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  1. Actually its 15 minutes. First PK scroll you can use at t=0, dont need to wait 3 minutes
  2. This.
  3. Talking mostly about that running after leftovers to give them "shoot of mercy" after fights which you had already won, or (definatelly worst part of movie for me) running literally 2 minutes behind that group in ABG in second fraps before true pvp even started. Next time just cut it please. Another suggestion from me is speeding up the parts when you kite behind corners (mostly loa and i believe in future toi as well)... when in that part of video in 30 seconds literally only thing which happen is jsut Tyriastenne (i realyl dont know why but w/e )over-extend behind corner and is killed it starts to be not entertaining. Last hint is about that solo pvp vs AN. First of all really gz for killing 5 ppl at once but it looked liek it was just supports with huge lvl disadvantage. I would add this clip to the end of video (or better to the end of your another solo pvp video which i belive wil lcome soon as well) with some funny music background as a "cherry on top of the cake"... it wasnt really challenging pvp (and i believe you know it as well) but still valuable fraps. I hope i was specific enough.
  4. If it were 1/2 shorter it could be good movie... But sadly half of the content is not interresting.at all. But overall decent necro pov imho.
  5. "3.9 Contained in the pictures, videos etc photographs images of pornography, scenes of violence." Sadly i cant... But internet is dark place. God bless the hackers.
  6. I like the soundrack. Btw i wonder how the hell is possible that in the day Emma Watson´s nudes/vids leaked there are still some guys who has desire to flame in forum of 10 year old worthless game
  7. You want to invite him for a date?
  8. equip

    i would say +12 str-15dex/bw for pve +12con-15dex/doom (or bw in some situations) for pvp (since you are crowdcontrolelr/meatshield for rest of pt)... but thats jsut my pov, some ppl may see it differently
  9. and about that silence/sacrifice?
  10. Also about sacrifice skill... on the video @Cyane posted the paladin used sacrifice even tho he was silenced (10:48). If i am not mistaken here is not possible with such debuff.
  11. Good to know who i will never help ingame.
  12. Plz dont try to use math here if you have zero clue
  13. Funny to watch how lot of people now changing cloaks and jumping off the "Vigi" bandwagon.
  14. "Respect"should be earned on battlefield even if we name some of our CPs Telletubies, dont you think ?
  15. What is dead may never die. Its not just about one CP (I couldnt care less), the shitstorm is much deeper... but dont worry Perks, we will keep fighting Show must go on!