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  1. could be +2 or +3 or +4 STR (-CON or -DEX) mail FreakouT ingame
  2. if possible, check about counter buffs from SR and HE please... now that you can only activate it from auto attacks, both became pve buffs...
  3. 20 years playing lineage.........20 fucking years
  4. WTS CORE LVL 3 WTB DOOM GLOVES AND BOOTS +8 PM here or discord or ingame (Vezz/FreeFall/FreakouT/Balao)
  5. hey! Dont be rude bro... Just saw your tests and first of all, thx for helping with it. I got your point, when you say that your top geared dagger is not 1 shotting a top geared healer (you checked that your max dmg with double blow + CC on litus was 8k, and he has 11k hp)...still a lil stronger than it should be...but its just my opinion I also agree that if you invested 25kkk adena on a dagger, it should be lethal as fuck! But that was not my point...i wasnt really complaining about your 12k dmg on my archer, when i was farming at FI with PP point is that when we fight ppl at the same average of our equips, our noob AW (no dye + no baium tali + no baium ring + no OE weap) was doing 6 to 9k dmg when triggered...and thats not dificult to happen in a pvp And those 9k dmg = 1 shot for a "normal" player... But still...its just me complaining about it...i must be wrong then
  6. we can try it online PM freefall and lets check
  7. im playing a SR atm and im ok with that...the only thing that i would do is change his ArrowRain to 900 range. I think that we are missing the point about daggers, imo...the only thing that i dont agree, is a dagger 1 shot 70% of the classes, equally buffed/equiped... But as Vezz said...if its ok for the majority, we will learn how to play against it!
  8. 90% of the server is doing the same thing as you are...i guess we are all wrong... same as those CPs that uses EE or active buffers...they are all piece of shit...we are all retards... what the hell