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  1. D3vilo

    How to make lvl 5 talisman (tutorial)

    I hate you dude, I'm still at lvl 1
  2. D3vilo


    Warlordmancer oO??
  3. D3vilo

    Mighty DorFs UniTeD

  4. D3vilo

    Mighty DorFs UniTeD

  5. D3vilo

    Full check errors

    I have same situation with mine AntiVir.... To run updater I need to disable my Norton for 15min, check all files and add few exclusions coz half of those files are recognized as trojans
  6. D3vilo

    Login Issue

    Login was down for some reason. Had the same problem. It's working fine now
  7. Premium account needs to be ON in order to log another one
  8. D3vilo

    Daily Coin

    I might be wrong but: 1. It's not "weekend" reward but "weekly" reward (7 days = 7 coins). 2. It's not about 2 any quests but 2 daily quests (which ain't work so far?)
  9. I have few ideas how to fix those crashes. In order to test my solution I'm gonna need female virgin volunteer. PM me pls, lets do smth good for server
  10. D3vilo

    Updater disappeared :o

    My Norton truly, deeply hates your files @San0 So that can be the case here, bloody antivir....
  11. D3vilo

    [NOT BUG]Exp

    Fatal Counter and OH maybe?
  12. D3vilo


    It can take up to 72h to confirm item on auction. Btw auction rules are gone from forum for some reason. No clue why it's not sticked into "Services"
  13. D3vilo

    Mighty DorFs UniTeD

    Our archer CP still desperately need active BS and SWS
  14. D3vilo

    Mighty DorFs UniTeD

    We were trying to form archer CP but finding active BD/SwS here is NO GO.... So in order to farm some of us need to box 2,3 or 4 accounts EU time zone (most of us is CET)
  15. D3vilo

    2.0 Great contest participation thread

    Are those 5 from same person?