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  1. Suggestion

    I do not think this is good idea, the only thing that would happen would be that all ppl are just running around and ress each other without any mana its good idea to do mass delevel....
  2. Party channel - breaking rules

    Hello pelase let me report
  3. CP from TT lf players

    btw... solist bishop you are stupid really....
  4. CP from TT lf players

    lol If I want I will create new char and join or will join with one of my others you dont know a shit about... you are so funny dumb...
  5. CP from TT lf players

    Nobody is interested to play with such an nobish idiot like you.. trust me its all about bishop
  6. CP from TT lf players

    Hi I am interested to play bishop... if we can deal about catching you up with lvls (all in cp help to lvl up bish) then I can play with you. What is your prime ?
  7. WTB SLS*SLS +3 & Deadmans Glory +3

    WTB SLS*SLS +3 & Deadmans Glory +3 pm me here or send payment request to HellHound in game... with reasonable price..
  8. A loooooong PvP!

    This fight I really did not understood... where is your bow Legiana? and mainly why nobody hit enemy helear and nuker at first ? one time you have multiple better target even close each other and you hit single glad that run around... with WL
  9. Xorx CP hleda lidi

    Njn... vsak ja nevim kdo zabiji ty WB... vzdy jsem na strane co ma jednou tolik lidi a nikdy jsem zadne WB nevidel umrit... fakt lamy...
  10. Xorx CP hleda lidi

    Ahoj, sezen bishe... klidne ho budu drivovat ale Stiba se asi po****
  11. Class Change Service 2.0?

    + but 60 lvl...
  12. WTB BW Heavy set +3, Eminence bow

    Hello all, WTB BW Heavy set +3 & Eminence bow mail me here or in game... nick Hellhound
  13. Class Change Service 2.0?

    lol ... hope this never happen... fast exping and then class change and advantage to 2.0 agains those who exped fighters slowly... I would have to be very rude to be able say you what I think of right now...
  14. Fruits with additional status

    Omg man... just like before... we had 1.5 newly and ppl started talk about 2.0 = feeling that it toooooooook sooooooooooo loooooooooooong! PLEASE STOP THINK ABOUT THINGS TO ADD. You can see list of things that are added in patch notes. What is not listed, will not be added. Now you start talk about 2.5... GM will say that they will go for that update and in 3 months ppl start complain that 2.5 is not implemented yet... so STOP please...
  15. Lack of EWA... for sure...