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  1. Okay done
  2. putting cam on 2nd monitor you notice if somebody runs by through the corner of your eye
  3. LF new DA, preferably no filthy botters
  4. Well going in DA vs DA with oly style buffs have +12 con you're asking to lose lol.
  5. You better calm your shit down Mascot, wouldn't want you to offend the only decent party in your zerg ally.
  6. Yeah that's when my work break started, since you wanna play detective boy, I was mia from this thread for over 12 hours. The only thing you suck up in your vaccum is bizzquit's cock for lessons. You don't know any shit you can't even play your char.
  7. Idk how they update that page once a month or whatever but I'm pretty sure I was never posted until I was banned the 2nd time. I'm not speaking in absolute's since it was a long time ago and I do not know for sure. I'm really curious to see if the self-proclaimed most notorious bot hater, himself, got autobanned for software. Ask @San0 to confirm or deny the allegations for you. I trust his word.
  8. Mascot boy still trying to talk to me? Even your own ally mates think you're a fucking tool, go sit in the corner and let the adults talk.
  9. If a player is caught using 3rd party program or software your entire party gets banned for it. So if he was bannned in your party, your whole party should be banned too. Those are the rules.
  10. You only go on ban list if you've been banned twice. (Can't be unbanned again) I'm pretty sure atleast
  11. Not sure of the total population, but the server has people on throughout the entire day. NA/EU/Asian timezones. Population was 2k+ back when sieges were almost 300v300. Yes at one point we had more people than Gran Kain sieges at the time, but due to recent events one ally disbanded making the server extremely one sided. The current online activity has declined dramatically but still has active groups online at any given time. Something unique I noticed with this server is that the total population might seem low but the activity is enormous. I can't speak for lowbie zones, but once you hit AbG+ there is always parties everywhere. Check giran harbor and see the market for yourself. The server has been stable for well over a year and has ongoing updates, expect a lot of new players and returning players in the upcoming 2.0 patch.
  12. Lol. Give me 3 minutes and I can check anyone using any bot/clicker device 100% full proof. Sure we were using clicker devices and we were banned. I was punished according to the rules. No one is arguing against it. I just want everyone else who uses the same devices to be banned accordingly. I'm not sure if you know how to multi-box, go watch some russian streams box a whole 9 man aoe party, train, pull, aoe, heal, singdance, nuke all by themselves.
  13. I'm not sure if you know how G15/nostromo/clickers works spamming /assist fishfood macro every second. Kse never checked if we were afk, she just checked if we were using programs/hardware to automate game play. Which is literally 2.0 ingame macros.
  14. What? Yeah, I'm running moving around playing imxo, nnyxi, koktua, myself. Not only that the GMs can see who has logged in what char. And yeah the archers are only using auto attack. The rules clearly state any hardware or software used to automate game play is a bannable offense. So sorry Leo is doing the same thing my party members were. Go make more accounts to try and defend yourself though, it's cute.
  15. What are you talking about? My money? 2v5? Sure come 2v5 anytime you want, I'm ready now where you at? You're right I will be mad if you don't get banned for doing the same thing that got me banned. Fairness and equality for all.