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  1. SemenArsonist


    Don't even mention my name ever again unless you have more than 200 likes. Fucking likelets think they are hot shit because they have a super awesome guy with 270 likes in their cp. Do you even know how bad replying to a guy with 20 likes makes me look?
  2. SemenArsonist

    Auction Logic?

    That's fucking stupid. They introduce a free market where everyone is supposed to buy and sell items at the prices they choose. Except it's not really a free market and all the prices are regulated by the admin team. Is this a soviet union server? Are we going to go full communist? Should I bring my hammer and sickle? So many questions that need to be answered. I feel sorry for the people spamming refresh to find extremely good deals or pricing errors. That being said, nobody is going to buy zubei/avadon shit for 1 euro. 1 euro here can get you approximately 8 to 9 water bottles from a supermarket. Water is the basis of all life and you get to have 4-4,5 litres of it with 1 euro. Who would spend 1 euro on avadon or zubei gloves when you can buy a big amount of the magic liquid that created all life? Do you know that up to 60% of a fully grown adult's body is consisted of water? Do you know that people in Mozambique would kill for those bottles of water that you get to enjoy at the amazing price of 1 euro? Hell, if you don't want water you can buy a cheese pie for 1 euro. This magnificent food will not only keep your stomach full for a few hours, but it will give you an express ticket to the toilet after 30 minutes of consuming it. Yes it also acts as a laxative. All this for one euro. And you want people to spend it on zubei parts? TL;DR: I don't think people are going to buy zubei/avadon parts for 1 euro m8
  3. SemenArsonist


    excuse me, I think you meant Arrogance CP, there is no CP called Fortuna CP in the game
  4. SemenArsonist


    I logged from like 10 VPNs and voted no because fuck the tanks
  5. SemenArsonist

    Time for summer event?

    Don't forget the part where we all get a million brezzes with instant cast for ultra funny marathon fights.
  6. SemenArsonist

    WTB Sigel 12/13

    bump, updated the topic
  7. SemenArsonist

    Olly 2

  8. SemenArsonist

    Olly 2

    liked for monty python
  9. SemenArsonist

    WC Oly

    i liked it
  10. SemenArsonist

    WC Oly

    she ) doesn't ) put ) enough) passive-aggressive ) russian ) smiley ) faces ) on ) the ) text ) she ) writes ) ) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  11. SemenArsonist

    WTB Sigel 12/13

  12. SemenArsonist

    WTB Sigel 12/13

    WTB Sigel 12/13 Mail SemenArsonist ingame
  13. SemenArsonist

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    come on man, this is l2 in general, not just classic club. trashtalk is a feature of the game, not something bad.
  14. SemenArsonist

    First lvl 80 (Reupload)

    wow, jealous much? maybe one day you will have your own level 80 prophet too 😂
  15. SemenArsonist

    First lvl 80 (Reupload)

    Nice video m8, liked subscribed upvoted and bookmarked, keep up the good work and don't give your money to microsoft