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  1. To be reminded whos your daddy!!

    let back some months past u were DL / SM / ES im i right?
  2. To be reminded whos your daddy!!

    What side is JF now ...Perkunas?
  3. :D

    u cant quick spear with blunt ganja nub
  4. reflect damage pvp ?

    no reflect dmg if that hit kill you
  5. Class changes update

    less PR on server? no
  6. Proposal all server

    today veteran team vs ripwalker just fyi also pk toxic alt clans
  7. Proposal all server

    how are they unstopable if they rarely play EU prime
  8. Proposal all server

    this is way better than entire server vs china
  9. Proposal all server

    China having wars with SM Toxic JF/EX its 4side server why u cry
  10. classes rarity

    1) Summoners (except pony) totally useless w/o pet shost 2) TANK / SWS to train mobs 3) i think there are more dds then other classes 4) Why u play MMO w/o friends 5) we'll see if 2.0 come for real
  11. Class Change Service 2.0?

    + + free free to give your opinions dear club community
  12. Yes Mages are so powerfull in both pvp/pve and the server is like 60-70% mage CPs (i think) With the upcoming 2.0 (new skills / new spots / olym) it would be nice if mages can reroll to other DD classes so ppl can try other things (more $$ donation ofc) Can have some love for Mage classes pls @San0 @Kse @Phoenix
  13. Wts/Wtt

    but but you are dagger archer tyrant?
  14. Drama Team Tutorial

    we fail and kick ass sometimes
  15. Drama Team Tutorial

    SM fail again QQ disband pls