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  1. You are bullshit for me and nothing for me dude how can you even discuss me here go back to your little cave and cry and try to write sh1t which uchi told you on the wall seeyaaa /ignore kid
  2. usint bot-get ban-go to forum say i didnt-retarded-glhf
  3. usint bot-get ban-go to forum say i didnt-retarded-glhf
  4. posing sh1t on forum.
  5. usint bot-get ban-go to forum say i didnt-retarded-glhf
  6. dude i just want to say that this topic must be at report section. Isnt it?
  7. you did bro((((sry. YOU TRIED>But got AUTO BAN> Stop writing bullsh1t mate. you are not uchiha.
  8. PROOF????
  9. proof proof proof Nope? BB noob Betray?Cry more plz PS. you are too low to challenge me at forum. SON!! Just remember RULE "IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR PROOF THEN SAY SMTH W|O PROOF"=you are garbage. SRY. ANd if i scum OPPA CP where is topic where is ban?Where is oppa to proof it. Ah sorry he is now at same TS with me laughing on you. BB GL HF
  10. proof that i scamm :Dmost garbage ever Stay on your doggy style licking your own ass crying girl BTW you are pizdabol how can i scam WH of perkunas BB noob
  11. look at ban list or you want proof that its wasnt you who ban him?)))Useless chat with garbage, QQ
  12. Tell me also that Crash didnt use it HE WAS IN YOUR PARTY why you didnt report him?)))But you harras fishfood...two faced whore right?
  13. YOu know the truth i know the same :)you can lie urself act like some smart BUT where is proof he didnt?)))Endless conversation
  14. bb noob
  15. He was using it dude, ask him :)Or ask Sano did he get 1 warning,,, Sry its hard to say "using" cause he got auto ban cause dont know how to use it properly I just want to say why modoy didnt report guys who where using bot when he was exping with them, in one party? Its just about twofaced guys...Like Crash he MADE HIS CHOISE he knows he would get perma ban but he was using it and got rekt but noone from his party was reporting him or say you sucker ... ITS ONLY HIS CHOICE And not Modoys DEAL!!!!! So stop posting this sh1t , If modoy once decided to drink urina noone will say dude wtf. ITs his choise right, ANd if someone post in on youtube I REALLY DOUBT he enjoy it....