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  1. by the topic we found out who cheated "Invite everyone to discuss the matter that Punishment about those who summon more than one boss." you cheater. you banned. There is nothing to discuss.
  2. 1st of all it's impossible suit everyone. 2nd of all Since olympiad games are twice in a week (8h event), I believe that deserves a bigger change than Sieges once in two weeks (2h event). My suggestion would be -3h oly / -1h siege or -2h oly / 0h siege; (It means both events starting same time in different days). Unfortunately I don't see that "potencial change/help" without big harms. If you push ++hours for these events, you go overnight in europe. if you push --hours it goes overnight for some american countries. 3rd of all 1st.
  3. @San0 I think that we are missing on new level skills list curse of abyss (soultaker) and block shield (PP). Those skills must be upgraded since all epics are now 82/83. Due the difference of lvl, without upgrade them it won't land anymore, just like Anakim and Lilith.
  4. It was suppose to be tragic but it gets funny when you need to teach how the game mechanics work. not randomly 1 second but 10 minutes as I teach you on the pic above. ALL Epic Bosses work like this by the way. You pretend you did not know it and use this now to make drama and take advantage of it after losing and I pretend I believe you. You should be thankful for taking all loot after losing all pvps tonight.
  5. Kim

    Winter attack 2.0

    In 1h I dropped 80 Glowing Ice. Seems okay.
  6. The difference is I enjoy to play paladin whatever the event. oly, siege, small pvps. I'm okay with paladin anyway. I was just expecting new skill like this below since TK and SK had new ones in previous patches. Maybe next patch. I think that I'm happy with tankers not having mass chain strike. In general I liked 99% of new patch notes. Let's test it on monday. gJ all involved.
  7. San0 and Koll don't like Paladins Confirmed. May god be with us, Paladins.
  8. When I first time read this subject with my mates we thought only 2 options, or covering RMT or sent by mistake. But never scam case, otherwise angerfist would keep itens for himself. Sorry for you Tere. From my clan, no one is surprised. We all knew jewels would be returned. After all I bet AngerFist will be unbanned with 5eu. :))
  9. @San0 shows some Love for Paladins. I'd suggest rework on Angelic Archon. In other chronicles it can be actived full hp. Also give me Phoenix Pet
  10. Hello. Could someone help me choosing the cloak ? I have no idea how the previous cloaks look like. :))
  11. up !!! multiple times core ring not cleanning 'stun'