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  1. @MoDoy It may have been 2 years since you left but your legacy still lives on.
  2. gotta feed them little favelinhos somehow.
  3. forum died with modoy also all the top flamers are on the same cp or quit
  4. are the timelines converging? did I enter a parallel universe?
  5. nah the rest weren't mine. looks like you had a lot of fans on the server! The ride never ends
  6. Tereza got them afaik. I don't know the actual name of the character but it sounds like too much of a coincidence for the items to end up to her and papa biz of all people. Then again it could be coincidental, for example I think had MoBoy char as a seller in gh for a while and I created him as a parody of the original. Who knows?
  7. man there's a difference between a single aq3 and that. there's like an annual greek salary's worth of gear on that mail. i feel so sorry for angerfist
  8. Talking about this is haram. Behead this infidel.
  9. SemenArsonist


    Off the top of my head I'd like to nominate pipenov and to a slightly lesser degree modoy. I don't know if someone else was driving pipenov though.
  10. their pseudo communism seems to be working well at least from a non humanitarian perspective, why would they change?
  11. SemenArsonist

    Extra Bar

    I just added mega links to avoid the hassle. Hope they work properly
  12. SemenArsonist

    Extra Bar

    @San0 @Kse @Koll please verify and whitelist the download links, thanks.
  13. SemenArsonist

    Extra Bar

    Since everyone has this by now, I may as well make it fully public. Extra bar updated for Zaken patch. 2 Extra bars for Zaken patch. How to install: Download and extract the version you like(1 or 2 extra bars) and move the file Interface.xdat to your system folder. About key bindings: You currently can't bind keys to the bars. The numbers you see on the top left of each button don't correspond to any binding, they're decorative(I was too bored to find out how to remove the numbers). It's probably possible to associate bindings with the buttons but I can't be bothered and I'm not sure whether admins would like that anyway Enjoy. Credits: @Phoenix for giving us the first bar so I can make something similar for zaken patch. Savo/Screambird for teaching me how to make the second one via his youtube videos.