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  1. Bounty Hunting PK's

    Show all pk in map would be nice.. without any reward or else things... just some sword at map would be nice... maybe some overall game notification in public chat for all reginons saying that "Player killer is present in Enchanted Valley" or so.
  2. Summoners while on Mount

    Just make some sec to mount and dismount... ppl just kite with it.. and its huge disadvantage for fighters.. mage mount/skill/dismount and over and over... figher can do nothing... make 3 sec for skill duration and will be fine...
  3. WTS Duals SLS*SLS +6 offer me

    Hi, WTS Duals SLS*SLS +6 offer me offer me here in private message or mail in game.. only adena... thank you
  4. insomnia colored system message.

    thanks man
  5. insomnia colored system message.

    bro please public zoomout... thank you! and if you have time drop list would be fine .... as it was before.. on monsters detail
  6. DA fear is ridiculous

    doesnt matter what dye you have, its bullshit.... even without dyes it land 100% and reuse is 3 sec.. while effect is 5 sec or so... mana consumption is nothing... so its bullshit at all... if reuse is 30 sec... ok then... but this is really shitty set up!
  7. DA fear is ridiculous

    Hello this week i got 2x under DAs fear permanent... i never can use even Bsoe... what a faking setting is this when the fucker can spam it without any damn reuse and landrate is 100%... @San0 could you please reconsider this? I have lost 8% because this is non-sense ... for 1 min my char under fear getting hitted by mobs while DA stay next to and spam the damn skill...
  8. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    good idea, please do that... they can fish elsewhere basically I would disable fishing from all cities... there are rivers and lakes in game out of cities... that would make game smoother

    Lol you guys get crazy... not enough that every mage has casting already faster than reuse of skills so you all put dye for INT... now you want even ciritcal hits... sure... just hold F1 lol.... If fighter do not see mage behind its 100% death... in 6 seconds... because of this ridiculous casting speed....
  10. Lama Pov once More

  11. Hello WTB Deadman Glory +3 to +5 mail me here or in game.. Thx
  12. WTB SLS*SLS duals +3 to +5

    Hello WTB SLS*SLS +3 to +5 mail me here or in game.. Thx
  13. WTB EMi bow+0

    offer me
  14. WTB SLS+0

    Pm me too, have ones
  15. Storm is comming?

    lol you are addicted