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  1. Yes, like daggers, very rewarded, Archers can change to dagger, tank can change to dagger, sws/bd can change to dagger, very very very nice, very fair. Like dagger is so easy to xp than archers, sws/bd, tanks, .... all these gruops up the daggers. Irony OFF No comment!
  2. u say nothing, so +0 ? ofc no how many enchanted then? Since demon dagger is 55-58kk and bop is 130-140kk ? You want bop +9 ?
  3. Hello, Realy you need to explain him that it is againts the rules? muahahhahaa, thats funny. Any guy that is able to play this game can get byhimself that do that is a big fraud, scamme. It is too obvius. Tooo weak and too much permision vs players that just try fuuck other players. This is a bad politic.
  4. +1, thanks for no enchants on event. we dont want startwars server, is bad for server, and we are smart people.
  5. and What about Trick/switch? why other debuffs landing 85-90% and trick switch ... nothing ? Daggers are close range DD, they have very big disvantage, if you have reuse on hide, u are an easy target. From 900 to close range to can hit enemy you can get a lot of damage and debuffs from wizzards, tyrant, gladi, archers, ... Only the good players playing dagger know about what i am talking. Players that plays dagger class right now are suffering this, and how hard lvl up a dagger is. And, if someday we get some update, some other guys can change to dagger with class change for 20 euro. This is fuuucking pathetic and frustrating!!!
  6. This server is no retail. Admins try fix things with random info, so then many things get random set up. I mean, they search for info to set up something and they set up with a specific set up but realy they dont know how things work 100% retail. Sometimes people bring info from retail server 2.0 when we have here 1.5, some other times make test and choose the choice +- logic, but is not retail like. So result, things working on a diferent way than retail. Debuffs, damage, and many other things. Deal with it!
  7. Easier than Dagger id..t
  8. I guess that each one of us is free to live in his own world.
  9. Whats wrong? how skill works or the description? thats the point ... Stop crying pistolas, ur char need to be nerfed, not bosted. kids ...
  10. Make Classic server rates 1x or 2x instead of 3x, so get lvl 79-80 be hard and long, and we have longer fun in time. Or maybe, make rates 1x or 2x after 76 lvl.
  11. you know what is the most funny, legiana acts and think he is pro, always telling stories about how pro he is, or being so proud and telling people something he did.
  12. and what? 3.8k with full hp on light/heavy users is ok? do u realy think it works fine? what for you want double shot skill and critical skills on it if you are dealing almost 4k with FC on full hp?
  13. WTF? How can FC deal 3.8k on lot of targets and 8.5k damage on 1 sws with even full hp ? FC is bugged ofc. maybe it works similar but not like this.
  14. Imo, stop crying. Takes 20 minuts xp 1 char lvl 15. U should create 1 character lvl 10-15 or other lvl, keep it in your spot, and log when u see 1 camera, and then pk the camera. I think after u pk that camera sometimes, he wont come more.