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  1. These three you cant rly count separately dude... WW with DL is obvious, then "OOC w/o soil but most DL" ... well after Soil emoquit ... inside "DL" there was similar situation as in Germany between 1250-1273 (aka interregnum)...hope this example is enough for you since as a lawyer you seems to be well educated in history.... nobody was true leader, cooperation was kinda difficult for some time until Jerna/Jerry started to organise things...but the side was exactly same (except few sidehoppers who ran away to rebirth/ws right after soil emoquit...)... New Jerry/Jerna leadership had some disagreements with AD which resulted in leaving of OOC out of ally... Yet "OOC w/o anyone"... They were not officially ally but cooperation between them and us on daily basis was still existant (mostly in LOA pvps or that one CS where they participated before they allied ES)... Okay, they had few incidents with jungle but it wasnt that big scaled to be worth mentioning here..... All these three "sides" as you described should be counted as one since only different thing there is slightly different INTERNAL political situation inside ally (or semi-ally). Only one their "side" which could be counted is this one: But i would call it switching sides but creating new one... w/e P.S. MoDoy was right in that discusioun about othel rune
  2. difference is it was drop from enemy, not from random guy... also im sure of it was demoss itself he would have got it for free, we "exchanged" drops with him many times after some random deaths from mobs during pvps. p.s. it was sayomi
  3. sea of spores... home of mighty Orfen p.s. i suggest avoid it when orfen is alive... huge risk of beeing PKed p.s.2 after lvl 60 even servitors deal decent dmg.. and with 2.0 update (soon ) their dps will be very good
  4. Exactly what @kkthx wrote. Also go for easy mobs, i suggest sos till 45 or so for SB drops... then move to cemetary and fight there from the begining (from aden) until forbidden gateway till late 50s... another option is forrest of mirrors. but overall better is nuker way anyway
  5. "z0z likes it." everywhere are those kinds of ppl... good luck ingame anyway
  6. Dude, you are really clueless... Idk what did you expect from us (aka your only EU ally)... If i extract past two weeks when you decided to hide like cowards in aden until Perks log off... It looked like i loged ingame, often it was on heart already (cos some ppl could log earlier and was boxing whole pt).. we farmed max 1hr of eu time (sometimes not even that) and moved to abg... it was like that 1 month or so... It was kinda pointless to go there cos one pt doesnt make difference but w/e. The real problem there was that when we lost there your regrouping skills was absolutely world class... waiting 20+ mins in town for everybody to regroup was wasting of time... We usually decided to go gank there alone (aka smash 1-3 pts alone - depends on lot of circumstances) and soe before all of them regroup... We managed to do this like 2 times before you finally regrouped... then we went there with you in 4-5-6 pts and supported you...Besides the fact that CC comands was "AOYYYYY", or maximim "d/s", "regroup (but where?!)" .... usually we overzerged there one pt which didnt see us coming, then everybody lefto to different direction and after 5 minutes get destroyed 1 by 1 by regrouped enemies. Good job. Let me tell you one thing. Generally i dont like talking about third person but fuck it. Two days before Manifesto CP left you Babyrage came to our TS. He was really pissed about the situaition inside Jngl.. Not that you sometimes lost but he whined about these kind of disorganizations. Pissed on regroups, pissed on some ppl lack of courage (aka when you two times loose its better to go afk 2 hrs and wait for enemies to go sleep). They didnt left you cos of "free ABG farm" as you claim everywhere but cos they didnt like the way inside. His only possible way was to perkunas (cos he left AD before) so they went... Last but not least, how the fuck you expected help from us on daily basis when we were not even everyday online (my wild guess is we play as CP max 4times/week) and also our overall lvl in pt is higher only slightly, like max 1-2 lvls ahead of you.. some of our members are even lower than yours so i dont see fucking reason to babysit you there 24/7 like biz is doing with lowbies (TT, Nosferatu)... I am glad you finally left. Looking forward to my first jungle frag... and second...third... Looking forward to see the moment when Rebirth leadership will realize how big lottery jackpot jungle is..
  7. its kinda long time ago, but as far as i remember ... zorgzor used to play taduliz then made mordekayzer, fanaxx moved to taduliz so disco was boxed... since then i never saw them more than 6 live... i think only "veterans" there was just dee, tipitapi and ancord... bud mordekayzer is joke compared to 4G/ketamuh, later on i think they found someone completely new for taduliz... and thats only what i know
  8. like one week ago we made this 45 ppl or so CC PR from ab with 2 parties... only thing that matters is moment of surprise in such ganks.. AB is undefendable place in equal numbers, if you wana lock it you need double the numbers (that evening we rushed 3 times, 2 times got killed (even tho more frags than deaths) and one time we won... Its even on babyrage twitch i guess. Our former wanabe allies were offline/aden GK... waiting for perks to log off. So much about their "balls".
  9. characters is not the same as ppl driving it... w/e
  10. What you experienced was already filled with new drivers, lot of boxes etc... but at some point they had like no competition here (even when they had allmighty zorgzor inside)
  11. you didnt face them in their full strength i guess... they started to fall appart like 1 year ago +-
  12. i think they kicked zakna D for scaming AQ
  13. that depends how good nerves ES/OOC leaders will have until they kick jungle
  14. and then there is Triville....