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  1. ​i will, most likely. but only when i will go back to sweden in like ~1 month or less now im in russia and my pc here is too bad x_x
  2. was able to donate today too here ya go, admins, take my euro and thank you for ability to pay with paypal! wont buy PA tho, cuz i cba lvling tons of chars again, gotta play my best on a main and be happy server is definitely worth staying~ ✨⭐
  3. ​а тут чем не норм личка) kiri-kiri-mai skyp
  4. well thats what im talking about - this waiting time is bullshit, it shouldnt be that much
  5. Guys, maybe u need some more ppl working with auction? I volunteer to moderate lots! Because i put items on auction yesterday, but they are still waiting for moderation lol And like why am i not able to press remove lot button while its waiting for moderation? Cuz im sick of waiting and want items back already but now im not able to do anything with them? wuuut? Put lots on market already pls, or let me take them back, this or that, pls ) otherwise this system should be announced only as beta, not as fully working service
  6. ​aga
  7. так в итоге нет группы в вк?
  8. Heya, im looking for a good company to kill raids, just lvl up, or do whatever actually~ But main goal is raids, always loved that. I started just 2 days ago, but planning to play active and almost every day Got microphone, skype/ts/discord, if neccessary. Playing as elven scout now, its my main. Long time ago played TK, EE and necro - so i can easily help out on clan accs on raids.
  9. i can be your guide~ just click the green button, you're on the right path to card payment
  10. i honestly wish people thought this high of russians in dota x) btw yaay, killed last mob to 1kk for bow just now gz to me and btw to the guy who said it was not pocket money - it damn is. 1 euro is pocket money for u europeans :<
  11. ​wrong, thats only russian 30+ males ​Lies, legends say even Russian babies can craft Blue Wolf before they learn to walk. ​thats just some weird humour
  12. ​wrong, thats only russian 30+ males
  13. ​euros are damn expensive for russia with its stupid financial crisis =( will prolly do so in autumn tho, when ill be in sweden
  14. ​im in process.. gave up on this thread already)) And thank you Devilo, thats cute :3
  15. ​Yep 3 days of my novice knife remaining gotta try my hardest And thats just last of my pics that is now a profile pic on most my accounts in the net im not really into manga, friend gave me this uniform and i went all girly like why not to take some stupid pics ​Don't worry about your knife Classic is much more marathon then a sprint Farm, farm and farm some more... Picture is kinda cool I was sure it was just some random fake from net Asian looking girl, fan of games in school uniform... what else we could ask for --------------------- NaRvi PR 6x ​naah naah u say asian looking only cuz of that uniform, im from middle russia and my eyes are totally not asian narrow))