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  1. ​edited Kure, thx for poiting it out ​There is nothing i wouldnt do for my enemies
  2. ​I dont want to be rude but... Is even possible to fit in you requirements? prime 15 hours and still work/study? Or is it missclick (not 7:00 but 7:00pm ->19:00)?
  3. Maybe someone already wrote it here, im not sure (if yes, feel free to delete this) but here you can find "3in1" second class change quests... Designed for most adena/time efficiency. Automatic google translate in Chrome works fine for me. English 3in1 guides: Spellsinger: https://www.skryer.com/forum/showthread.php?t=411 Warlock: http://l2vault.ign.com/View.php?view=Guides.Detail&id=435 Warsmith: http://l2vault.ign.com/View.php?view=Guides.Detail&id=30 Russian 3in1 guides: Use google translator if needed: http://translate.google.com/#ru|en| Dark Avenger: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_dark_avenger Paladin: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_paladin Warlord: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_warlord Gladiator: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_gladiator Treasure Hunter: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_treasure_hunter Hawkeye: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_hawkeye Sorserer/ss: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_sorcerer Necromancer: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_necromancer Warlock: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_warlock Bishop: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_bishop Prophet: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=human_prophet Temple Knight: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=elf_temple_knight Swordsinger: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=elf_swordsinger Plains Walker: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=elf_plainswalker Silver Ranger: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=elf_silver_ranger Elemental Summoner: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=elf_elemental_summoner Spellsinger: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=elf_spellsinger Elven Elder: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=elf_elder Shillien Knight: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=darkelf_shillien_knight Bladedancer: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=darkelf_bladedancer Abyss Walker: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=darkelf_abyss_walker Phantom Ranger: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=darkelf_phantom_ranger Phantom Summoner: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=darkelf_phantom_summoner Spellhowler: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=darkelf_spellhowler Shillien Elder: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=darkelf_shillien_elder Destroyer: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=orc_destroyer Tyrant: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=orc_tyrant Overlord: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=orc_overlord Warcryer: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=orc_warcryer Bounty Hunter: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=dwarf_bounty_hunter Warsmith: http://www.l2dc.ru/l2races/?t=quest&class=dwarf_warsmith
  4. ​Next time you infiltrate my TS and CC on siege think again. I heard the vietnamese chief in soulmate is not a bad human at all. I gave you infinitywl ( char that i used to level) just because i knew the guy will have nice game time there. Don't blame hemera/cloudy or even me, this is result of your leader's actions. So don't come here tell me my move was dirty. ​ ​Alright so, you got a rat in your alliance. "What to do? Let's DDOS their TS and steal few items from them" This is a good tactic for an ally leader good job man Name your self dirty liar Why you always try to flame people without any clue? ​I don't see any proof that soil was in your ally/ts,just accusations. I can only assume u had your own rat and he gave u info. P.S. That was my non-proof accusation!! You can recruit me now. ​I'm not in my sharpest mind today, dont challenge me to show you proofs. As a hint it includes degrees both long and lat. FORUM EXPLODED =) ​so some Greek was in your TS?
  5. ​I have hours of frapses of Bish/SWS/EE POV (sentenced to play supports forever i guess )... but I think its not worth the effort put it here for several reasons... 1) I play in lower detail mode with bit adjusted terain/npc range thanks to my 10 years old crappy laptop 2) Im not familiar with any editing programs 3) Im not "pro" so that means im doing some big mistakes which leads to point 4) 4) I have no desire to read some useless trashtalks from well known forum warriors here (put some random name behind this)
  6. phantom ranger

