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  1. LuizM

    WTS antharas earring

    WTS antharas earring Plz pm with offers on forum ... I quit so im not in game anymore
  2. thats 1 week after they actually changed it ... my points is still valid ..
  3. You also did the same to try and farm baium and zaken many times and didnt get banned ... lol
  4. childish counter argument ... the situation is ... 1) pvp zone was installed in zaken and not informed to players 2) Benefit of the doubt states that if pvp zone was removed from baium without informing the players, these same players shouldnt be banned 3) pvp zone on baium wasnt removed but was a bug ( administrators fault) so by benefit of the doubt we can implie that these " bug abusers" didnt know that pvp zone was bugged and just removed wars as a strategy to win the game ... im not even a lawyer and i can fucking argue abut it ... atop being idiotics
  5. Its is not a bug abuse to remove wars ... Now pvp zone being bugged is no ones fault and no actions should be taken ... I can mention countless times RS did the same on Zaken ship to stop DF farms and nothing was posted here and no one complained about it ... learn to play the game and lose like man ...
  6. Hero list July 2021! The end of break edition ! Abyss Walker (Ghost Hunter) - Rizos[RS] Bishop (Cardinal) - EgyeeLover[WK] Bladedancer (Spectral Dancer) - Shriek[DF] Bounty Hunter (Fortune Seeker) - Roy [RS] ?!? Dark Avenger (Hell Knight) - Mosan529[WK] Destroyer (Titan) - Daahak[DF] Elemental Summoner (Elemental Master) - Encube[RS] Elven Elder (Eva's Saint) - BlueWings[RS] Gladiator (Duelist) - zhttty[WK] Hawkeye (Sagittarius) - Jampeka[WK] Necromancer (Soultaker) - JaneDoe[WK] Overlord (Dominator) - AnBang[WK] ?!? Paladin (Phoenix Knight) - Imbert[WK] Phantom Ranger (Ghost Sentinel) - ? Phantom Summoner (Spectral Master) - Trashlord[RS] Plains Walker (Wind Rider) - Pokkle[DF] Prophet (Hierophant) - Krystynka[RS] Shillien Elder (Shillien Saint) - MrsWings[RS] Shillien Knight (Shillien Templar) - Shainacris[RS] Silver Ranger (Moonlight Sentinel) - Iquiver[WK] Sorceror (Archmage) - JaneDo[WK] Spellhowler (Storm Screamer) - Banana4[WK] Spellsinger (Mystic Muse) - Haoguspeller[WK] Sword Singer (Sword Muse) - Orpheuu[DF] Temple Knight (Eva's Templar) - Aphrodyte[RS] Treasure Hunter (Adventurer) - ChenHaoNan [WK] Tyrant (Grand Khavatari) - Wanali Warcryer (Doomcryer) - OrcZudo[RS] Warlock (Arcana Lord) - Cnadjan[RS] Warlord (Dreadnought) - Nabao[WK] Warsmith (Maestro) - MissReis[WK] RavenSoul - 11 China - 14 DarkForce - 4 HdM - 0 Congrats new heroes, let me know if something is wrong
  7. PLZ DONT EVEN CONSIDER - cata/necropolis is against server new zone design philosophy (to get one zone stacked to farm next content and force pvp) - all the rest I agree with ! what we need is to have an updated version of pvp event (transfer from toi to island) and make it have better drops to force even more pvp on europe prime + maybe we can start having 1 lvl 80 open world boss on GC or island to get full server stacked there trying to compete for it (and make this boss really hard to farm by solo farmers like nRolla said ... add reflect, add mass anchor, add crazy shit to it like mass stun from tyr)
  8. not awful at all ... its exactly what you asked for .... they can add those new skills in small updates to change metagame and refresh server classes, while not adding shit things like kamael and element system (you just didnt understand what it fully meant ... so dont worry .. "small patches" doesnt mean they are SMALL ... but it means its not 3.5 or 4.0 etc) They also have too much content to add ... specially things that they can come up with like the Primeval island and talismans (clubs design... and better than official servers shittty goddard update)
  9. GMs already said that club reached its final BIG update with antharas... and from now on they will keep making small updates to change metagame and add small things from time to time .... like the last one with quality of life for newcomers , or the january balance patch etc
  10. @Bellion clearly never played in this server during 1.0 or 1.5 or 2.0 .... back then the biggest fun on server was the leveling process ... figthing for RBs and taking 40 min to farm one of them .... then after making friends and enemies on theses bosses you would eventually understand end game clans and join a side ... now a days RB farmers take this experience away from newcomers
  11. Make them weak to Bows ... bring back the old days where randoms would farm all bosses with any classes just bring your bow and your fine !
  12. maybe you are right too ... we need to test and see how it goes on server ... on pvp events people were pvping even though they drop to mobs ... so you have a point there ...
  13. I honestly like the change ... i think people will pvp more around mobs and not PR because they will not be afraid of dropping ... lets see how it goes
  14. DarkForce alliance is recruiting new clans or CPs that are currently playing on EU/NA play time We are a serious and Hardcore ally focused on pvp (full opened wars) We currently dominate and farm QA, CORE, ORFEN , ZAKEN and BAIUM also. Plz contact me in forum or discord (LuizM#2524) for more information about how our system works.