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  1. I vote 3. 3. Ban for all anoying kids. Thx.
  2. Up...
  3. cz/sk

    Up ...
  4. Im rly curious, after patch 2.0 guys come back, when u create again eu zerk from all or u will play quality without brainless kids. 😉 (Moc se tu už radši nevyjadřuj nebo tě budou mít za můj další účet na fóru :D)
  5. CHN

    San0, u must understand one important thing. This crying thrash are only loosers, punished botters or brainless kids. They can only lie, cry, cheat or steal. I really feel sorry for normal fair party as NF than they must play with this scum.
  6. Funny words from funny kiddy. 😂
  7. And make new animation on sps, cause u see others mages where from attack on u, from sps no. Ok? Pls tell me where your dad live, next mistake as u cant come on this world. I buy him tons of condoms. Its not joke, repeat, its not joke.
  8. Do u speak czech or slovak? 😁
  9. No i cant. Trash as u dont let me ignore this forum. Website and forum are 2 different pages. I want fair way for voting for all. Admins must try be fair for all their comunity, not only for europe. Poors haters as u can hate chinese players, i dont care about it here or in game, i just want fair terms for all 3 mains prime times. EU/America/Asia
  10. Communistic mode maybe? Wtf Modoy little less play l2 and little more try be in real life and learn about world. In China, every chinese region have difference blocks on internet webs, somewhere rly hard, somewhere less, my czech friend from clan study now in sangai. So many webs blocks(fb,wiki,twitter, probably google too), only few of them can watch on forum and less register here + language barrier. Boom, not everyone is so pervers on english language as u. Not everyone can registated on forum as freedom Europe. But still i think, than they are important part of server.
  11. 6. All is about players. Not chars. U can see 2 same chars and extremly difference between them. 1st guy use 100% potencial his char, have good overview on battlefield, use terrain around him, use smart his skills and think about targets. 2nd guy see first enemy, run on him, use all dmg skills and for 10secs havent mp Btw. Good video Capone
  12. 81:30 1. +-20-30 tricky votes from Dancerok and others kids, so we have 50-60:30 2. Asia guys cant voting, its not way how let them vote on this forum. Every know, than 1/3 server are from asia, most of them have many adenas and they want buy QHP.