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  1. fishfood, u need to have sex
  2. hahaha 'poor modoy' gj mate, I really enjoyed it!! vol. 4 asap pls!
  3. modoy
  4. I really have the curiosity to know why the l2 community have the habit to say to everyone who's gonna stop read the forum or play on server. If you don't like, why not just stop?? Do you really have to say that ? I just can think thats a necessity of get attention, lel.
  5. ​is it banned alrdy? I reported 1 pt of them from DV, 5x SPH hitting 1 mob. ​y, it is.
  6. That ROK tyr goes to AI and FoM everyday
  7. cepeleros? so pro ​
  8. Oh, 1.0 memories ​
  9. Europe prime
  10. ​Pro
  11. ​you are newbs, in movie they regroup for pvp. p.s. logged today early, all locs empty and only ROK farming BS. yes boys, u have a hard prime:) its even sad, u dont have fun/pvp on prime.​ It's sad because chinese are playing on america's prime I would like to see ROK on same prime
  12. ​4:40 still one of my favorites pvp good memories!
  13. thanks mates!!
  14. She stayed out for long and died there.