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  1. WTS or TRADE BOP+8

  2. WTS or TRADE BOP+8

    Trade for DEMON STAFF 12 / BERSERKER BLADE 12 / CRYSTAL DAGGER 12 also WTS Plated Leather Set +6 (3/3) Doom Leather Armor+3 offer me ign : iibatman
  3. Olympiads Matching level system

    its not yet 1 side dominate everything in classic club so there still fun
  4. Chronicles of Shinryu 2nd Season - episode 3

    Alt+Shift+R Alt+J You welcome
  5. To be reminded whos your daddy!!

    let back some months past u were DL / SM / ES im i right?
  6. To be reminded whos your daddy!!

    What side is JF now ...Perkunas?
  7. :D

    u cant quick spear with blunt ganja nub
  8. reflect damage pvp ?

    no reflect dmg if that hit kill you
  9. Class changes update

    less PR on server? no
  10. Proposal all server

    today veteran team vs ripwalker just fyi also pk toxic alt clans
  11. Proposal all server

    how are they unstopable if they rarely play EU prime
  12. Proposal all server

    this is way better than entire server vs china
  13. Proposal all server

    China having wars with SM Toxic JF/EX its 4side server why u cry