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  1. shitpost

    I like this post, but on the end miss me JungleForces and 1/2 SoulMate. Tell me sincerely, do u think that your side havent "no brain" players like JF?
  2. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    1. Your pt without crest start killing ally people like first. After it, u add crest and u think that they dont will make revange. 2. U have problem with greeks guy, not people from chn. 3. Problem? I dont see problem. Rats leave us and good people stay.
  3. SoulMate lf CPs

    2 years and your 74lvl+ pt dying by farm on top spot AB from mobs.... I never forget on emo rage your death sws and his soe!!! Free up!!!
  4. Xorx CP hleda lidi

    Z čeho? Z tvého "skillu"? Lidi jako ty k nám nikdy brát nebudem, takže jsem v klidu. Pár prohraných pvp pt vs pt a omrzí se to hned u loajálních lidí jako on. Pěkně jste to rozjeli, jen tak dál.
  5. Chinese want to say

    Dream more boy. So bad, that u are banned on our TS and u cant cry anymore that u are still ally, create new rooms and try fake others players. I know very good, that your shi.s face will be show our enemies too for some time.
  6. Chinese want to say

    It is funny watching on people from nations like german ( let raped our women, tard allah is own lord), greek (wecolme tons of imigrants, be here like home) or russia (lier putin is our supertard, no demokracy, we dont want use brain) try make fun from other nation. I meet few people from CHN and i like them.
  7. Chinese want to say

    We know it, Angela You learn speak Arabic, gl your 16years old girl from train.
  8. v4fliukaiTM lf wl 70+

    Why? Because he hunt enemies? I see only next emo topic where next enemies bi.ches crying so much. They were in our ally, they dont want exp with ally crest, they want only hiding like rats and get free exp. They are so arogant kids. Im very happy that sh.t like them dont play with us now.
  9. WTB Clan hall/ WTS Items

    Up ...
  10. Random content.

    Kkt, tell me more about "get rekt"? U can add video to media section too. U saw us in game, 2-4cams watching on us normaly during our prime time. Its not my problem, that u dont know what is EE and SPS. Probably u havent idea what is good/bad farm. I like post like this. I tell u short story. Our mage pt started create during April 2017 and for 3months we exp 64-70lvls(many of us from 1lvls, hundreds ganks from high lvl enemies) -> summertime unactiv pt, max 3-4 activ people exp rest cp 66-72lvls (without using EE) -> 1.9. we start play again with 8activ people and we get from exp over 100-250% to CS. Now we are 68-73lvls. DDs are 69-70lvls now. If u are not idiot, u can imagine pvp pt with dds 66-68lvls with common equip vs 72lvls or more with top equip. We were/are fighting always vs +- same lvly/numbers. 1. When u saved my pic, dont use gays talks pls, its not funny. 2. Can u tell me reason, why we were using <PR> before summer when we had protect? 3. Over summer/now we were/are only one pt exping in AB from eu ally. Trust me, im not sucking myself. They dont understand our talks. When they saw 1/2 selfies or discusions from TT spam chat, they will need doctor. Do your 69 friend Kkt understand lvl/equip difference?
  11. Random content.

    Wow, u save pic of alfa male in your PC? Good, good. Just dont fap on my pic to much. Yes boy, we know it. Your untrue facts care only your 69 friends. We call u shortly kkt, no without reason. On this fórum im not wonder from post as your. We play it for fun and we looking fights with same lvls and same numbers or little more enemies. Its good and fair pvp. Enemies can kill us only with zerg or 5-6highers lvls, with top +++ equips. We will always try dodging pvps like this. We are not idiots and we dont will losing time for nothing. Im big fan effective farm. Most of our enemies are masters of uneffective farm. Like 3pts AB top and 1/2hill or 2pts farm together LoA heart rooms + snipers bridge. Its all for one pt.
  12. Random content.

    1. Dream more about numbers our deaths from your trololol ganks. 2. I dont care about zett mouse like i dont care that u think that we exp there without tons of boxes. 3.Tell me more about situation like yesterday, when we(3-4activ)reloged on AB top, because from BS side run on us pt SM and from AB port run on us mix pvp pt from BP in same time. Hmm? We reloged and after 10s u came there, BPs pt came too. Did u fight there? Nope. Result? My pt with boxes get exp, SM pt with BP pt only losing time. Its not bad. U little disappoint me. I have blue eyes and black beard,definitely bigger nose and more life in my face.