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  1. ​Talk with wise words for yourself? ​I do but do not listen to myself so often
  2. the only worse thing than kids..... ..... are kids with internet!
  3. Loool the finish I have to admit that you know make fun video cuts Soil but still you can not win me 1 vs 1
  4. respect buddy
  5. like soils post... -> read modoys -> unlike soils post -> like modoys post
  6. ​omg you are so QQer... go play mario!
  7. ​good job Koll !
  8. ​As you see perkunas were 3 parties so the only chance to win is to kite them and play def... If you dont have idea about mages in those conditions dont speak and say that i dont have skill in my gamplay... ​^^ necromancer has much bigger potential... playing mage is about move / assist / debuff in such a figt... in my opinion... 1) move - quite good 2) assist - you have a lot to learn 3) debuff - poor fight in general looks fine, you won.. CG.. but definitelly you should not make judge upon the others when you have so much space to improve your own you called me nob... i dont do the same, just expected more from you when you wass "so smartass"..
  9. Lol Bilbao you called me nob? I see 0 skill in your gameplay... necro is soo amazing char while you play it soo badly... PS: now I will get stoned by his friends ^^
  10. Up
  11. up
  12. up
  13. /uninstall
  14. here! here! pick me! xD