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  1. Yes, i have it, just pm/mail ingame or pm on forum.
  2. Sad but true words, but no problem for me, i enjoy this game, i farm all my chars fair way. Just GMs as San0, Kse, Koll can see how their system piss on fair play players and support thrash boters as u and guys from your ally see how garbage u rly r. I havent idea what is point this sentence. "dont forget switch off ur alarm in FG " U mean our cameras at some location?
  3. 1. Nice CS, nice mass pvps, GF All 2.Dont make this topic anymore, everyone know than u r dirty boters, u were/u r / u will. Ban on your cp. 3.Nevil stop play here before 13 days, so boter us u, dont talk about him anymore. He was fair player, u r only common trickster. 4. 210vs160 and mass pvp were rly good, god help u when we will have same numbers.
  4. So many negative post from your ally. Its not hate on u. Its hate on low rate and harder system. Kids dont want limit, cause they want change it again and again, how gm make changes, so they want have best char.
  5. Just let be events as light vitalization for players. Not tradeable. So many high lvls players make news chars every event and they train mobs AB, FoResistance, AI and make crazy numbers of events items. I saw at GH sellers with 2k+ events items with every number. Its not about fun, its disgusting tryhard. Never more add to events enchants pls and all items make not tradeable. Thx
  6. I have it for good things for server. Do u rly think that some lvl limits stop it? Both sides have many players with 10, 20chars 40+. Its not problem for longtime players set up cameras with duals char to LoA,AB,BS. So wake up from disco, it will be only worst for new players. Why do u dont talk about important things as patch 2.0, invisible enemy which die near u and get ress, abuse class change system, etc..?
  7. Guys and grills, u again talk about totally crap. Cameras were/are and will be.Done.
  8. Next ban for your members? Fishfood lf news botters blood, bump!!!
  9. Trade fuction is OK. Players not, they will try rob u everywhere and everytime. Sometimes it can be just human mistake, but function SELL is 100% safe for u and u dont must stressed and control it. Good lection for u on start. Better than trade Demon staff++++ for 300M+ and get only 30M+. 😉
  10. Next time just u can use function sell and without stress set up cost for your item and he can buy it from sitting char.
  11. Zergscuad still recruiting ? Dont be as noob lier Koukou, flame them in game or other topic. Recruit forum let be neutral. Warning only Fishfood boters CP or scamer xxxGrossxxx. They do nothing bad, they just add to stronger sides.