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  1. what version? 2.0 ? 1.5 ? .. ?
  2. ​Is so pathetic and shamefull that someone can make this, when other guys player dagger class since lvl 1.
  3. omg, how you loose your time posting this crap, how can be so pathetic or just 5 years old? seriously ... We are happy seing you having so big fun Soil.
  4. WTB BW gloves, boots, helmet +6, Doom gloves, boots, helmet +6. DemonDagger +8 or more. Send me private msg here in forum. Thanks.
  5. ​@Koll Are you sure Koll you dont get enought money with server to fix this thing and have a better server? the guy fixing this kind of things can not take 1 day and dedicate to fix it? or get another more guy to fix this kind of things? U see the poll result? Come on!
  6. ​up, Any admin can answer? make shops at least 48 hours, we want to have fun, not set up shops each 24 hours or less time
  7. ( i dont know the ways get A grade items will be possible or they will implement, i just say my point of view if somethings are maden like this ) Hi guys, I talk from my point of view, Add many ways to get A weapons, like crafteable A grade weapons is completely retarded and is bad for the game, is only good for owners pockets imo. Craft A grade weapons means people that play a lot and have adena or real money, can craft many A weapons and buy EWA from olimpiad farmers ( saying this if get EWA is only possible from olimpiad ). If you have adena from game or you can buy COL, sell the COL, get adena, buy EWA and lets overenchant, Sword of miracles +8+9+10, yujuuuu. what a nice server!!!!! Total unbalanced since m.atk affets more on wizzards damage with skills than fighters. For example, for a dagger class, have 1 dagger weapon +++ doesnt mean big diference on skills damage. Just giving my point of view. Thanks. ( I want to give my +1 and congrats to server admins for not adding Enchants on this event. Me, like some others think that this choice was good )
  8. ​Ty for info San0, i hope we have same or similar thoughts about server set up.
  9. You always will be missing 1 earring, that wont be in other guy if rizos get it. So even if he gets earring lvl 3 one more time, other guy wont get it. ​Take "some time" and "effort" farm 4 orfens earrings. Orfen earring lvl 3 is 4 fuucking orfen earrings. I think is a big lack of respect you say this in that relaxed way. Maybe some words telling sorry to allie mates should be more appropriate. Just part of game and bac luck <- big NO. Our choices are there. If you were farming bridge with full party, u dont need orfen lvl 3 on you. If you went gank war. too risk keep orfen lvl 3 on a char that go low hp to hit high damage with Fatal Counter. You just need orfen for > solo with some boxes (EE Party return, HEaler on you, to in case of risk) > Siege > when you are farming safely with ur cp, if risk, BSOE or maybe u prefer take the risk. your choice.
  10. ​rift of heaven? that catacomb spot where u jump from room to room and u can not get war? if u make that, and many people go there, WAR/PVP will be reduce, so fun will be reduce, sux hard. Imo, try make it in the way we have to fight with our clan, for farm, xp, epics, ... People have to join clans, meet people, join CP, join TS3, learn english, speak english, have fun, make friends, .... More WAR, we have more fun, people need more COL, cause of dead penalty 80%, PA accounts, u get more $$$$ I dont care what $$$ u get, the only one i care is have a hard game, not easy, and have fun, war, hard things in game, hard goals, longger server alive in time, longger fun. Thanks. Sorry for my english. See you.
  11. omg QQ
  12. 1.6kkk what a joke hahahhahaha
  13. Maybe thats because they are bugged and dont land. If they are considered to not affected by mental shield, but they are affected on this server because admin editted it, maybe thats the reason because trick/switch are not workking properly. Dont know, would like to have info, but, if we have info or no, it should works similar than is working on retail, and not with so low chance to land like they are now. Thanks.
  14. -1 ​Another cryer ... Deal with it, if u dont like l2 classic, go play other game. i am ok with this and hard things in game. Easier things make that you get ur goal soon and you get less things to do in game, less war, because you dont have to fight for some raids, or farm areas, .. I dont care if i have to stay 5-6-12 months to farm SA on my weapon, i like the game be not easy, because it keep me busy in game, with alive goals, and thats funny. Just this, the oposite you are saying is what keep game alive, funny and server longer alive in time.