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  1. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    If we saw same numbers, we fight. You know very well your style ganks on me, record was 2pts where i exp there alone. I havent problem said that sometimes someone on TS call relog vs same numbers,because he/she think that more enemies coming but 90% our relogs were because we never will fight like 3people vs full activ. Most times we fight vs WK, after SM and only few times vs WS zerg. About pvp. We are not PvE players, but we dont need make ego up on solo farmers like Tyson, etc.. From SM side people stop attacking on us, sometimes we help them vs WS and we let them go away without free pvp for us. Same by WK, some of them stop attacking on us and we didnt see reason attack on solo players exping next to us. From WS people start saying lies that i lick anus all enemies and we stop wars vs all except WS. You know true. Good example is like Tyson or Myrmidon aksked me on help to ToI vs WS. We said sure, why not. We came to ToI 7 for you ally on help and some emos kids had problems. Guys from you apologies for your emos kids which didnt want fight with us. Than we ported to city, all SM got zerget from WS. Aranged and unbalanced pvps are not fun for us.
  2. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    Its true. You ganked me many times 2-3 people vs me (2-3:1). Its any difference than 9 vs 18-27(1:2-3)?? Manytimes we killed same numbers enemies in SV, manytimes if enemies try exp we stop them and kicked in lower numbers, so manytimes enemies relog/PR or bsoe before us. I dont remember that you come to me and try fight 1vs1. I understand your logic, if u saw PP/BD and me, u need minimal 3 active players for balanced pvp. About aranged pvp. U need it in PvE europe prime time. Its sad situation, like blind follow Fatality CP their ally. Reason why my CP was kicked from WS, we are not dogs like them, if they tryed fck up with my CP. I said NO and sjeks was so crazy that we are not sluts like others in WS.
  3. I cannot find Tomas

    1) I respect this forum rules, where GMs dont want talks about others projects. Its sad that you not. 2) If you are writing true, its true. Not blacken server. Tell me what part in my comment is "blacken server". You sound like guy from country with dictator. If you said something true about Vladimir and it will be bad for him, u will enemy of state. 3) Im czech, so my pro London's english rly dont care me. Who want, understand me very well. 4) Your knowledge about how much population using english dont surprise me. Great work, he need you so much. Jesus is proud on you, boy.
  4. I cannot find Tomas

    I little help you. Try find big letters. If you still dont understand it and u will be continue in your chat, dont worry boy, i give u next tip and you dont must be sad, more than 50% population on the Earth is so much clever like you.
  5. I cannot find Tomas

    I wrote:" If you will count only europe players, club is almost death, like small private server. Thx america/asia players for not death server." Can @FryderykChopinwrite me, where you take "club is dead", im very curious. @Xafi We talk about here, so i still dont understand your posts about other eu server, where you are not playing. But OK, not everyone can normaly talk only about this server, with true things. Btw. I read your post if u tryed help other players and i have rly fun from your knowledge. So im not surprise if u talk about online eu server in last working day in 14:45. @Rizos I never was selling chars/items. When i know that i never come back on server, i let all items/chars my friends. If im not sure, i only lend items/chars them. Im not poor guy which need earn money from game and i dont see reason play on uncomplete patch 2.0 with PvE eu prime time. My friends were bored from this PvE Europe prime time, so we left. Its all. Lafi stay because he hasnt to much time on playing in this time. If you have good group people, u havent problems travel between server, if server doesnt bring you fun. Soil isnt playing solo, Babyrage isnt playing solo and others players which have good group around self. Its not like Modoy.
  6. I cannot find Tomas

    Its very nice like u need watching/talk about other server here. If im writing here, i talk only about club. Do you see some lies on my post btw? My friend pay a lot of real money to club and if he changed char on 77lvls with many %, after change class he had still 77lvl and same %. Isnt here huge RMT busniss? Its rly easy contact some people and sold it for $. But we arent type of these people. Change class system totally ruin originality chars, mainly OL. It was ridiculous time with PRs and boosting PP and after change it on whatever char. If you are watching on videos. Check movie with necro from WS. One guys only on ganking solo location log for self army of buffers. Its not l2. Its retard style of l2. Oh solitary boy, i have rly fun from your ideas about real meeting with players from game. I hope that u understood from previous chat, that u dont must going on beer every 14days like you wrote it. You are for me more and more ridiculous like human. Your real life is probably rly sad. Now i understand why u need talk on TS only english. To much big chance that czech/slovak words bring you back from your ingame world to you sad real life world.
  7. I cannot find Tomas

    Wow, you got me. (Irony) Someoneasked me to pm where im playing. I told him, that i dont lure people on other server, he must ask someone other where im playing. Typical behavior ragequit: Lend items/chars friends, dont selling items/chars/CH for RMT, saying true critism on things on server. Wow u got me second time. So typical. What can you say me more? Example where im saying "my server better, ur dead". Im very curious, because i read from you only pointless funny lies. Or you can say me rate players eu/sa/asia prime times. I have friends on, offics and they call me or i call them, so i have good info about status servers.
  8. I cannot find Tomas

    1) You are wrong about online. I have friends playing here and there too. 2) If you will count only europe players, club is almost death, like small private server. Thx america/asia players for not death server. Still, split to 3primes times, so few mass pvp you meet only on CS or asia prime time. Amazing for pve eu players. @Rizos Why do you call me, my dear polish boy? Do u want know my opinion on this "clever" guy compare servers, which cant correctly write nickname NPC from game to right forum? Its like talk about your solitary friend, every clever guy know true and sheeps believe everything what they need hear. Like Christians about non-existent God. Or you want know true about fixed spawn Toma here? On new server where playing my CP, Toma has random spawn on 3 places exactly like post your good friend @FryderykChopin. About offic im not sure, i was playing there on last time in year 2016, but probably same. @Sleshed maybe ask GMs team about update list all customs here.
  9. Loop Macro Discussion

    Rly? Bird, rabbit are still alive? Big minus Yes, i mean Giran castle, but on patch 1.5. On higher patches who care about Giran, if you can have Aden. Or u cant? Im happy for you that you let go out your feels from your Christians heart, but i must disappoint you, my dear polish boy. U didnt understand true sense this sentence.
  10. Loop Macro Discussion

    Wise Stiba said and did whatever you want, dear polish boy. Did u tell your solitary slovak friend that if he visit you one time, that he dont must visit you every 14days? Back to topic. @ProGressive, i dont know why you are so surprise, its not first huge fail from GMs side. Ban system fail, change class system fail, repair bugs fails and patches Soon!! Deal with it. I hope that next wise words from wise Stiba make a good feel inside heart of polish boy. <PR> to Giran Castle
  11. Loop Macro Discussion

    Because most of Europe people cant understand Asia team spirit. Only naive boy can call it RMT. Nope Jack. You havent idea what all JerryZ did on toilet or underdesk if he was looking mouse. Discord is suck.
  12. WL 77 LF CP

    Why? On Asia/Americanos server is europe prime time so much boring?
  13. Loop Macro Discussion

    True Massive Multiplayer Online players. I like it.
  14. Siege EXP clan discussion

    I dont belive you. Polish kid wrote fixed. You are lier and God exist too!!!!!
  15. My love letter and BlueZerg

    Bad info. He is on 100% from Middle Europe. You are definitly Malaka, Malaka.