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  1. LuizM

    WTB dagger

    in this server is not like in other classic versions in which you can OE that easily ... we have only 2 +10 sets on server for example ... dwarfs do not have extra enchant rate chance
  2. PM popestarVM > HdM big spanish clan
  3. 1. english is the main lenguage used 2. if you pay for premium account with real money or buy it in-game you can open as many boxes as you want ... if you try to use 3rd program software to open a second box you will be banned ... every month there is a huge ban list released on forum. 3. there are plenty ... mainly for end-game ... in this server there are 3 prime timess ... Europeans, Brazilian/Americans/Latinos, Chinese/Koreans
  4. WTB all your MJ Necklaces and Earrings +5 (sealed or unsealed) PM or mail: mekans
  5. LuizM

    Psy stream

    up online ! olympiads
  6. LuizM

    My streams

    a noob adventure point of view ! nice ! UP
  7. i dont think so mate
  8. dont be a jerk.. guy is new even to lineage 2
  9. I can say for the brasilian community at least that 50% would come from facebook community pages and the other 50% from twitch streams ... so good thing you are improving the streaming community ( this is really important)