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  1. Classic 1.5 is pretty much interlude with more debuffs and stuns landing. People get 2 shotted, every debuff lands, 60 second silence with no counter play. Pretty boring brain dead chronicle. So yeah bring on updates.
  2. I fight against all odds every night 9v9 with all loa mobs on me, 9v18, 9v27, I fight with 5 people boxing 14 clients, it doesn't matter too me. 50% of this server won't leave town without 8/9 of their party online. How many times do I have to call out @Kim someone who plays in my prime for a 9v9? He won't, he just waits for another party to come hold his hand. Still amazes me how you guys keep your zerg going, pve players that's all. Still licking your wounds after getting smashed for 3 months sitting at aden gk.
  3. Buddy I had 5 active guys don't be delusional. Babyrage party is 66. Just ask @Kim why he won't 9v9 me People don't even leave town with 5 people but idgaf
  4. it's a joke brah
  5. reported for exploiting
  6. ^
  7. Buddy I don't think anybody knows wtf you're talking about.
  8. Watched the first fight so far and I can't believe how shitty Lillith archer party is. 75+ archers getting rolled over by every group I see pvp them. Holy fuck somebody give those guys some tips.
  9. Depends on your party. Obviously every group needs both BD & Sws so you can't go wrong. But a BD in archer/meele party can hex. A sws in a mage party can entangle. That's really the only difference. Other than that they are the same, aggro bot with good buffs.
  10. Last rekt? Fraps or it never happened. I was busy working all week so I didn't play, sorry to burst your bubble.
  11. Mascot boy you shouldn't be giving advice to ANYONE about how to play this game
  12. I don't comment on the gameplay, but I'm just being honest when I say that you need a new PC if you want to record.
  13. Why would you even record if you have a toaster playing minimum detail 800x600?
  14. necro master race duh, by far the most unbalanced class in 1.5
  15. This music is giving me aids