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  1. SemenArsonist

    EU Melee CP Recruiting

  2. SemenArsonist

    Public Premium Account status

    Sure, it's not solid evidence, it will just filter out the very obvious violators on some cases.
  3. SemenArsonist

    Public Premium Account status

    So here's a little thought of mine, I don't think I even need to mention this but there are people who are using illegal software to bypass client limits and log way more accounts than they should be able to without having to pay for COLs. ╬Łow a guy logging a prophet box illegally so he can go exp isn't that bad for the server but there are other possibilities that can(or have already) influence(d) server balance. Let's say that mr. X here logs 50 orfen/core tyrants or even AQ warlocks and puts them on full macro to keep hitting the boss. Is there any way we can know that those boxes are logged in a legal manner? Keep in mind that it's not only bots that allow you to pull of this shit, but free software as well that have nothing to do with lineage. So what's a way to (partially) combat this? Public premium account status. How can it work? Maybe like a command or something that tells you if the char is premium. Will it help a lot? No, for sure not. It's for only ridiculous cases (for example the person logging 12 level 55 characters on each village and registering them on the same olympiad wave, or for example 20 different fishing chars with similar name patterns fishing on giran) Adventurer title is not enough, we need something that can't be falsified. Everyone can just join a clan with his box and put title Adventurer over him. Not to mention that Adventurer title can just be removed even when you have PA. Now this isn't a thread to point fingers or QQ, this is an actual suggestion about a feature. I don't know if it would take a lot of coding to implement something like that but it would be good for the server. I don't think there are any negative points about this but you can always suggest them and I'll take them into consideration. Also it's not something that is definitive proof but admins could take reports like these into account and make their own tests on the characters and punish them if they are indeed violating the rules. Let me know what you think.
  4. SemenArsonist

    Deviate vs WuKong

    we don't go to gc because fortuna insists on pulling with sws and killing without bishop. that also means we have to get ressed by ee. Whenever I tell him to bring bishop he calls me spoiled.
  5. SemenArsonist

    How to change clan leader
  6. SemenArsonist

    Duel remove raid debuff bug

    Malaka, who do you think we are? Some alabama inbred randoms drinking moonshine and snorting meth? We have people from MIT and Harvard discovering game mechanics. We have more PhDs than other people have iq points, do you think you are talking to some random players making pvp videos in x9999 servers using windows movie editor? All our members are scientists, innovators and intellectual prodigies. This duel debuffs thing is just the icing on the cake, we have discovered bugs not only in game but in real life too, badly programmed glitches like what happens when you piss from the window of a car running at 100 kph in reverse, this is child's play for us. This is our research team in action.
  7. SemenArsonist

    Duel remove raid debuff bug

    Exploiting is a harsh word, this is clever use of game mechanics. Still it should be fixed.
  8. SemenArsonist

    [EU] EscapeSystem CP Recruiting

    Don't think so since they are european, not korean.
  9. SemenArsonist

    I am insecure about my SV raids.

    Who cares about GC when you have SV bosses dropping High grade lifestones and IEWAs/IEAAs? The other day our great leader sjeks was like "Semen my boy, take this IEWA and go buy yourself a virtual beer from some GH shop. Keep the change".
  10. SemenArsonist

    I am insecure about my SV raids.

    Where is the server's Robin Hood when you need him? @MoDoy Who will liberate the server from evil Pendragon's tyranny? Who will unite the oppressed masses of the server against the evil Lithuanian dictator? Don't let the server perish!
  11. SemenArsonist

    I am insecure about my SV raids. 2 euros and 87 cents
  12. SemenArsonist

    Extra Bar

    wow, and I've been wondering why I'm stuck on 200 points since the perkunas split.
  13. SemenArsonist

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    do we have any ETA on when the service will be updated?
  14. SemenArsonist

    curse of doom

    I see, well that settles it then.
  15. SemenArsonist

    curse of doom

    I'm not sure really, we've only seen proof of it being cleared by denial on official servers, I don't know where the presumption about liberate came from.