    This is soo pathetic and salty topic, i cant even believe it has 200+ replies lol. The funny thing is that if the FC was official-like since the beggining nobody will cry here (or at least not that much). Its just the way how braindead koreans designed and implemented it, accept it or change chronicle - its simple as that. Why i dont see rivers of tears about banana-stun gladies anymore? Or ranged aoe stun warlords etc? Only bcs admins decided not to nerf these classic features since the beggining, so people just adapted to it. The biggest mistake in this case was the nerfing the skill at the first place. As i said, if admins let FC retail-like since the begining we can all avoid this such a drama.
  7. ​i found that fight to be edited, there is no way u would be in the back line with ter0 instead of being first man to rush (even in front of tanks) its like every pvp we watch is like "wth is ter0 doing so much in front? he is freaking bishop!!!" ​I m not Ter0 but Afronus but w/e. My positioning is often strange, i know that, sometimes is intended (kamikaze ftw) and sometimes im just doing stupid mistakes.(runnnig to heal/ress tank who rushed in the beginning of pvp and died/dieing i n the middle of enemies etc)... and sometimes its just technical issues like CPU freezing and playing on 0,5FPS on my 11 year old office laptop... So when im watching my frapses its like triplefacepalm all the time. Thats the reason im not uploading videos of some (in my opinion) good pvps eventho i have hours of that on HDD....I just want to avoid trashflame of some ppl here, its not worth the effort with editing etc... Ohh and btw in this situation i realized its possible to survive FC as a mage (not counting necro and soulguarded OL) even from low HP PR. The key is +CON dyes, bw light with full mastery, luck on shield defence, full song + gr.shield from PP. D4re left me with 40HP. So i dont understand that cry after fxing this skill (yeah its strong but some classes has even stronger skills).
  8. I smell another reroll to PR there.
  9. That pvp at limal ramp at 7:30 aprox. Not a single enemy touched me there but RIBOS sent me like 5 nukes to my face followed by FC from d4re Friendly fire at its best A.K.A. kill that mofo bishop ffs!
  10. ​I guess that mark "Eternal Rats" has sth to do with politics on the server kindal ong time ago... AFAIK Vigi had some kind of deals with ES back in time but as a return you joined their enemies instead (UQ)... I think its simple as that, they could feel betrayed.
  11. Soil.. Please, dont embarass yourself (and whole ally) by some conspiracy theories. Meanwhile you had some point in some aspects there (OE bullcrap), everything is killed by the form you wrote it here... nobody will take you seriously if you will continue this way... This is not how it should act ally leader. About that reloging mate... We just used your tactic in that Breka I guess becouse ​"U had more players, higher lvls, so we used higher IQ. Easy as that (Copyright: Lokiardy)" .. Obviusly we were jsut waiting for you to make some nice train of that Harpies and Bugbears and log in the middle of it and smash you to pieces. Oh Oh Oh! Sadly it showed us that this strategy still have its flaws, need to study your moves more often and more preciselly. Teach me more senpai plz . Nah, now more seriously. I dont honestly understand what you want achieve by this trashtalking. I am casual (3 hrs a day aprox), we are all casuals in our party. When we see that best CP (yep i really consider you the strongest pack atm) on server is running to us i guess its pretty normal reaction to PR (if we manage to switch windows on time cos our EE is boxed for past 1,5 months) unless we have some other ally pt nearby. About that reloging im not really sure what you mean, i experienced this just ONCE (on wednesday i guess?) in that Breka where you catched random pt with just ww, zerk and wind song on. You killed half pt and second half managed to relog there. GF, surelly worth to mention here as prototype of behave of Syndicate. But when you say "A" you should add also "B". Meanwhile your pt is smashing us and in near future always be (and also sometimes Bizz and Rizo packs) the roles usually switch when we encounter TT/CoB/Chinese or whatever else parties you (ally) have. I know we are not "top dogs" in this war, but still we can do our "job" on battlefield. Dont take this game so seriously and enjoy interresting server Love you too, see ya on battlefield. /Couldnt make PR cos im poor bish who doesnt even have BSoE so i died for 4% again P.S. Snydicate is non-existant anymore.
  12. phantom ranger

    ​mages can instant kill u as well as long as u dont have CP left if they crit, its oftens rarely than in FC case, but it also happens ​well yeah, pretty much everything can oneshoot you if they crit (all warriors, archers, daggers, nukers)... but the key element there is !! IF !! they crit. And also when you have down CP its not oneshot anymore... Please dont cut one thing out of context, the meaning of my reply there was not QQ about FC...
  13. phantom ranger

    ​HE was always sh1t archer on classic, even before FC was fixed, i honestly have no idea why ppl play that ​So can you explain me why AD, UI, Cleef and this Matrac choose it but not your elf Mr Legolas ? ​i cannot because me myself dont understand why would someone choose HE over PR or SR, 1 possibility is having 1 HE in party which will go for hero, other than that i have no idea ​Soulshots/arrows caddy *flies away*