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  1. WTB Blue Wolf Heavy set +6

    Up up up...
  2. CS

    I told u manytimes, just a make a movie from your zerk ganks on me. Maybe again read what i wrote. Angela CP and her no brain style, Allah Akbar 🖖 Give me more love JerryZ's puppies. I had always fun from your zerk ganks when my pt started here and we were 10-15lvl lowers lvls than u and we made u crazy with PR. I have same fun if u gank solo location for 1-3people with 1-2pts and fail it or u take same numbers and u get totally rekt. Myrmi dont be sad, one day u maybe won Keep your zerk and be happy. Unfortunately, this forum Is one big SM zerk sh.t too. See you on other side. <last PR here> Stiba <3
  3. CS

    It was neverending pvp and we go 2 times take on Oren without nothing, just fast rush, because our "totally" blind spies give info that Oren is empty. I have so big smile on my face if i ride on my mount inside oren castle alone and there was tons of NF. This CS was very good from WS and WK if we talk about pvp. I play lineage mainly for it, that i want fight in mass pvp, 1x per 14 days on CS. SM all time stay back and take free castles. Its cleaver from tactics side, but totaly useless for pvp players. But who is surprise, when u gank 1 DA in SV with 2 parties and fail it.
  4. Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    Deep for who? I call it eye contact.
  5. [NOT BUG]Deflect Magic

    selfbuff 77lvl on tanks versus mages dont work. No change with or without this buff.
  6. [FIXED]Rune bug

    1. Players are not allowed to: 1.3 Take advantage of the server bugs (including geodata flaws). 3. Players must: 3.1 Report any bug to server Administration/GMs Maybe go in game @San0 and u can see how much people piss on your rules. I think u will be very surprise.
  7. Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    No pvp 6vs7 from ToI 10, no fun. Btw smart move that u dont listen commands from rushers specialist from your clan. Nice watching on your smart position playing in mass pvp.
  8. Bug

    I didnt talk about chaotic state. Just some random kid try be clever here. We example came to LoA and between kariks and snipers bridge char have maximum CP 3,5k and without reason his CP shut down on 1,5k and regen on CP start work.
  9. Bug

    Are u sure that it is from mount? We have many times same problems before 2.0. Without reason we just lost all CP from Castle, but only someone.
  10. [NOT BUG]Energy of Insolence

  11. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    U mean, that is clever fight vs 2pts and tons of Angels on my back with 1 activ DD in our pt? Yesterday, i hunted SM and result? Tons of Bsoe and fight only if u were 2/3 vs me. Heroes!!! And what about ToI, if our ally go sleep? 6activ from u vs 7 activ from my pt. U get rekt and result? U bring second wave with 11/12 activ people. Gf for first wave for pvp with same numbers, second wave show us again that SM quality go down and need only zerk if enemies have same lvls. Are u rly compare me with Angela's daddy? Cmon baby, learn czech/german history and u never will compare me with Angela's heroes. Alah Akbar. 🖖
  12. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    Its like ingame. SM zerk everywhere.
  13. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    I anytime leave? SV is top location for doing 77+ lvls. China know it, we know it. You know it probably too. But with full pt exp is suck there and with small grups u get rekt from everyone or u droping weapons on the ground if u running with panic in your head.
  14. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    We reach ToI 10 and SMs pts were hiding like rats. You were waiting in login menu over 30mins(1/4-1/6 our prime time) awesome 👏 and zerking my CP with 2 your pts when we pull half floor was typical SM style. Its same like farming in SV/FP, all sides farm there with small grups, only SM going there with full pt. Enjoy your sh.t style, because we are in war. We enjoy are fair play style because we have higher grade.