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  1. The following Skills require a Spellbook to learn for Summoners but shouldnt: Summon Life Cubic Summon Phantom Cubic Description of the Spellbooks says, that they are only needed by Temple Knight and Shilien Knight. Other Cubics require Spellbook wich is correct. But Life and Phantom shouldnt i guess.
  2. Actually a very interesting idea. I even know a few other Germans who plan to start here and play together in a group. However, we all know how it ends when Germans take up arms together ...
  3. does this have anything to do with the innercircle clan from sieghart back in the days?
  4. Where can i find the file that makes it possible to show buff effects and stuff in mid on your screen? I had some file in the past but its outdated i guess.
  5. if you wanna be tanky, go and play tyrant!
  6. why you dont organize pvp event (for example 9v9 tournament) and moderate it? i guess a lot of cps would join the event. Would be insane promotion for Server!
  7. maybe I was trying to hide the fact that I only have an ivl 2 bracelet ... who knows ... and who cares ...
  8. The "Lucky Cloak" from the Lucky Wheel is broken. Its the Appearance of the "Clan Cloak" but without any function cauz you cant set a Clan Mark. Please change the Appearance from this cloak to another one. I think its one of the top-prices of the lottery. Unacceptable for a paid event in my eyes.
  9. WTS: Bellion +10 and BW Heavy Set +6
  10. There is still a lot of potential upwards. I just started playing this class a few days ago. Of course this class can support healing. But the work is done devinitively by the healers.
  11. Anytime

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Fuck, i think im in complete wrong topic here Its the Valentinesday Topic. This Cloak is from Lucky Wheel.
  12. Anytime

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    WTF is this cloak?