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  1. just ban all the rb farmers, izi and fast solution, 5 min work for san0
  2. i do it with my box BD with traded gear from OL
  3. ABG reminds me PVP all day every day for a spot to farm on, this new zone has none
  4. Also.. Why we have to have an extra fkn BOX for everything ????? IT IS SO ANNOYING ! When server is literally filled with players 80 - 84 lvs. How awesome it would be to kill these bosses with mains and actualy pvp on mains for it. 42 lv AQ 52 lv CORE 52 lv ORFEN 77 ZAKEN ... Have to bring like idiots our mains there to buff our low lvl boxes ... so we kill it in 1 minut. Why cant we farm it with mains, make it stronger (to kill in 30 min), so enemy can contest and fight on mains 80+ for it. Extra boxes archers, nukers 79+ for ANTAHRAS. Melees are useless boss AOE whole command channel on 1 hit WHYYY giving us even more cancer after farming it for 7h with MULTIPLE BOXES spamming 1 button. 5, 7 ppl party have 18 characters inside so this boss actualy dies and is not stacked alive on map. We dont even play our mains, im 99% time on some extra stupid box we have to have to do staff here.
  5. Maybe add magic dmg to Hex and Power Break like it was in past chronicles
  6. @Kse I got banned for streaming as a free server on, so i moved to youtube
  7. I scammed myself (oh wait, a guy who bought it from me scammed me) with wrong price to sell my cols, lost 621 cols by my mistake as Angerfist. Its same story. This is what i got from support. Dear user, Hello!A situation you were facing is not a bug, violation of the server rules or something like that.It's a game moment, we can't interfere with the game process in such cases.Thank you for contacting support. So, I want my cols back too. Expecting mail tomorrow with 621 cols. kk? thx Ticket ID: JOB-862-5251
  8. i would give it back only if enemy gives epics back that drop in pvp on mobs, the question is, do they, did they?
  9. why u keep tryin to get attantion here?, this topic is not for chatting.. and no1 cares about your opiniot either
  10. First of all, I dont even care what u write here. I wont even read this flood. Read the rule 1.4. Rules are set for reason.
  11. I dont know why u pull in families into game staff, probably youre just toxic person. Well into a topic, yes ppl geting offended by this, players report bots to violate rules, players get banend for this, players report nicknames to violate rules, players should be punished for this as well. Its same thing, Either there are rules or not. U cannot punish players for 1 thing and not for the other. If u cannot understanf this, dont even comment below. This section is for reports, not for farming posts.
  12. In common game chats (all / !shout / +trade / "PM / %Hero) is forbidden:1. Disrespectful speech or defamation to the address of the project administration or the project itself.2. Appeals to racism, incitement of ethnic hatred, sexism.3. Commercial advertising, advertising of other projects, referral links.4. Offensive statements about other users, all kinds of provocation.5. Publication of any information about other users, including names, etc. without their permission.6. Discussion of "bugs", "bots","hacks" including situations bearing the same meaning.7. Calls to leave the server or messages, informing other people of you leaving the server. If server admin/gms will not walk up and do anything against them, why do they even make rules about it? What u saying is they dont care about the rules they make. So everything that is in rules is actualy allowed. Thats what u sain. "if u ban them, half server wil lbe dead" u dont need to ban their acounts, thare is an option to chat ban if u didnt find out yet, It would be appreciated to do so in that case. "and they will get 2h chat block" i wouldnt even waste my time makin ticket for 2h chat ban if this timeout is legit true, 2h is a joke. No need to boost your ego higher to put forbidden words in multiple countries and against rules in nicknames when its already Mount Everest high.
  13. nickname: ESkurva, Put4Madre Project rules 1. Players are not allowed to: 1.4 Use ingame nicknames/Titles containing offensive/obscene language and nicknames of administration/GMs. (admin lock down the topic pls, to avoid childish behaviour flooding down the topic)