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  1. I have a problem

    summon @realKingLeonidas2 , he knows the best how to bot in that spot... he could share some tips for a next time bro @Ikcen
  2. exp loss in siege

    + I dided to guards in oren which means i should die for -4 and possibly drop.... i didnt lose any XP neither item. Fix it please
  3. Kure the unstoppable!

    5€ could do mirracles in case of first ban... just sayin
  4. Kure the unstoppable!

    so you admit you sold you acc? damn, sjeks will have bad dreams i suppose
  5. Kure the unstoppable!

    You know its personal, so whats your point?
  6. Magical Tablets

    droprate of tablets sucks... its kinda retarded to have chance customly lowered imho, especially if they drop in 3-4 floors of TOI only... P.S. its definatelly not "2 weeks job" to obtain one skill..
  7. Knight shield's fragment drop or spoil.

    Ant queen fulldrop only... +one more location for key drops customly added here
  8. Summoners while on Mount

    18 summoners + me
  9. L2 classic exp bar

    Lol? Havent noticed that then, my bad. Is it working like that on offi as well?
  10. Update info before 2nd Baium

    War...war never changes...or drama? P.S. funny how jungle isnt even worth mentioning in eu WS side
  11. Giran CH BUGGED

    Vinter is coming?
  12. L2 classic exp bar

    You probably had death deal certificate (50%)... If not, gz for using bug
  13. Christmas Event spree!

    What are those improved scrolls? Renamed blesses?
  14. Christmas Event spree!

    And santa hat?