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  1. gz u did it!
  2. it was the perkunas 'b', great times ps: that 1.0 vampiric rage
  3. 10-11 min boa kenin, não curto muito as partes de gank né, mas os outros curti, continua!
  4. hakuna matata, you got it!! it's to show my desire to join Jungle bishop LF CP
  5. u can send to Arziit
  6. what about ur signature? haha great times
  7. well, you should check the way of breka - fortress, there's a lot of geodata bug... and the annoying 'running back' bug too
  8. Rebirth ally member?
  9. respect the zerg, gj!
  10. TFD prime is 01h-05h AM CEST usually ES play more time than us... mb will be better to watch when u note we had -2k cp than ES and Coma in a lot of fights in this video
  11. they are not playing at our prime. tumbalatum, kiam?
  12. zooooz, gj! keep doing!
  13. shield wall!!