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  1. Try to stick your dick into a bee hive. Im not sure if its best way how to become noob but in my eyes its noobish enough. /bsoe from pointless topic
  2. Speaking about OL... someone with info from offi can confirm that OL could / couldnt buff no-clan party? He was not supposed to do so at the beginning until some gracia i think so im not sure how it should work on classic.
  3. nah dude, didnt watch whole vid just like 6 mins in 2x speed = 3 mins wasted time but i saw enough. /me and MoDoy same person? fuck no, i dont wana be conencted with anything from northern Hungary
  4. I wouldnt call it flame i was just pissed as fuck at that situation, tried to explain you why but you didnt understand my point and thats it. I dont usually flame (thers no reason in that imho), that was just exception Also i dont use different name ingame and forum dude, its just shortcut of KureciKridylka cos for some reason my clannies/friends are not capable of pronounce that (correctly).. so they call me just Kure
  5. @kkthx Just check these times.... exactly same "reset points" when mobs are out of range or w/e. Its not enough "third party" for you? And this "interaction attempts" could alarm him if he rly was jsut watching movie or browsing internet etc... I dont even mention his professional buffing one buff each 20 secs or is it rly good to have buffing macro with /delay 20 after each buff?
  6. 2 weeks for RealKingUberProPeonidas. Ez.
  7. i rly dont know how such programs work... i just saw vid with clear bot and saw him afterwards on banlist... same as now.. i see vid of clear bot so i have hope for baning him as well
  8. well like half year ago there was some ban based on video... some archer with ++BOP also in BS .. so we will see
  9. There are plenty of indirrect proofs in that vid...another one which noone mentioned yet is its clear location with x, y, z coordinates 0,0,0, where he moves when all mobs are respawning or are out of sight... let the GMs check logs
  10. which sane person is capable of fighting 5 same mobs without shots* and buffing himself only one buff once upon a time? *i dont count summoners, you can chill @gfbot
  11. Too bad we will not see these kind of fights anytime soon...Most of ppl showed there already left. But overall good movie
  12. I dont want to disapoint you but atm the vector i see doesnt have bright future even for you. Chinese will controll everything in a few months.
  13. Yes Lanza, your nickname was always Lanza. At least almost always. If i am correct you were spellsinger. Then you realized that ES + Perks are loosing so you wanted to join DL side... had a deal with Megaz0rd and his CP but since they were melees you probably traded (or bought? idc) your sps for gladi with someone...Sadly that gladi was in ES before so everyone remembered his nick and at the beginning your new allies were attacking you (i still remember that drama about that on ally skype) so you changed nick on gladi to sth like xxcockadaaxx or w/e. When DL started to fall apart you left Omen with all your brasilien friends and joined ES/Anarchy/TFD... and changed name to lanza again (cos at that time your former sps had new name already)... Stop embarrasing yourselves please. P.S. you dont need to react on this... i know i am noob who cry.
  14. I didnt want to participate in this shitthread simply becouse trashtalking on forum is pointless but... Its funny to read sth like this from someone who joined ES 2 days after fall of DL side You are disgusted by QQ on forum (me too tbh) but im even more disgusted by players like you.. who switching sides according the current strength. See you ingame.
  15. Meh..if you like soap operas with good CGI effects and minimum action go for prequells... even force awakens was better in my eyes despite the fact that main villain is just emo pussy not able to kill small kitty. Arent you bored to be every late night at bridge with 6 boxes?