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  1. Server online

    Reported for nudity!
  2. Chatuba de Meskita

    Botter trying to troll someone and even fail even in that by breaking forum rules? Sweet.
  3. Back in the days we had "stigma" animation in offline shops... It wasnt that painfull as sleep is .
  4. WhiteWalkers clan lvl 5 recruiting

    More frags = more fun. GL
  5. Trolling SM

    Thug life deal with it, majority of us are no longer youngsters without responsibilities willing to sacrifice hours and hours for this god damn game
  6. Sieges again...

    4) when char registered for def use soe to castle, it counts as normal soe. It ports to defending castle only in case the char is in that specific siege zone... Which doesnt make rly sense tbh... But the question is, is it supposed to work like that?
  7. Log in problem

    Hello, Do you play at your brother's PC?
  8. siege 11.3

    They had around 140 I heard... We were not rly cooperating, just didnt rly interfere (kill) with each other much (but it was impossible to spare for example Canito honestly)....
  9. siege 11.3

    GF? P.S. hey soulmates, you owe us taxes from Aden castle and I bet you know it...
  10. The best eu cp recruiting

    Dont spam plz.

    @Kse watch and learn, this is how to do propper event!
  12. Oren impossible to lose

    Cmon, he already explained, dont flame him Jerry is not gay, his boyfriend is...
  13. Olympiad Stream

    Though your twitch is k0ll.classic, why did you created new acc?
  14. The best eu cp recruiting

    Sorry, this slot is taken by botaki cp (despite being active on oly only).. You still could be second tho. GL.