment when ws were in town, chn were in aden castle, time passed and no crest. The last part? I mean that everybody expected that perkunas will crest aden casue your cp transfer.
  7. CS

    We would like to join the main party to have some fun but there were itommy,ex,cavaero,jf lurking in order to take smth. And still ws tried to take oren 2 times. Also we tried to take gludio. We only were a bit surprised that CHN cleared WS in aden but didnt crest (how did it happened btw?). Anyway the result is expected(rip cp>>perkunas) and fine for us.
  8. Флудилка

    у меня нет таких проблем. А талик - я так понял он исчезает если надет и на нем мана не отрегенилась, не разбирался еще да и смысла нет - тои талисманы или покупные на УД больше используются
  9. JerryZ cp lf BP\EE+OL or drivers

    Привет! Кто откуда, кто может поручиться?
  10. Флудилка

    да, вытаскиваются, я уже 2 вытащил за месяц. Только я не в курсе как их юзать - на них 0\60 манны указано
  11. JerryZ cp lf BP\EE+OL or drivers

  12. LF CP(Общая тема)

    JerryZ КП (клан SM) ищет ЕЕ\БП 68+ и ОЛ 72+ или драйверов на наших чаров. Прайм обычно - 16.00 -20.00 по мск. Английский обязателен (как минимум - слушать)
  13. Флудилка

    Если моб уже сагрен на тебя - свиток тебе не поможет. Насколько я понял это аналог сайлент дэнса бд или сайлент мува у даггеров.
  14. JerryZ CP lf BP\EE 68+ or driver. OL 72+ or driver. Prime ~ 4-8 p.m gmt+3 SM clan
  15. CP - Fear None

    Dont listen them, if bishop goes front line - he will be pulled by 76+ tanks = easy loss. Good reaction (u are trying to predict which member will be hit hard before he is hit hard), only 2 things - 1) when u out of mana and its pvp in loa\toi - use usual res scrolls. Also u have to have some bress scrols for such a pvp. 2) When u out of mana - SIT, running around doesnt help.