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  1. Warcryer Olympiad

    Hmmm. Maybe next fri/sat i can help you realize your wet dream. This man with fetish for cats??!?!? Cmon, im not like spiry elfish ear Lafi and his fetish with ponies.
  2. Warcryer Olympiad

    You mean emotion like pm after match on oly? Maybe one time people like @Kse @Koll and @San0 visit oly during friday/saturday and they see their amazing oly with tons of bugs. @ProGressive Report for making fun from enemy!!
  3. Disturbing the peace II

    Oh my Stiba, are you pregnant?
  4. Massive disrespect TKD!

    Ok Malaka. I say YES. I marry you. Send me my ring of our love to mail. PS: Gj Vasik.
  5. Disturbing the peace II

    Dont be so sensitive. U can improvize and give like present your seed.
  6. Disturbing the peace II

    You are so bad on him. Cmon, give him like. Today is Valentine's day. I, racist and whatever other bad, did it too. Mighty groms recruit, pm sjeks!!! Top side in eu prime!!!!
  7. Disturbing the peace II

    So cool. Like EU prime time.
  8. Sveiki

    Google translator is very bad or you are more weird than me.
  9. Valentine's Chest Event!

    @Koll Choice nickname for event npc is your work?
  10. Miss me? Oly bugs

    Lection 1 Never stay near to pillar. Skills can go over it if mind your oponent is strong. If u will run over the piller, for few seconds u will be on other side. Its nothing new, but crying baby dont need repair it. They need fix chain and make custom on mount. Say hello Zac and H3art, these malakas miss me.
  11. Summoners and mounts

    Its ok. You are only human. I forgave you this terrible mistake, u dont must be sad from it anymore. Make mistakes is human, forgive mistakes is godlike.
  12. Summoners and mounts

    Dream more boy.. We can close our chat in "This shits" crying topic from Wizard here, you told what i want. Thx.
  13. Summoners and mounts

    U cant exp in SV -> retarded U cant pvp vs ES -> retarded Everyone can see your poor mind, we know like exp in top exp location, we know more tactics for pvp than your no brain "rush". We are rly happy from your madness if "TOP" cp cry on forum because cant stop 2 ES without full buff. Btw. Call "bro" some other guy like you, im not one of loosers todays time.