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  1. my nigga, send me your youtube channel, i'm looking for a specific pvp video
  2. please no, my mom's credit card can't take this punishment
  3. SemenArsonist

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    kurwa pierogi
  4. this is a great way to create drama and gm corruption allegations
  5. Of course they won't have it, that's common sense, the admins aren't dumb. I bet china still has brezzes stocked up from that event. There was a period of time from where the major events were absolutely broken. Santa claus event, tiger event, snowman event. Probably more, but I'm forgetting some. Since the last broken event(snowmen i think) I remember admins going a lot more conservative with event item drops and rewards. The 1 to 1 item/reward ratio became 1 to 20 or 30. That was certainly less interesting but it was for the better for server economy. Though to be perfectly honest the marathon endless insta brez fights were enjoyable for a small period of time
  6. That's also a good idea. Just make sure to implement a system that doesn't let big clans control clan halls indefinitely like they did on TI. Also admins shouldn't be afraid to change that amount with each major update and according to the state of the economy. Clan halls were a major issue in old club and also incentivized RMT. For a small, upcoming clan the only realistic way to get your hands on one back then was paying up in euros(or fat amounts of adenas that would be traded for euros by the seller), and that's only if the inactive owners were willing to part with it. I'm sure they'd think twice over keeping a weekly 100kk money sink on their possession.
  7. There will be now... Everyone has been working hard and stacking dough in anticipation for club to open so they can put that money to good use.
  8. Agreed with all points, especially the second one. Boxing is fucking cancer and the biggest detriment to L2. Unless you're Nansey
  9. going to be interesting to see all those "burned" bridges being magically rebuilt out of strict necessity if a new server is made. how many times did it happen on old club? reading up the list of names of old players in this thread makes you realize that pretty much everyone hates everyone
  10. @MoDoy It may have been 2 years since you left but your legacy still lives on.