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  1. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    You have joined SoulMate zerg, you need to face consequences. #DealWithIt
  2. "Critical" CP recruiting

    Same ally (or at least crest) with rest of your "badproducts" mates... If not... well it seems like some small piece of dignity still left inside of you after all.
  3. "Critical" CP recruiting

    wtf? killing your new ally mates? SHAME!
  4. l2classic.club 2.0 update patch notes

    Just give it up @Reaper , you cant argue with people for whom is current meta in summoner gameplay something like this... Just run mass cleanse and group heal on cooldown and each 2 mins throw CD reduction buff. GG.
  5. l2classic.club 2.0 update patch notes

    Spoil of A grade? Wtf? So every random will have acces to top tier equip? GG
  6. 2.0 Update! 24.10.2017

    with this ammount of bugs... damn, thats gonna be very bad release...
  7. "Critical" CP recruiting

    Good to see you back. Looking forward to smash you again, we still have some unfinnished bussiness. More enemies-more fun.
  8. Proposal all server

    can you read?
  9. Proposal all server

    Only Koreans have war vs toxic, which is only 1 or max 2 parties, not entire China as far as i know...All in all it will be interresting how they will deal with this issue on next siege.. And no, there is no way for creating large coalition vs China... simply impossible Ridiculous topic. Edit: now i got intel all chn maybe have war with tt. My bad.
  10. Custom pets

    Not useless but lets say situational... But customizing already existing custom is way to hell imho. + for removing
  11. I´d like to, just tell me how please. What EXACTLY was wrong in my post which you deleted (not the one where I told you to fuck off but the previous one from this afternoon). I want to learn from my mistakes to not trigger you again. Thank you in advance our allmighty superior mod.
  12. Destroyer Frenzy

    Its okay... Classic feature
  13. Stream

    RMT scum streaming for "promoting" server or his own bussiness? Meh...