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  1. zaken patch next week, check myspace
  2. SemenArsonist

    Event Winter attack!

    PLOT TWIST: I get the last word. You can lock the thread now
  3. SemenArsonist

    Event Winter attack!

    Spawn: Rush! Rush! Rush! Back! Back! Back! Dying: Okay, is everyone dead? Tap to clan hall and regroup aden gaka.
  4. SemenArsonist

    [discussion] Making cloth piece somewhat more accessible in Zaken?

    maybe If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Classic is designed to make end game content more and more easily accessible with each patch. That will happen on zaken patch too with cloth drops from zaken raid and baium raid. Adding another source of cloth pieces will fuck up the economy and the server as a whole. Unsealed A grade armors will become much much more common come zaken patch. Personally at the end of the patch I expect them to become as common as bw +6 sets are right now. Just imagine zaken and baium dying every week and dropping 2 cloths each on average. Now add the already existing cloths and the cloth drops from heavenly rift and you will realize that the market will become flooded eventually.
  5. SemenArsonist

    Petition to make 3 ring slots.

    Yummy, I like my potatoes salted.
  6. SemenArsonist


    current location won't be live afaik. only spawn location and if it's alive or dead.
  7. SemenArsonist

    Petition to make 3 ring slots.

    since we are talking about petitions, everyone should sign this petition to make the world a better place
  8. SemenArsonist

    Explaining the behaviour on market

    >not setting up a lot of shops buying a shitton of cols for 249k-251k to artificially inflate the price OY VEY
  9. SemenArsonist

    TH Gear/Dyes

    da da. putin perestroika spasiba babushka perestroika sklenarikova vodka blyat cyka rush b nyet gorbachev. matrjoshka spetsnaz kgb adidas gopnik alenushka. stalin gulag gopota stolichnaya lenin ivan savvidis gazprom. rush aden ga ka blyat
  10. SemenArsonist

    make party matching great again

    zubei set 6,5kk
  11. SemenArsonist


  12. SemenArsonist


    jesus christ almighty fix the goddamn phantom summoner cubic stun
  13. SemenArsonist

    Event Winter attack!

    Spawn: Is it cold out here, or is it just me? Death: The snow must go on....
  14. SemenArsonist

    Event Winter attack!

    Spawn phrase: Ice to meet you! Dying phrase: Talk about being cold hearted...
  15. SemenArsonist

    WickedSick vs Alienated vs NPC

    Khimer did nothing wrong