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Found 26 results

  1. Need help to know where i spoil dye 2nd class transfer!! please i new o server and i need this help.
  2. Queria a ajuda de alguem que saiba onde spoilar as dyes da segunda classe!!
  3. 260/5000 Hello good mornig for everyone. Well, I elaborate this little post just to ask if they will soon add the camera zoom and the drop and spoil data in the mobs and Raid Boss back to the server patch. Without more than to add cordial greeting to all.
  4. You guys know any patch with drop/spoil for 2.0? Ty!
  5. I noticed that there is no Drop and Spoil list on monsters, also you no longer can zoom out as much as you like. And that new herb, herb of progress, it does not stack with either exp/sp (high) scroll which gives 100% bonus, or with the "Overwhelming power of a Holiday Hat" buff from the Refined Romantic Chapeau hat, which gives bonus XP/SP by 5% for 20 mins.
  6. Добра всем. Вот не могу найти в базе, из кого эти рецепты: Ecliptic Axe, Dwarven Hammer. l2wiki умалчивает, а других не знаю. Ткните, какая база больше всего подходит к этому серверу. ЗЫ. по миру, вроде бегает народ с этим оружием.. Спасибо.
  7. BBC

    ищу КП

    Всем доброго времени суток. начал на серве играть за спойла. ищу КП. отпишите здесь или в пм IgonnaSpoilYou в игре
  8. 11CF1986


    Nada gente, muy buenas para todos. Me gustaría saber sobre todo de enanos experimentados y ricachones como, cuando y donde spoilear. Tengo un Warlord lvl 44 y carezco de equipo y por mas que intente nunca logro farmear adena, Gasto en SS y potas y nunca llego a superar cierto margen. Pues me Hice un enanin y lo hice spoiler, pero nose donde ir mas allá de dion o gludio a Spoilear Animal Bone o Coal. Le agradeceria los datos, y tb si saben de algun Web de Spoil. tipo l2drop, esa la he visitado pero como que este server y esta cronicas no es lo mismo que esa data base
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to find any economical reason for lvling my spoiler 19-40. Searched the market and only possible reason is ewc from AI(but as I see a lot of threads about unlucky ewc spoil - afraid to even try). Everything on demand on the market is drop only (top c and top b parts). SoP from windsus - is the same profit ~300k/hour like on 13-19lvl (also there is PK sometimes and a lot of people). But in the case of lvling to 40 I have to invest time for 1) lvling 2)D grade armor quest 3) money top D blunt 4) 1st profession quest. In the case of <20lvl spoil there is only 150k(armor) + 330k(top ng weapon after 7days of free nb weapon). Any advices are appreciated(but i have not enough nerves to do high lvl spoiler)!
  10. Spoil Divine Gloves Pattern for pp (he really want this set :3 ) in Dragon Valley with my new friends ​
  11. monopoli

    i love spoil ;)

    this is for you , cute spoilers :3
  12. Something must've gone badly wrong when you guys edited the spoil rates for this server or I might just be the unluckiest spoiler in the world. The landing rates (spoil condition activated) are bugged, the activation rates (mobs actually turning blue) are bugged and the spoil drop rates are almost nonexistent. Speaking in general, my spoiler is almost lvl 33 and is poor as a beggar. I mean really, 132 varnish, 95 iron ore, 33 animal bones, 188 animal skins.... The most basic materials in such pitiful quantities and most of those are from normal drops. Not to mention the usual junk that spoilers get to sell in NPC shops... It's just not there. I thought, screw the materials and let's go for EWDs.... I spent 4 levels at Turak Bugbears near Giran castle. Killed thousands of them and what I got? 147 Bone arrow receipes and... 1 EWD. 4 levels wasted for what? Yeah, I lvled up. Great! It was an awesome experience. I've been on servers with 1x rates and managed to get alot more stuff than on this server. It seems people on this server don't care about this issue and everybody just farms bosses for full drops. Is this going to be fixed in 2.0 or should I just let my useless dwarf rot and get a dd like everybody else?
  13. zekjunio


    Galera me ajuda,,,, nao estou conseguindo jogar.... meu char nao para de andar sozinho... já estou chorando de raiva... me ajudem pf :'(
  14. Привет, на форуме нашел только информацию по ewc. Информации по спойлу eac не нашел, да и база - 1.0 - там не отображется толком, а по базе офа не корректная инфа на наше обновление 1.5. Пожалуйста, подскажите где и с кого спойл eac
  15. Как заработать денег на Б грейд спойлом 54 лвла на 1.5 классик ?
  16. WHERE I CAN SPOIL SOP SOLO? LVL 55+ HAVE PP 48+ ! (cruma to hard ) Need money for new start
  17. Hi ! if any one of you who knows , helm me ? I am spoiler 52+ with fp full set (+4 armor) , war axe and luxor c jewelles . Have just cleric 38+ ( almost pp ) Where i need to go for good spoil on this lvl ? and for good money , i need good spoil item for B set and better weapon ( yaksa +4 maybe) , i know it`s i want to more but seriosly where i need to go for MONEY?! ... becouse i dont have money for yaksa ....
  18. Hello everybody ! Who can tell me what is best to create a second window for spoiler (PvP\PvE) And why this class is suitable?
  19. Hello everybody ! I would like to ask for help from those who know I play a dwarf 35+ (spoil) , weapon D blant , armor Brigandine set , D jewelry +4 , no baff just alone 2 potion (ww and haste) and potion HP . In companions always looking cleric or shillien oracle 30+ ( sometimes i have baff ) So ! Where i can exp and spoil for good profit on 35 lvl and with this weapon and armor ? it would be good to find a place where I could save up for 40+ ( armor, weapon) ....
  20. Hello, just need to clarify something. According to L2wiki Recipe Sword of Valhalla 60% should be spoiled from Thunder Wyrm with Archer resist > However if you click on Thunder wyrm > you can see 2 types.Type 2 has Archer resist and Type 1 not. We have been spoiling Thunder Wyrm both types for approx. 1 hour and it looks that Type 2 Archer resist not giving recipe on Adamantite ring but Recipe on Silver Arrow. And type 1 giving recipe on Adamantite Ring instead of Silver Arrow. So my question is... Did someone already spoil Recipe: Sword Of Valhalla and if so from which Monster and type? Thanks a lot in advance!!
  21. Izaya

    Spoil Rate

    Hello. I have a little question because I'm confused according to this update information If I see on the mob, example 20% Animal Bone so I need make it *2 or /2?
  22. Nqkoi znae li drop/spoil calculator koito da raboti na tozi server ? Edinstvenoto koeto uspqh da otkriq e nqkakvi idei ?
  23. Fenrir

    L2 General infos

    in case anyone was searching for specific infos, but had no clue where to look exactly ( except google ): [Infos] L2Classic Races/Skills:Классы_в_Lineage_2 directly from L2central, there's all skills up to C1.0. needs to be translated from russian. PMFun database: Very old site, useful mostly for materials infos, mobs spoil, drops and whatnot. on a side note: many of the skills listed on PMFun are different/missing from Classic, since they're taken from previous chronicles up to Hellbound, so don't rely on those. everything else from characters stats to items should be reliable, as long as nothing else was changed in Classic beside skills. [Utilities] L2Calc: site for checking stats along with items/buffs directly on characters, however it still has the old dye system limited on +5 stats. updated until Hellbound. Ivory Tower Ite​ms showcase: site to check appearence of various items and armor sets. updated until Gracia.
  24. Hi , can eny one tell me whare can i find an accurate drop site for this server