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  1. Nez

    NonFactors zerging TOI

  2. Nez

    NonFactors zerging TOI

    9 i used might of heaven when i had window
  3. Nez

    NonFactors zerging TOI

    feelsbadman when bishop mass resses and only 1 guy stands up out of 4 dead
  4. Nez

    Why best AW in club got ban ?

  5. Nez


    oh didnt see he is on zerk, well saying if..if.. even Flloki doesnt have proper buffs look at his s/d, he is using only auraflash every 3 sec, this is not spamming skills, he wouldnt die on that anyway because no1 is even hitting him, they got stomped
  6. Nez


    he was assisting Tommy on 3 targets, they killed them, Flloki got +2 on em, then i see him avoiding debuffs, cus as u can see jesuscrist and someone else is running with grandeur above their head, after that he is going for his hero skills and later on going in with aura flashes finishing from what i see on dmg last like 9 enemies on balcony. He like didnt need camera zoom while assisting on calls to Tommy. Running around as u say pressing 3s cd auraflases to 9 enemy around him is good i would say. Dont know bout u.
  7. Nez


    its about winning not who gets last hit and wank over +xx frags lol
  8. Nez

    Hero skills changes suggestion - Poll

    What a boring CS yesterday, server lag, grandeur, server lag, grandeur, grandeur and again grandeur... why am I playing this class, when i cant do shit in pvp, the duration time of grandeur when u get 3 in a row... feelsafkman for how long is that shit? 40sec or something? literally staying afk on 1k range waiting and watching football in TV voted 1
  9. Nez

    Expand Warehouse

    true but this feature is nothing that would be hard to add and would not take a lot of time to implement like fixing a bug or something
  10. Nez

    Expand Warehouse

    If I had hundreds of slot at just 1 spoil I would not need to mail from boxes to an extra dwarf with 2 WHs and another dwarf cuz 2 are already full and organize those 5 WHs, instead of having just 1 huge WH where I can hold all I need. No, I cannot fit everything at 1 box even though I would like to, thats why I support this idea. I understand someone is fine with 1 dwarf with 2 WHs or with multiple dwarfs.. but some of us would prefer to have an option and have 1 WH with xxx slots to avoid reloging in between dwarfs to organize where is what.. Its not about lazyness but about to make things more comfortable and faster for players who would apreciate it and pay for it. Server would actualy get something from it as well for the work beeing putted in. Instead of to support a good idea going agains it, when it wont have any bad impact on game, literally no impact... and will not force u to pay for this makes no sense to argue about it, call players stupid/lazy, make comments about their brains and showing yourself up infront of the rest of us as u doin gives us an ideas... The value u putting into this topic is like having comments on female tampons.
  11. Nez

    Expand Warehouse

    u cannot creat your own clan for extra wh when u are already in a clan with skills and bonuses, and mailing/trading staff from spoil with full wh to a box 10 lvl with 2 whs is boring and wasting time, to have extra slots in wh on 1 char would be much more confortable turn on more brain cells next time and stop flame this topic and insult the others with nonsese
  12. Nez

    Expand Warehouse

    use brain and read what was already written above instead of posting 0 value post
  13. play whatever u like from First group classes (u cannot reroll to healers or buffers from BD, SWS, just to let u know) for now until 70+,then reroll if needed to any class that CP needs and u want to play with. First group classes:OverlordProphetWarcryerBishopElven ElderShillien Elder
  14. Nez

    Expand Warehouse

    expanded WH would be so nice for cols, wasted like 2h to mail items in between 3whs yesterday.. and its also boring to relog in between characters and their whs to find an item i need if someone wants 500 wh slots why not, better than having xx characters lvl 10 just for whs and extra inventory good idea