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  1. BobSponja

    Event Winter attack!

    dying: I'm seeing a light... spawing: Oh shit, I should have taken the blue pill!!
  2. BobSponja

    Bug with elven oracle class transfer quest

    Try kill mobs without Shots or buffed, if you kill the mobs with one hit, the quest not works. I had the same problem.
  3. BobSponja

    Music Thread
  4. BobSponja

    Mount - Summons

    I think it does't need to remove the Mounts, could slow down the mount.
  5. BobSponja

    Infinite Zoom

    Nice, not in the previous patch, thx Koll!
  6. BobSponja

    Infinite Zoom

    zoom in scroll whell of mouse
  7. BobSponja

    Infinite Zoom

    Infinite zoom No virus. Download and raplace your user.ini in system game, When you update the game, replace again. User.ini
  8. BobSponja

    Castle Siege

    "It's when the things goes bad, we see who are friends or not." Rly??? Who left the TFD clan to play on another server was you and not DH members! Bad talk now from DH is easy, but whoever left the server and left the abandoned clan was not the DH, we just went out to follow our path and open up new possibilities. After all while we were TFD we did everything to help how could we. We were just the DH members logging in the clan TFD. Now it is easy to get out of good boy and put the blame on DH members. Life goes on...