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  1. American Prime is alive - 3 sides PvP video

    hey, someone hear u =)
  2. American Prime is alive - 3 sides PvP video

    i wouldn't say destroy, but i agree with u, he did it to fast. (~23mins pvp) it's not my video, u can put 0.5 speed and choose another song, hue
  3. video made by Kiam edit: video without gm speed
  4. Q.Q

    hahaha this day was one of the worst as bishop that pride...
  5. Fishboting

    its free on Giran Harbor
  6. LF CP

    we are a global server, u should put more info gl!
  7. Olympiad bugs

  8. First month 2.0

  9. IKooDee

    gj mexicano! Keep doing!
  10. BloodBrotherS

    u rlly didn't realize we were 5-6 active at that beginning of the siege? haha btw, th3mage was not there =) America prime.
  11. [FIXED]Gold Treasure Chest

    I think it should be tradable @San0
  12. GF

    Gj on movie! what a fight! =) Maybe I will post some EE videos too
  13. l2 java server

    Even on ru official has this kind of problem, stop QQ wtf.