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  1. Some kind of transfer event would be cool. There are ~500 or so active players on Lineage 2 EU Classic who are slightly sad with the state of things on that server. I think if we found a fair way to "transfer" their clan, clan skills, classes, levels, and gear over to here; many would come.
  2. Gabe

    Mizuno and waterworks perma bans!

    ​Why HWID ban them and not just a regular ban? Why stop the players and their friends from still playing here? Why not just delete the RMTed items and gear? For RMT, it doesn't really make sense to Hardware ID ban someone. I feel like that should be for someone actively trying to DDoS the server or hack accounts.
  3. Gabe

    Mizuno and waterworks perma bans!

    Most of 3rd wave Renovatio players quit a long time ago. Some still play on various servers, like Mizuno, but most have quit L2.
  4. Hey everyone, I just started here recently and am looking for an English-speaking CP. Currently I am a Rogue going Hawk eye, but am more than willing to class change to a Warlord or Gladiator for a CP. If any english CPs are out there and looking for a new and active player. Let me know I'm a very veteran player from Skelth, Shilen, Chronos. Lots of PvP videos, interviews, etc, etc -Gabe
  5. Gabe

    Mizuno and waterworks perma bans!

    Yeah it seems like a bad move to ban the only two English speaking clan leaders on the server? It effectively killing the Western Euro and NA communities on the server. Leaving Eastern Europe, and South American players Why not just have the RMTed adena/items deleted and make the clan leaders pay a fine? De-incentivize RMTing and it'll stop
  6. Gabe

    Hi everyone!

    Hey everyone! Gabe/Gabriel/Eruadan here! Just started playing, I think quite a few of you know me from Skelth, Shilen, or Chronos. Looking forward to playing here. I just started yesterday. If you see me in game, feel free to say hi; hopefully I catch up to all you in levels soon What are the best "underdog clans" on the server? What's the server's political situation?