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  1. He probably talk about liers, thieves and crooks from FamiliaD CP.
  2. Very soon after patch 2.0...
  3. 1. TotallyToxic never pked people without reason ( attack on our others members, f to our farm spot ) 2. We are ally with Anathema, but we dont solve their matters. So, when we try kill u anywhere, you or your clan must give us reason for it. Dont use TT in your lies. Thx for it.
  4. Example for me is flame only to pm, not all chat, i play mostly only with clan/ally/whisper chat He use slovak language, i dont think it than he know it than u dont play only bishop, i think it too than your other char play someone other. Počkej až tě bude spamovat transka Tyriastene. To je top třída.😂 K poslední části. Část jejího nicku máš přímo tam. Jinak přeju hodně zdaru v budování ally a co nejmíň sviní v ní, na serveru jich je opravdu víc než dost.
  5. Wow, cmon. Tell me nickname one of TT which flame u for last months. From your CP i talk only with Sayomi and it wasnt unfriendly chat. Last our chats were when iNevil killing your party in FoM and when u offer me for our clan slot in new ally with CH from NF or im lier? For Giran castle u must say big thx one Lady with blue hair. Lies and wrong blames about TT give u Giran.
  6. cz/sk

    Up up up...
  7. Up up up..
  8. Someone need psychiatrist.
  9. U know nothing Myrtan Snow. 😂
  10. Oooohhh, im celebrity, im on Soils screen. But cmon, do u see loki how he is obtrusive.😂 Gl at works, deadly monday is here. To Soil: Maybe better stay as small loyaly grup than invite many rats and be frustrated from l2. Enemy cant ruin your game, but boters, thieves and traitors, selfish players in own ally can do it so easy. I was robbed from newbies, betrayed from guys who call allies , maligned from enemies but never from core of TotallyToxic. We never give up it. I just cant understand, why u give up all. Not daily playing, but CS. Its for me the best part of this game.
  11. !!!Soon!!! Patch 2.0 is coming...
  12. Just do it. Your broken ally do it all time than hunt us with same nonclans. Nothing new for us. Im just surprise than u try make some bodyguard and u havent idea about his behavior. Gl Anytime in protecting looser which try bug people in AC/FoR with 57warlock or 50+ warlord.