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  1. freakout

    Boring BD PoV

    your ego is amazing dude
  2. freakout

    Boring BD PoV

    gj on last fight!
  3. maybe i missed an old discussion about this, but it is impossible to remove automacros from the game? if its bannable, why its still there?
  4. couldnt be 2 different macros then? macro 1 /target orc /attack macro 2 /target orc /assist /stigma just wondering...
  5. that almost touch me when you speak about his brother...but it looks like slavering beeing a favela or an european trash, thats unconclusive, and we all know that...
  6. im not that new... still thinking that he wasnt botting or looping it
  7. and this is also true imo
  8. if she was a bot, as soon as she got summoned, she would run and follow the orc...wouldnt she? im my point of view, its a newbie player hitting a macro like: 1 /target uglyorc 2 /assist 3 /stigma maybe she is always near the crew, cuz she is using C grade... this ban is wrong
  9. i would say that maybe if we had 2x our number we could reach half of yours...but still...awesome fight...really
  10. Focus on Armor and Gaiters...full set is ok too
  11. come know that we make your life better than any other drug
  12. i always get scared about how china can ress their healers just after they get killed... fast fingers ftw
  13. i miss that old open fights on siege fields...