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  1. a)If I understand correctly server runs on heavily modified official files. b)We don't have exact numbers but server is healthier than ever, there are lots of parties on party matching on practically every prime. Endgame consists of 4 sides competing against each other. Server has been going for 4 years but is still going without any wipes and is getting updates every now and then. Low levels might be a bit deserted but as soon as you hit 50+ everything becomes dramatically more populated. c)There is practically no chance of joining a competitive cp as spoiler. At this point even if you get hero you are a valor/grandeur meatshield with up to 50k hp+cp combined. Cancelling is nice but unless they get rush(they dont in this patch) they won't be able to get close enough to cancel. There is only one person that I'm aware of that plays spoiler on a competitive cp and he usually has hero on lockdown. I've seen cases of spoilers tagging along with CPs and spoiling their mobs for a fee. Or maybe you can befriend some people and go farm with them, but I find it highly unlikely that you can join a competitive cp as a spoiler, at least with the current meta (admins have teased some future class buffs and iirc dwarves are getting some too).
  2. 7 different hair accessories, are we sure this guy isn't fortuna?
  3. Guyssssssssssss they are LITERALLY 10 parties
  4. You guys sure are desperate for baium to come to eu prime 🤣
  5. What standalone re malaka, they literally recruited their whole prime on the same alliance.
  6. Guyssssssssssaaaaaa, what should I order?
  7. You still don't understand. Or actually you still fail to understand. It's not about RS, it's not about contra, it's about EU prime being the only prime that has more than 1 side. When one of those EU sides tries to expand, the other side will try to stop it, no matter the cost. China or Brazil expanding is of little importance, we only see them on olympiad, epics and sieges. The only thing that matters is EU prime. We don't want baium on EU prime until we are ready. I don't know how long it will take but until it does, we will do anything to keep it away from EU.
  8. Yes that 69 with RF was indeed shameful, but don't be so hard on yourself.
  9. SemenArsonist

    RS vs WK + CS

    We tried the first time you did it, the second time we knew what you guys were gonna do so we just went ahead and farmed our floor. Repeating the same actions and expecting different results is the definition of idiocy as some guy said.
  10. SemenArsonist

    RS vs WK + CS

    Also as far as I can remember, sjeks was taking the day off that day and he wasn't in front when the incident happened. I dont know if when he learned about it he decided to get revenge on you, and neither do I care, as we had nothing to do with it.
  11. SemenArsonist

    RS vs WK + CS

    I'm not saying anything other than you did retarded shit for the second time in a row maybe because of miscommunication or I don't know. But still you did that and you paid the price. There are so many things you could have done differently but you still chose not to, that trying to pin this on fortuna makes you foolish. The thing that annoys me is that you still claim you did nothing wrong. Idc about sjeks recordings unless you can post them so we can hear them ourselves.
  12. SemenArsonist

    RS vs WK + CS

    Can you stop playing the victim card? Admitting your mistakes is a sign of maturity, you should try it. Just admit that you were in the mood to cause trouble. Stop with the fucking conspiracy theories because I assure you nobody cared enough to waste our fucking prime to get your cp kicked from wukong. What's with your fucking ego? You think we wake up in the mornings and we plot how to destroy your cp over breakfast? Jesus fucking christ you are so full of yourselves that it's not even funny.
  13. SemenArsonist

    RS vs WK + CS

    Are you sure you can do that? I clearly remember you having trouble counting toi floors last summer.
  14. things change. just buckle up and enjoy the ride