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  1. Kure added a post in a topic: That dude who sketched..   

    Mail adena to "KureciKridylka plz.
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  2. Kure added a post in a topic: Clan Halls   

    ​Nonfactors had 3 clanhalls (aden, gludio, gludin)
    In summer after leaving of NF we lost 2 of them (aden, gludio) due to this strange "adena sink"...
    After return of some players in september we bouht another CH in dion together with 4 lvl clan from Rizos (his former ETC clan). 
    So at this point NF occupy gludin and dion CH.
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  3. Kure added a post in a topic: Clan Halls   

    Ask Waterworks... holding 2 CHs on inactive/death clans  

    Thats what I call to be prepared for possible return to server in future  
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  4. Kure added a post in a topic: Summoner Party Buffs ????   

    ​I really dont know mate, mine phantom summoner alt for chilling game is just 53 atm, still need 3 more levels to test it (since test server is half year offline already)...

    i wasnt speaking about summoner + buffer combo, but summoner + DD...
    theoretically speaking and also mine experience from another chronicles tells me different... i used to have kinda OP exp with daggers (thanks to agro he was able to hit from behind, also he had hex from cubic + "hex" from nightsahdes agression - ofc you can easily mange to agro with summon i dont know why you think you cant do it)... maybe its not best combo possible for dagger but at least "good alternative" (dager with SE miss agro - hiting from behind - and with BD you miss focus/dw -but dances compensate that so i dunno), with archers it was similar (on my last H5 server one archer from friend list prefered me over active pp becouse according to him double hex + agro + some additional dps was better than zerk + some more p.atk + root)... but i guess its about prefferences of each individual.

    also i want to test "oldschool" aoe exp with warlord (that one in corner, not running circles), cos aoe p.def debuff combined with mass agro and WL stuns (not waste MP on anything but stun)  could be nice.. with nightshade/summoner buffs you have almost everything important (might/shield - ofc just 1st level, focus, dw, acuracy... add potions and you miss jsut some minor stuff.

    again, this is jsut some older experience of mine and some theory, i really need to test "classic" viability for these scenarios... when test server opens ( seems like around summer 2019 could be open )  i can make some test/videos and we will see... but maybe you are right and this post is pointless  

    P.S. i preffered nightshade over shadow even for solo back in time cos i just found it more versatile and usefull in 90% situations... 
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  5. Kure added a post in a topic: Help for a newbie regarding features of l2 Classic   

    ​I hate to destroy your dream but... fishing on classic is automatic bullshit, no pumping and realing... 
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  6. Kure added a post in a topic: Summoner Party Buffs ????   

    ​btw combined with single target poison, stun cubic, party phantom cubic, agro with p./m.deff debuff, mass agro with p./m.deff debuff, sacrifice (OP heal) PS is actually "5 in 1" package for mini-parties (buffer, debuffer, tank, healer, DD) but for most of people still no love for phantom summoner  
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  7. Kure added a post in a topic: Summoner Party Buffs ????   

    focus, death whisper, accuracy on nightshade
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  8. Kure added a post in a topic: Fatal Counter BUGS + FULL INFO   

    Surprise madafaka! 
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  9. Kure added a post in a topic: Castle Siege flag respawn time [Poll]   


    I think everyone of us wants to avoid situation like this... 

    But i think put some "respawn time" is not a solution at all... if it will be 15 sec it doesnt change nothing and if it will be 2 minutes it will be pretty much useless as someone already mentioned... I voted for "resp time" tho only becouse imo something has to change...

    For me best solution would be normal exp penalty for death combined with bonus XP recovery if you respawn on flag (50% like CH or even 75% like in castle)... this way you will loose only 0,5% (or 0,25%) just so basicly you dont even notice that if you die few times,  but if you respawn 5555 times it can hurt you. People who doesnt wana sacrifice anything for higher goals (capturing castle for some ally clan) doesnt deserve to join CS in my opinion... Arguments about less ppl in CS are in my eyes invalid. 

    Before somebody will start flaming me i am telling you i am up for exp loss idea since beginning of CSs on this server (im not sure if zorgzor or even reaver started that topic after first sieges but you can find my answers in there).. i suported this idea when i was on side exploiting this custom bullshit. 

    And yes, at one point today i used this "tactic" (if it is tactic at all) once as well... When we had to cover back our allies trying to fight their way inside pray room i noticed again how OP bullshit is that... it was basically just die-respawn-use magical backfire to closest enemy-die-respawn...... in higher numbers its almsot impossible for attacker to do something with this crap mechanics...

    anyway GF overall today
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  10. Kure added a post in a topic: Bishop 56 and Warlord 56 lf clan   

    Nipples strikes again? 
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  11. Kure added a post in a topic: LS   

    Lets check it..  
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  12. Kure added a post in a topic: Help to choose a class   

    ​1) reaver was selling access to DV back in time during Perks DV lockdown on 1.0 (only one 45+ location cos cruma 2 sucks hard for mages)
    2) stun under mobs is the here all the time
    3) i have never met buffed mob.. but when enemy buff RBs it can be nasty
    4) you can buff reflect to mob without party him? tell me how pls

    res. shock has not that big influeance (deff not bigger than lvl difference) and even +12con doesnt help you in any way... its classic, not original

    But i agreee, its defiinatelly not that hard as it was on 1.0 (3 times less adena, 10% deaths, no lcoations at all etc...)
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  13. Kure added a post in a topic: Lineage 2 Classic - Create Your Destiny   

    ​One of the worst ingame trashtalkers i have met here is making wannabe "chilling" videos on forum... The world is full of paradoxes.

    Fuck off.
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  14. Kure added a post in a topic: HI im new her   

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  15. Kure added a post in a topic: Dying non-sense in CS   

    Add 1%/4% (war/no-war) exp loss with addition that resp on flag is like resp on CH (-50%)....

    As far as i see it right now it will not harm that much perk side (putting 10 flags in Aden right after start of siege) - so they will like 99% of time have only little exp loss... meanwhile Vigi side are not able to summon flags that often bcs of reasons which everyone of us knows... 

    Still "little" advantage for perks but finally killing enemies will be worth it a bit (and it will force to implement tactic in leaderships of CCs)...
    win-win situation for everyone
    And also it will force to accept wars finally from some clans who fight back only on CS but are too afraid of open-world pvp (hello Tribo) in the vision of losing 4% instead of war-like 1%.

    Respawn time will solve literally nothing.
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