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San0    1,140

as it was informed on the topic about the restart. it was just a major manitenance for the web, forum and game server. there was no update.

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datplays    175


​no update for annoying cockroaches

​So there are no updates for people like you....

​"no you" thats 5yo argument.

Im pointing u re problematic, coz cant use search field, while such topic appear 1 per week, u would be informed better, instead of trashing forum

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MoDoy    603

considering saymeowwithme liked san0 reply here, i guess he thought maintanence today was update, and he asked about info what was changed

however i might be wrong, and its another topic about 2.0, but i think first one is more plausible, its just hard to guess from topic name/first post

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