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  1. Guess who's back

    great job!
  2. Class Transfer!

    it's a joke, right?
  3. Music Thread

  4. Siege 13/08/17

    well, almost 2 years ago.
  5. Fastest Fingers CH

    oh oh oh
  6. Botters VS some ugly red crests..

  7. Arziit - Bishop PvP video

    'soon' is the answer
  8. getting pked for no reason

    OCHOBA, FEIDAL, Reaver's CP were doing this since 1.0 killing everybody in DV, Cruma while we were farming without soulshots, losing 10% and we are still here.
  9. getting pked for no reason

    everybody will kill you if u are a 'random' in top farm places... maybe you are not in wrong server, but in wrong game.
  10. Going for a walk in BS...

    + btw, when will we change group of PR from class change? if they did that way because of difficulty to get lvl, this class should be after mages group.
  11. summer of 69

  12. Strongest clan

  13. Strongest clan

    We have more active cuz some of ES don't log mains after rush 75-76, but they still log to epics. btw, I agree with u, we have a lot to improve about epics farm
  14. Strongest clan

    Modoy answered u: Since some ES rush ~76 and are not active, we have more active ppl now than ES, so we can control LoA without great problem at our prime if we want. Well, TFD + Terror are the 'America prime' from WS side.