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  1. BloodBrotherS

    u rlly didn't realize we were 5-6 active at that beginning of the siege? haha btw, th3mage was not there =) America prime.
  2. [FIXED]Gold Treasure Chest

    I think it should be tradable @San0
  3. GF

    Gj on movie! what a fight! =) Maybe I will post some EE videos too
  4. Clan Hunting status (daily coins)

    Clan lvl 3 on ru off (2.5):
  5. l2 java server

    Even on ru official has this kind of problem, stop QQ wtf.
  6. [FIXED]Clan Unity Buff

    no, it shouldn't disappear.
  7. Castle Siege

    really? unbelievable.
  8. Aden siege 24.09.17

    5:56 lol, i'm almost a paladin huehue
  9. Siege 24.09.2017 (better than poseidon's)

    that pvp at 7:15 gj
  10. Aden Castle Siege Event

    we are still together (CP) and maybe it's just a 'see you soon', who knows.. we desire new experiences for now.
  11. Guess who's back

    great job!
  12. Class Transfer!

    it's a joke, right?
  13. Music Thread

  14. Siege 13/08/17

    well, almost 2 years ago.