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  1. @San0 shows some Love for Paladins. I'd suggest rework on Angelic Archon. In other chronicles it can be actived full hp. Also give me Phoenix Pet
  2. Hello. Could someone help me choosing the cloak ? I have no idea how the previous cloaks look like. :))
  3. up !!! multiple times core ring not cleanning 'stun'
  4. Feel free for any kind of investigation. Why so hard fairplay ? Top side really needs spying on us ? At least now I know who is doing DDOS in OLY periods and Sieges. Thanks!
  5. @bloodseeker the worst thing you could do was post this video here. nobody is gonna help you. now you have a bunch of ppl making jokes and fun of that situation. if you truly believe your way was legit, you should focus on working to prove admins that you were right. only your words are not enough. good luck
  6. Kim

    WuKong Family

    perks products
  7. maybe first summoner pov that I enjoyed to watch. but i like more SR pov movie though.
  8. Kim

    DA 80 LF CP

    up. Best DA btw
  9. Kim

    Love is in the air

    new ally? China + Deviate = ❤️
  10. why disactivated tho ? hahahaha
  11. 1. Players are not allowed to: 1.3 Take advantage of the server bugs (including geodata flaws. EX: Using BD/SWS/WC/OL/healers from outside of baium room to support the parties inside). Is It bannable or not ? Is It a bug or not ? Are we allow to do that ? People waiting for answers. @San0 @Koll