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  1. go back to Ramona!
  2. I managed to get a solid work schedule this season. I'm still interested in playing here if I can find a party in NA timezone, if not i'll have to play catch up again in 9 months. LF English speaking CP who plays around 8-12pm (gmt-5) Level 73, full equip. I'm down to play almost any class, but I prefer DD, warlord or tank Don't really care what clan you're in PM here on forums
  4. equip

    PVP +12 con-str, doom heavy PVE you could go +str and use BW heavy, but I wouldn't you're just a stun bot 90% of the time anyways. If you don't plan on pvping for awhile then go +str.
  5. Just another cycle of things. Enjoy the free farm, and when new people rise up be sure to shit talk them extra hard for getting rekt 10 levels lower. Cya around soil and co, for what it's worth I think you did a good job building the alliance, even though you never asked for it.
  6. LOL is this what vigi has become? I am disappointed.
  7. Zurek doesn't play he's just a troll. Even the bot policys on skelth/Gran kain are less severe. They get one 7 day ban, 2nd 30 day ban, 3rd perma I think.
  9. last siege you also had 10 less people than us (245) I already posted a SS with our CC, not many people left maybe 10-15 max.
  10. Mhhm whatever you say, and yet in every equal number fight, or slightly out numbered we barely have any deaths. Sounds like you don't know how the aggression mechanics works. Just an over leveled over geared party. (Half of my party is still 66 lol, we don't even have ee bd or sws player) But clearly that's not needed for this server
  11. Yeah I agree with you, my party here is just casual friends, with only one other hardcore player in it. I've played 75% of the competitive servers private/retail, I know all about the no lifing scripting russians. I never once claimed to be "pro" I just said the other parties were bad. That's funny though, claiming to be 160, but leaving out China+ES alliance, lol. VIGI ZERGGGGGGG,
  12. This new forum update gives you pop-ups like facebook, it's kinda neat. Nobody asked you to leave the server, and last time I checked you don't play with me. I just gave you some criticism, I couldn't care less what you do with it.
  13. In comparison to ES parties, yes. Idk what happens often in NA timezone, but you guys are lacking some serious teamplay. Take it as a flame or some constructive criticism but with your levels and gear you guys consistently play awful. You have a CP system and still play like randoms. With your levels and gear you should be doing a lot more in pvp. I speak from 5+ fights against you guys over a few days. You should head to coliseum and fight 9v9 with eachother.
  14. katsumoto party is easy, they don't know how to play. oppa party is harder for sure. and you can believe what you want, but 0/8 stuns today at dion siege lol.
  15. All I see is resisted when I try to stun katsumoto or anyone from oppa party. 0/8 stuns on katsumoto at dion. So yeah I know all about those woes