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  1. Thanks for watching guys...
  2. Lol that fucker still hunt low lvl locations... good -4%... well done guys!!!!!!!!! very well done! Stiba what about find someone at your lvl to kill... oh! wait! you can not kill anybody at your lvl cause you sux... ^^
  3. he got the whole the point, I am lazy man (to write that all)... but find CP, leave solo way... later its not possible without CP...
  4. go BW ++ and add +12STR... you will be good AOE for pt and also good in PVE... all - DEX
  5. lol... I am reall lover of those who public video how rect some farming ppl... especially when it seems another soil has born here... want 1vs1 so you can public some reall fight?
  6. If he is going to be archer 100% then you can be tank/SWS/BD or another archer class or WC... SE/EE and Bish are very appreciated especially when high lvls comes... If he is willing play another DD you can make duo aoe... any mage nuker + SWS or BD can do very nice duo exp... till lvl 65
  7. I like my cave...
  8. and that is why you sux buddy
  9. I recommend you find more archers and some support and build archer CP... till level 34 you can be at partisan hideway or forgotten temple... since 34 you can go alligator island
  10. or you can go giran harber ... "/Target recluse"
  11. Hello all, WTS SLS*SLS +2 for 65kk pm me here... thx
  12. Ping some ppl in game or here if you have such a troubles... will be my pleasure to log in and kill that bastard...
  13. Hello, WTS SLS*SLS +2 = 75kk you can also offer me for SLS*SLS +9 (sell if good offer) privat message me here Thanks
  14. ‚ÄčTalk with wise words for yourself? ‚ÄčI do but do not listen to myself so often
  15. the only worse thing than kids..... ..... are kids with internet!