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  1. Aden Castle Siege Event

    I didnt get u. So they will play against WS on this siedge? 4 side u mean: WS, WK, BP, Drama?
  2. Aden Castle Siege Event

    4th side? Do you mean WS will stand alone without WK ally?
  3. my QQ post about this server

    About pvp archers vs nukers : u can use obstacles\rr when archer casting FC\stun or WL casting stun. Or hunt them when they dont expect u. Also - let bards\tanks to tank archers. Using that you will be able to wipe out 90% of enemy archers. +4 Con + max ee buffs will give you nothing vs stun, it's crippled reality of the classic. About SB chance - you can farm ~800k\hour adena\drop\parts in ABG. So 2 weeks of farming there will give you adena to buy aura flash sb. Or use spoiler.
  4. Shield block (how it works here?)

    yep, i put attention to that anyway, I will try to test other projectiles later, maybe I was unlucky or this particular skill is bugged
  5. Shield block (how it works here?)

    @BlackJack Thank you for your answer (I was too harsh on that), but I didnt ask about case when sps hit others, only what skills sps\sorc can block. And it's still not clear about projectiles - from my test no aqua squirls were blocked. @Poseidon I never said\think I'm the best player or even top player. It's all your false accusations. And you accuse me "how silly I am" when you wrote "if u made tests when spellsinger hits target with a shield" when I clearly wrote "dorf hitting sps, bow hitting sps, WL hitting sps, ES hitting sps." @Cyane Tnx, so you think I was just unlucky with both shield block and antimagic in my test with ES?
  6. Shield block (how it works here?)

    Okay, 2 ppl who can't read. Is it a coincidence? ES hit sps with aqua sqirl. Not otherwise. 74 to 74
  7. Shield block (how it works here?)

    ty, I checked, all 3 wl\dorf skills I tested ignored shield defence. Ok, so its korean random. What about magic skills block? Is it just a rumor? Only passive skill "antimagic" (30% resist) works? Is it just cut magic dmg to you for 30% or it gives 30% do not take any dmg from magic (obviously from test it doesnt work like this)? Or its about debuffs land rate?
  8. Hi all, I heared many rumors about shield block and I want to understand when it works. So far I tested: dorf hitting sps, bow hitting sps, WL hitting sps, ES hitting sps. For usual physical attacks it works (" Your shield defence has succeeded")> less dmg. For physical skills (dorf\WL) i have different damage in ~25% cases for ~25% (for example ~75% of hits (skills) made 600-650 dmg, ~25% 500-550 dmg). No any messages about shield block. So- is it damage fluctuations (500-650) or it's work of the shield defence(but with no message)? Interesting that with archers skills - shield block defence works properly (" Your shield defence has succeeded")> less dmg. ES hitting with magic skills > ~150 hits = 0 skills didnt affect(all made some dmg, pretty same always and x2 on m.crits). No block of magic skills exists(on sps\sorc)? How it should be on classic? @San0? @Koll?

    homa+14 has 176 m.atk, demon+12 has 185 m.atk as I remember. If you asking about the price, I guess should be around 1kkk (personally i would not pay more cause easier then buy homa+12 vs melee\archers and demon+12 vs mages)


    There is 1, SK have it, dont remember the clan - Perkunas or ES. That homa was enchanted from +12 to +14 by "3%-girl" and dropped to this SK.
  12. SoulMate lf CPs

    Not bad yday Recruitment is temporary suspended. But feel free to write us your suggestions.
  13. It is fine to start playing here?

    Dont return to l2. But if u cannot resist - it best u can find. With friends it will be easy.
  14. SoulMate lf CPs

    Yea, especially CHN who still trying to farm QA and after 2 years still have no idea how to do that. And sure CHN doesnt care about epics cause they RMT epics.
  15. SoulMate lf CPs

    I have no idea why u are telling us about your friends. Not a bad day though gf on orf