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  1. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    This argue reminds me Paralympic Games... no matter if you somehow "win" with arguments, you will still be cripple...
  2. Drop after kill from RB and Epic RB

    Afaik you didnt drop from bosses (and even their raid fighters i think?) on ofi since 1.0... This zaken vid is cos ppl mostly die on zaken minions which are counted as normal mobs for some twisted korean reason...
  3. 17 May By Forum Warriors

    Are you rly scared of this combo? Feel for ya bro.
  4. berserker blade edge

    bad luck only, it is spoiled there for sure
  5. Missed me?

    Welcome back! Everyone who wants to destroy Perkunas is needed around here.
  6. First video, dont judge.

    Nexls MVP, dat initial fear, my fucking god...
  7. POV BladeDancer?

    Nice one.
  8. Chatban

    dunno, dont ask me, if that was on me i would fully prohibit using loop macros for afk ppl (not only for farm but even in city)... its fucking cancer to read those spams, doesnt matter from who...
  9. Chatban

    Ahhh, AntMan.... Fully deserved chatban, that spam in Aden is disgusting... maybe not against system settings but i could deffinately see why some chat mod did that. edit:
  10. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    He prefers fish buffs working on oly...
  11. Oren impossible to lose

    blyat again....
  12. srsly

    No posts in this section for 5 days? Cmon... cmon @Rip give at least that tuesday 3way rape, so we can flame each other... this shit is boring.
  13. For Drama Team Alliance

    + one Stiba - one Sayomi Izi trade.
  14. Stiba

    Dík za info, aspoň vim, koho targetovat jako prvního. A vážně myslíš, že ti sežeru pohádku o přenechání destra zadara? Po Rosovo historii s RMT (epic set, ImXo od Reavera rerollnuto na EE, adena na berserker...) a po tom, jak si šli po krku...jen tak z ničeho nic zase nejlepší kámoši, co si přenechávaj chary? ale no tak...