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  1. Its not problem to understand russian for me... but read their azbuka alphabet is other case tho
  2. Doubt that.
  3. boring one to be honest...
  4. I dont have fists but I can assure you i will gladly PK you when i meet you.
  5. Jungle too stronk
  6. First tried to sneak into Anytime CP and then Bottaki CP - where you finally succeed... Hats off dude
  7. Its not that hard, nothing to boast about.
  8. 1) /friendinvite --- chat 2) party chat ... 3) pa
  9. But that doesnt justify your actions here. According your ally policy you CANT flame any of your allies on forum no matter the situation. Choose your words wisely or Canito will take example from papa Myrciu and leave ally cos of "no respect QQ".
  10. OMG! Flaming inside ally!! On public forum!! Shame!
  11. AntQueen on warlord? ehhhh... do i miss something?
  12. (c) @Aduha
  13. Dude... 3 days ago our pt decided to stay up till your prime (aka till midnight CET)...Result? Your pt PR (eventho you had second party literally 300 range from you), whiteaba and some anarchy wrecked, anathema at bloodies PR, another anathema PR... So we abandoned ABG and went LOA... Babyrage reloged (i know hes not on your side, chill) Legiana reloged Free passage till heart Too bad AD want there, he would have fought for sure... Now tell me more how we wont survive same prime with you.
  14. Monster is here since 1.0, so acusation pf RMT is nonsense in this case... About video.. ..meh .. (put some random flame here cos im your enemy) I still love his yolo style tho as i alwayas did.
  15. Didnt know about all these "caps" there. Ty for enlightenning me.