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  1. New raid bosses

    Your point of view is dissappointing all these low lvl clans as lostsouls, genocide etc.
  2. Server politics

    same story like with CHN didnt try epics 1y ago. ws and wk members even farmed abg together sometimes (back in the days). i remember dramas manifest cp vs chn in abg couple of times (which were solved by bizz tho)
  3. Server politics

    Too much fuss. Reminds me the same fuss 3.5 weeks ago when WS took only few heroes. I told it before and will repeat it now. Take toi from WS first. Without that even baium farm will be just episodic.
  4. Server politics

    It's pretty complicated. For example elfy wanna kill dh on siedge - they go that caste where dh currently is(it could be anyone's castle), the rest could go kill WS in order them to not have a castle (it's in theirs interests too for oly and pvp). DT can go kill perks on NF's castle in order to have free hands of NF - to let them go somewhere pvp with enemies (even if they go not to our castles - it will be helpfull). Complaining that evil NF can coop with evil DT for smth preventing the server to be a swamp again is pretty ridiculous. Especially with 8 cps in eur prime (soon 9).
  5. Few questions from new player.

    i don't recommend sps without full support on your back and top equip (and castle preferably for circlet), even with that for every pvp will be needed to use ud\guard talics cause every bastard is rushing\chain pull you. Yes it has good burst damage but with 40% reflect sps will kill himself faster then some fat enemy dies if no CP regen from OL. It is a good controller tho - u frost+dagger all enemies on 900 distance, cancel and freeze shakle all bards and tanks who come to 600. ES is the most popular class on oly, that's it.
  6. Server politics

    I think you underestimate ws ability to recruit. There is ~4 cp\clans in eur prime to recruit. Also they are already 7 CP in eur prime(summoners fatality rip bizz jackals ninja ww) +lfury ppl can log early (8)+ manifest cp will be ready in ~3 weeks (9). So far WS contrlolled toi in eur prime. Even if ppl from nf and dt gather their balls and take toi in eur prime - that will just means that WS will take more pts(60+) and kick you out of toi in eur prime. War in daily and coop for a big goals (like baium or siedges for example) is for not casual server like this. We've seen that already in the past when ES WS CHN were war to each other but pretty quickly stopped to kill each other and started to exp together. How ppl see that I wonder? DT and NF will kill each other while WS safely making baium quest and tablets?
  7. Leading technology

    I thought our wl failed 1 time. twice actually No OL = gg =\ good pvp tho
  8. Need few tips about class change from SwS

    necro is the most universal. top tier on oly (with proper tali use), good on 1v1, for mage pt setup also need 2 necros, solo can cdl, fat af. desto is strong when it has tablets skills. I think in general your approach could be incorrect for the end game. End game is played by CPs (epics, toi, siedges). To play in cp - you need to play\reroll to class your cp need.
  9. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    i feel bad for bb now, but what a hell, they have castle now gz
  10. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    They don't have sirena, 2 necros>1 necro, 3-4lvl toi tali vs baium talis,demons are brighter, epics will allow to debuff better and take less debuffs,1-2 lvl difference, need good cp management on papers. Also they will need to use castle scrolls,beer buffs, proper tali use, proper pvp tactics. I can log and play sirena bd if elfy cp want to try 9v9 vs rip @elfyyy Look how cp regen should work vs vop\sirena\reneval
  11. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    Just have a feeling(not the 1st time already) that in the majority of cases that would save your mages. BP gameplay so good. Still have a feeling that this OL's behavior to keep pt without cp will not work vs serious cp like rip's (sirena-vop-reneval-baium talis). Last time we pvped vs rip and had no live ol (no cp regen) - sps\sph was 1 hit from necro\sph (5k+ crits).
  12. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    Cool. Show your OL cp regen button already
  13. CHN in Core

    Anyway, it still keeps the question. 1 thing is some prolonged case as farm where its easy to catch a guy who can afk from pc for some time. Different case when 3-4 guys log 1pt each +2-3 pt of live ppl and all show is finished in 1 min. They are still on cyclic macro (hit-res-btm-regen-dance). If admin will move these chars as in the case with DA ikcen - they will still not react at least for some time(like live ppl). Also - when CHN were doing the same on QA but used a bot - they were checked it and banned them (didnt delete 3 QA rings or banned mains tho).
  14. CHN in Core

    but admin was there? who recorded that video for imtr ban? i remember that modoy recorded the 1st, i thought admins did the 2nd
  15. CHN in Core

    ye ye, thats what i'm asking about. in king case we had a direct check from admin, but in no admin is available or the case is pretty short in time (6-8 pt farm epic in 1min)- could be a video like this counted as a proof or not. the char on this video was ressing several times for some time = was not controlled. Where is this border when we can call the char as "without control"?