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  1. classes rarity

    1) Summoners (except pony) totally useless w/o pet shost 2) TANK / SWS to train mobs 3) i think there are more dds then other classes 4) Why u play MMO w/o friends 5) we'll see if 2.0 come for real
  2. Class Change Service 2.0?

    + + free free to give your opinions dear club community
  3. Yes Mages are so powerfull in both pvp/pve and the server is like 60-70% mage CPs (i think) With the upcoming 2.0 (new skills / new spots / olym) it would be nice if mages can reroll to other DD classes so ppl can try other things (more $$ donation ofc) Can have some love for Mage classes pls @San0 @Kse @Phoenix
  4. Wts/Wtt

    but but you are dagger archer tyrant?
  5. Drama Team Tutorial

    we fail and kick ass sometimes
  6. Drama Team Tutorial

    SM fail again QQ disband pls
  7. WTS Eminence Bow +12

    Price now: 400kk /target 404BoobsNotFound @Giran Harbor
  8. Let's Get Ridiculous

    malaka ETE failed me x2 BWH i hate u! but i love this movie so i forgive u
  9. Stop this madness!

    QUIT saying only Asian "bot this script that"
  10. The Honor Story

    RIP DarkLegion. There were like 3 sides when i first play the server now what classic club has become...give us 2.0 already!
  11. WTT SLS+11

    sls available for sale? tell me price
  12. WTB SLS+10 / Damacus 4 5 6

    ^ with price
  13. Cepeleros Vol 2

    Those massive fights are worth watching. Keep more coming
  14. TH leveling

    He new to the game and already know that Dagger is hard to lvling. I just suggest him the way 70+ lvl ppl did. Wait till 2.0 more Dagger transfer
  15. TH leveling

    Play Buffers / Tank / SWS for AOE party then spend 20euro change to rouge.