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  1. Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    Is this the quality of pvp now? Your cc leader is a nuker with full mp the whole fight, standing there typing RUSH RUSH. You don't have transfer pain on in half the fights, nobody is assisting. I mean.. it's almost 2k18 guys l2p.
  2. Castle of 2kkk

    I literally turned on some random L2 stream of a perma rude dude, and saw you begging to stop being pked, I laughed that was all.
  3. Castle of 2kkk Very stronk Aden owners begging not to get pked lul
  4. 2.0 Open Beta Test

    Don't really have time to test, but I played 2.0 on Skelth for awhile I can probably answer most questions, except regarding BS mobs since they got changed again in 2.5(zaken patch)
  5. Summer of 69

    Watching these 1.5 fights, pony/cat buff is seriously op in classic. You guys will realize it when 2.0 hits.
  6. Coming Soon™

    Looks great man, can't wait!
  7. Too soon?

    Fled? Fled from who? You have never fought me once, all you do is PR and run your shitty mouth lol. Skelth has 2k online, it's more alive than ever. I'm playing there because I'm bored of 1.5, low skill update with no counterplay to some things (hello silence) I'll be back here someday, hope you don't miss me too much in the meantime.
  8. DramaTeam - Expect the unexpected

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
  9. Anathema Graveyard Event

    You are so desperate these days it's embarrassing to even witness. Your zerg ally is over, unless you suck jerry's dick I'd be surprised if you win more than 1 castle. I don't think anyone takes you serious anymore, I'm gunna stop proving your gang of retards wrong on a daily basis. Bye mr lawyer. LOL.
  10. Anathema Graveyard Event

    Why are you always talking about money with me, it is 5 euro for unban ONE time. I make more money in 1 week then you make in a month. I also sell B grade weapons on ingame auction house for 40 euro a pop. Don't worry about me, you should be worrying about how to play this game..
  11. Anathema Graveyard Event

    Not gunna bother with teaching you necro mechanics since it's way over your head, but you guys don't destroy anyone LOL. Both times I've logged in last week perkunas got smashed by OOC and SM.
  12. Anathema Graveyard Event

    What about awakendemon lol? You made it your "mission" to destroy him, created a 300 person zerg just to win everything and now it all falls apart. You're a low skilled joke who hides behind numbers.
  13. Anathema Graveyard Event

    Yikes I'm sensing some bad blood between you and Anathema. Anathema didn't go to one siege you lost 4 castles, imagine what happens when they go to the siege, you lose all castles?
  14. Jungle !

    Way to ruin a good song OP, thanks.
  15. FPS/lags problem

    kid doesn't even go here