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  1. SemenArsonist

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    The strong trample on the weak, this is the natural order of things. If anyone thought rs are different and they would protect randoms then he is retarded. This is a competitive server, not a charity. It's hypocritical yes, but what can you do?
  2. SemenArsonist

    free AQ

    don't look at me, wasn't me this time
  3. SemenArsonist

    Next QQ topic

    yes it's kinda confusing, email says you can get aq but on the reward list there is no aq. Maybe they mean the 7 day aq? If so, then lmao
  4. SemenArsonist

    Next QQ topic

    Aq1 is on the reward list apparently
  5. SemenArsonist

    Next QQ topic

    can anyone that tried this wheel thingy comment on what he got? curious about the rates 3 rolls for me 1st: Crystal C x80 2nd: GHP x30 3rd: QHP x15
  6. Shut up nerd, go fap to your female elf
  7. Are you actually reading the quest windows in lineage 2 you fucking nerd? Do you have absolutely no self respect?
  8. SemenArsonist

    Music Thread

  9. SemenArsonist Streaming campaign

    I doubt anyone from this server would stoop that low because of opposing side disputes. For me, this stinks of brand loyalty. For example imagine some lifelong skelth player with a fragola poster on his bedroom and pufa's paypal as his browser home page. That guy notices a stream from club with a high amount of viewers and instantly reports it to the admins so they can take it down. I've seen such people that instantly dismiss you for playing on club because it's a private server(even though it's miles better than skelth) and put themselves on a pedestal for playing on official. It's sad but at the end of the day, it's a fact that yes, these people have absolutely nothing better to do.
  10. SemenArsonist Streaming campaign

    bastards... is it permanent? sorry for your twitch account man, but gz on +9
  11. SemenArsonist Streaming campaign

    was it innova that banned you? or did you do some shady stuff? did they provide any explanation?
  12. SemenArsonist

    PVP Mode at 75 LVL Bosses.

    wow, how did I never think of this? this man is a genius, thanks for the advice
  13. SemenArsonist

    PVP Mode at 75 LVL Bosses.

    what is going on in this thr- Holy fucking shit, yes please. Or even better, remove summoners altogether
  14. SemenArsonist

    Winter fights

    hehehe that was wery funny xDDDDD
  15. SemenArsonist

    A small lag that upsets

    Truly the best football player, nobody even comes close. Even if the lag was half chatinho it could win the champions league by itself, that's how good chatinho is