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  1. We get helped by their friendly members yes, but im pretty sure the chinamangs were pming me to pk my whole clan Also if we are so wickedsick why did one of our members leave for eulogist cp? mmmm yes we are so picking sides on this server zomg. we are tainted purple :') Come join the goodlife!
  2. You dont have to pick sides you could allways join the Goodlife
  3. Deibu

    Summer Time Event!

    150 boxes 2 phoenix 2 beach sun hats :')
  4. Deibu

    2nd District

    Because all his old members left him. He needs to start a new. I wouldnt join them tough! He cant even win a clanwar while hes the higest lvl of both clans. Well atleast for now, delvl is in progress right wolvz?
  5. Deibu


    Original post is from december 2016. People dont read
  6. Deibu

    Stiba's Virus hits COMAdrejjas

    Ws helped my clanmembers on lowbie spots to fend of pkers and higher lvl chars on several occasions. While all your clan did was war us. We are EU clan so why war us? I pmed your leader about possible friendship but no answer. We are very active clan here to stay, just not top lvl yet. Need some help sometimes because asshats with high lvl chars camping lowground. WS succeeds in helping clans with this while all you guys do is pvp on forum and talk big. So yes WS is better for noobs then you all, hoped it to be different but hey seems not.
  7. Deibu

    Stiba's Virus hits COMAdrejjas

    Lol they might but your clanleader is doing the same to new clans. Most new clans have to ask wickedsick players for help. Not that they want to but theyre the only one noob friendly in my book currently. Yes aduha i said this for real so stop reading forum you noob.
  8. Deibu

    Rename characters

    More work for the gms but if 2.0 never comes im up for it.
  9. Deibu

    Strongest clan

    How many downpoints does a '' great clan'' get for declaring blood to a clan that has an average member lvlbase of lvl55. And thats only because theres 1 lvl 69 in it that makes up for all those at 40? What would be the point? Easy kills on lowbie chars is the only reason I can think off. But please someone care to explain?
  10. Deibu

    Dagger classes

    I happen to have lvl 69 plainswalker and this is allmost true. Against mages you are decent until they disable same eith stun indeed. Stun is fucked...
  11. Deibu

    Bonus Donate 29.07-30.07

  12. As the title describes. Looking for +7/8/9/10 B grade bow/dagger/blunt/pole
  13. Deibu


    Clan lvl 4 and with 10%xp bonus now. <~~