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  1. If DF didnt dominate epics for the past year we would never even have a chance to compete against EU or china ... so there you have a good example ... (remember.. server had 2 sides not 3...) P.S: we still cant compete due to the lack of zaken and baium kills
  2. go play pvp server if you want pvp ... here we love grinding mobs for hours and hours ... welcome to real korean mmo rpg
  3. cosidering the xp they give ... they shouldnt be that hard to farm
  4. 1. Baium still lvl 75 2. Cant craft mid A weapons but we can craft top A (lol?) overall great update (and good quality) but I found these 2 problems
  5. you are probably using wrong dyes .... even Judi with super othell 10, QA3 and toi 6 does enough damage that she still plays TH instead of ReginaGeorge
  6. Hero list October 2020. The Macacos strike back edition Abyss Walker (Ghost Hunter) - Rizos [EU] Bishop (Cardinal) - Shaylaa [EU] Bladedancer (Spectral Dancer) - HarasI [DF] Bounty Hunter (Fortune Seeker) - Starikan [EU] Dark Avenger (Hell Knight) - Mosan [WK] Destroyer (Titan) - Daahak [DF] Elemental Summoner (Elemental Master) - Lafi [EU] Elven Elder (Eva's Saint) - Masha [EU] Gladiator (Duelist) - zhttty [WK] Hawkeye (Sagittarius) - Jlamepka [WK] Necromancer (Soultaker) - Encube [EU] Overlord (Dominator) - AnBang [WK] Paladin (Phoenix Knight) - IPepit0 [EU] Phantom Ranger (Ghost Sentinel) - Thom [EU] Phantom Summoner (Spectral Master) - Seazar [ULTRAS] Plains Walker (Wind Rider) - MoDoy [EU] Prophet (Hierophant) - Krystynka [EU] Shillien Elder (Shillien Saint) - Lozorius [EU] Shillien Knight (Shillien Templar) - LilianVoss [WK] Silver Ranger (Moonlight Sentinel) - FreeFall [DF] Sorceror (Archmage) - DevaK [EU] Spellhowler (Storm Screamer) - Dirte [EU] Spellsinger (Mystic Muse) - Lissiana [DF] Sword Singer (Sword Muse) - TapToTown [EU] Temple Knight (Eva's Templar) - M0RT3SUBITA [DF] Treasure Hunter (Adventurer) - EnterChat [EU] Tyrant (Grand Khavatari) - Angerfist [EU] Warcryer (Doomcryer) - JzOo [EU] Warlock (Arcana Lord) - AntiFun [EU] Warlord (Dreadnought) - Warpole [EU] Warsmith (Maestro) - Indulgence [DF] European Union - 19 heroes Wukong - 5 heroes DarkForce - 6 heroes ULTRAS - 1 hero Congrats new heroes, let me know if something is wrong in the list
  7. what we need to come up with is a nerf to nobless scrolls ... they should have a 10 min cooldown
  8. LuizM


    thank you for reminding me of my old days ... this video is so nostalgic
  9. liberate also bugs the same way some times
  10. The enjoyment of taking baium to NA was worth it though .... GF ! it was really fun
  11. Mail Mekans and join the Dark side of the Force
  12. LuizM

    WK Pvp Brazilian prime.

    Cool videos, 14 vs 9 on every pvp though ...
  13. it all depends on your equipment ... sadly if you are a dagger and you want to be competitive you will need propper dyes + +8 light set + baium talisman (minimum to be able to do any damage) and + baium ring lvl 3 if you want to be competitive in olympiads