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  1. SemenArsonist

    180IQ plays and peekays

    PKing newbies ☑ PKing low level newbies ☑ Picking up by sitting down ☑ My laughter edited out from the PK videos ☑ Beers saved ☑ Roundabout ☑ Still haven't activated windows ☑ Pretty fun video, especially the incident with the -8 outside Gludin.
  2. SemenArsonist

    Adena sellers

    Technically yes, you are correct. But level 40 and 2CC sounds good just to increase the downtime of the bots. 2nd class quest takes time. The good part is that practically everyone benefits from this, while noone is affected negatively. The admins may as well give it a try and see if it helps. I don't think there is anything to lose.
  3. btw, I own everything on zxcsadqeqsa now, for more information refer to my signature. That is believable proof, right admins?
  4. "pushed it to 80" = So to sum it up, 77-78 needs 1/11th of the exp needed from 79-80 78-79 needs about 1/5th of the exp needed from 79-80 Nice job digging your own grave, congratulations. I guess that's why biz put an nda on you, because you keep spouting stupid shit. P.S: Not to mention that your claim was false too, we had started exping it actively via SV/Priests from 77+.
  5. That being said, he has the exact qualities needed to become a successful lawyer. Maybe he should pursue that as his future career.
  6. For your information I was the only person in my cp strictly against the deleveling of the prophet. For your information also I flamed them hard when they did that because they sank to bizqquit's level and they lost our moral superiority. But if I knew what would come next by bizqquit I wouldn't have said anything. The depths this man sank to are indescribable, pulling every underhanded tactic in the book to steal not only ally property but items purchased from the ally bank with our own hard earned points. He has no shame, he will stop at nothing to win and be satisfied. So considering this, I changed my point of view dramatically. I was wrong. 76 wasn't enough, level 1 wouldn't be enough either. You can think of your own fitting punishment. Shame on him and shame on every person supporting him.
  7. SemenArsonist

    New upcoming BD

    Stop using XP scrolls mate, 60+ will be a huge pain without exp scrolls. Some events offer exp scrolls too but I don't see us getting another one anytime soon. You can find a clan that gives 6/10% buff and unity. Avoid high profile clans that have active wars because pve will be a pain with people killing you all the time. Good luck and have fun.
  8. You don't understand. Sjeks side LOST sauvignon, not bizqquit side. Bizqquit side put minuscule effort to get him to 80(only exception is zp). A huge amount of effort was put in by driver too, who isn't playing anymore. You are whining about "losing" a pp who you barely even leveled. Stop playing the fucking victims here, everything started with biz having his ego shaken and starting mutiny while claiming the clan as his own when he hasnt led the clan in god knows how long. Also with all the core CPs supporting sjeks. For the millionth time, perkunas was an alliance consisting of multiple parties, not just a side of randoms being led by biz. I see biz claiming that he taught us how to do epics, how to pvp, how to go the fucking toilet. We thank him for it but what more do you expect? Does he own all the fucking loot because he taught us some stuff? If there was any justice in this world, biz would only keep his CP's epics and a few more items as a sign of our thankfulness for his contributions to the alliance. Nothing else. Keeping the ally warehouse and a shitton of epics was a disgrace to all the CPs in the clan who got tired of his bullshit and left. If bizqquit is perkunas I believe that everyone on sjeks side will agree with me that we don't want to have anything to do with perkunas anymore. We loved the clan, we liked the people in the clan,we became friends with a lot of our clanmates. That was the essence of the clan, every person representing it. Not just fucking bizqquit. If you disagree, I have 3 words to say to you. Delete life, idiot.
  9. Official thread theme song:
  10. Guys come on, don't go off topic. Don't pay any attention to crooked zaza and discuss the one matter that must be resolved. Was kamikaze CP kicked from SM? Or did they leave on their own?
  11. your motive summed up in one sentence, congratulations
  12. every day malakia, I am away for one morning and a 130 reply thread appears
  13. SemenArsonist

    regular sunday

    Please don't bully fortuna he identifies as autigender.
  14. SemenArsonist

    regular sunday

    I know man, I am talking mad shit about biz right now but all I really wanted from the beginning was for things to become like they were before the split. I guess too many things have been said and done for this to happen, so Im just hoping the loot split drama can end soon and we can solve our differences ingame. 😢