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  1. U get proofs from other video about your lies as Borz before few days about our exp and u havent balls admit it. U can talk about others, but your words are nothing, your cp is one big joke. U are lier. One worst garbage than second. Violence pt = squad from liers or boters.
  2. Now, u can see how much u piss to your own mouth. Check video from your own pt member. Time 3:16 starting. U can see how Kuba,Kurg and Dostanesprespicu, Shortik are boxes follow Doonny. Dony jump on sws and giving songs, than he continue for Sps. I have my char and Kurg+Kuba probably, Dony + sws, Scorpio + Dostanesprespicu, eQQz + Worfik. Wow So surprise, but thx for it. 4 activ people and "clever" boys as u think than we are like full activ pt.
  3. Its nice how much enemies care of me. So sad that i dont care about them. Do u get finally any epics jewels? Dont answer, i dont care, we have and i like it. Its important for me. Enjoy Summertime, for 2months we are back. Btw. I watch only 1/2 video, boring, ganking and killing afking or boxing pts. Not interest for me. If he used Bsoe, i dont think that he won pvp. My pt had 3-4 activ people, they dont kill me, second pt return, they bsoe or die and we continue farm. GJ.
  4. Cześć Nordic bracia, teraz jest okres letni, każdy gracz ocumuje dziewczyna. Polskie klany tu powiodło, słynny BeMyFrag tam kiedyś, ale to nie przejdzie. Czas, kiedy Polska klany zniszczone Rusak minęło, jak to było na Averia lub RaidFightu.
  5. 1. I just test it 2. Its not true 3. I dont know it But its unfair, i dont know guys with using bot, cmon. LF new friend. Fishfool?Botaki?LierBeast?LocoJLP?Exotq? Cmon boys, help me and i will be your friend for 30CoL on week.
  6. If you are lonely boy and u want exp without breaks, i think that best way is bow + root. But its totally crazy for me exp support solo. Many players constantly going to GH buying buffs, they will kiss your ass for free buffs.
  7. Over weekend i made for 2 days (friday/saturday) over 200M exp on DA. +-50% on 71lvl to 72lvl. We arent noobs from adens church, we know how fast exp. 2 videos check date, check exp. + bones 3rd video where we won pt vs pt if enemies have avg lvl +5lvl more than our pt and u can read all chat from 2nd enemy pt All this videos u can see WS´s zerk vs low numbers enemies and our PR PR PR PR PR.
  8. Hm, new version? Lie v2: Someone from my pt want invite u, not to TT, but to ally. Everyone see how u talk lie by lie. Only one of us die from reflect, it was me, if i was boxing sorcerer and i want fast kill u and go exp. Dont exist chance that i wrote u something like u saying. Result: we have power exp as hell, fun from u and others loosers trying ruin our exp. Losers as u have fun, xx% delevel and losing time for nothing. Both sides are probably happy. Btw. Hey little donkey, check data this video. My pt had on video +-60lvls, now my pt have 65-71lvls. U werent alone => many rude solo players try stun us, bring mobs on us or away from loc, many RBs they bring to our spots. U, daemya, pangawi and many others..Noone dont stop our farm, only some mage/healer and 1agro go kill u. Next 2agros continue in pulling mobs.
  9. Thx for next title for me. I said u many times, with people as u, i will talk only on forum. I use TS, skype,QQ only for ally or respected enemies. Again, your pt die vs 1x76lvl necro. We Are not stupid as u, we used PR with +-60lvls with boxes vs 3x +-70lvls. We all know how much time u lost with your parties trying killing my party. U start hunt us in AB if we were 52-61lvls. In same time u were 66-70lvls? U didnt stop us, we have good tactic with our short playing time, we are now 65-71lvls, your lvls are 68-72?? After summer time we meet in battlefield again or during CS. <PR> Stiba
  10. We kill u everytime if u smell around us. U dont go there, u are not dying. We dont losing our time finding enemies. We never stoped farm because of one guy try ruin farm, u werent alone. We have rly big fan club. Max 1-3people run from farm spot and after max one train they were back. Everyone know that TT is only national clan. Nice lies about invite to us and pm how good person u are. Its same fun as we have from Myrciu on our TS. We just say his nick and all have fun how big retard human can be. Btw. How is possible that u can come to us? If we have 24/7 babysit from ally? Boys, cmom, if u lies to much, u must talk same lies. U get rekt so manytimes with same numbers that u stop going to AB, its all. U can find some TotallyToxics videos or u can post some your fraps if u try fight so much from eu prime time. Ouch, sry, u had movies only from AB after eu prime time, if most of us have many boxes after 3-4hours free exp. U didnt go there, but u know, that we had there 5-6pts.
  11. My pt is 3months old, most of new chars, so if u are not retard, u can try calculated how lvls my party were 2 months back. We were using PR before parties with 65-76lvls , we were killing randoms trying ruins our farm. We have big fan club, u were not alone, its part of game. Our pt grow up rly fast, tards as u only losing time and exp. Do u see it? We havent time losing time on trying ruin exp others players, we just try make rly fast lvl ups and have same lvls as enemies. We do it very well.
  12. You still think that TT want Castle. But u can ask Apocalypsa, if u dont belevie me, that on patch 1.5, TT never will want Castle, we take it only if ally leader give command for his plan during CS. Why add CP on 2 parties, if other clans from ally can have more CP on 4PTs? Why risk lost 2k CR for 2weeks CP boost? Ooohhh, u probably think, that owner take adenas for self? We are ally. You are so naive boy.
  13. Well, im playing 3 months for DA. Archers never were exping in AB. 3 months and im 71lvl, wow. Your memories are so awesome.