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  1. I dont care about hero since more than 1 year. More than hero i miss free time in weekends eavnings >.< Still have to keep making it for CP. Gz Devak
  2. I know Your reading, and deduction skills arent best one...... Just dont make from Yourself bigger clown You are in reality.... Or do whatever You want, not my buisness.
  3. Main difference is when WK lost Baium, we contested it in 1st weekend respawn.... When peoples cant trololo oh no work or other reason to not come. RS nowdays dont even bother to come at every weekend respan.... Even on Sunday one (what is best ociassion everys single time), and after cry on forum WK come lets make it middle of Asia-Eu prime.... What would be funny... if wasnt so pathetic... Also about Zaken... The guy who had no idea that WK came on weekend RS (was something about 6/7 morning Chinese time, after olypiad) Zaken to make some fun bullsh1ting again.... And another "smartass" insta like those bullsh1ts, nothing can portrait RS better than that.
  4. There was not better occasion to contest Baium like yesterday since very long time already (sunday 24th), And WK really hoped there will be fight..... Assuming its not WK foult that we manage to keep Baium in Asia prime... I understand some ppls get jealous.... But lets be real, even if there would be time change in respawn (what would be unfair) ppls who wants that to happen still they would never see Baium dying from other position than from ground. RS controll olympiad hard becouse Chineses (most of them) have to sleep. WK controll Baium since long becouse RS dont want to wake up early in weekends to contest... end of story
  5. YipMan

    17.05 Sieges

    GZ to winners, shame on losers .... BR numero uno
  6. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    Sorry im on birthday party today..... some1 other will tank
  7. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    5 months, and still no1 even noticed Your existence... poor guy xd Its not me posting fraps of shitty gameplay xd.... You cant even target enemy?? no1 in FW havent learned You to use next target if You have no fingers ???
  8. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    Oke im sorry... writing You i ment Your CP.. Not You as personne, ill correct.
  9. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    Seems like You have problems with memeory when Your CP act against Your propaganda xd
  10. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    So do i... But how You lie now.... And how Your CP acted there... Im liar hahhahaha We both saw how it was. So stop act like saint becouse always is always, there was nothing what had anything to do with respect there. Especially Your ally leader xd
  11. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    Yes or like it was in DI on chest farm QQ. Disgousting
  12. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    He wrote GF xd Same i did after fight .... How Your CP behive after won fight??? We saw it numerous of times... Its like losing virginity most of time.
  13. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    Not all !! But yes i did in this one so no excouses.... still I died 1st, and played it much better than this tyrant noob ;p
  14. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    I can target enemies by myself, and asssit if some1 ask to xd. Thx for being so concerned about my gameplay xd
  15. YipMan

    RS v WK in zaken

    If You show me in this fight i will feel mucho better. Anyways i how long more You will keep fapping about this PvP xd ???? We dont talk about PvPs from past xxxx months.... and we have beaten FW in ToI... same we beaten FW in GC 9v9.. .and You PRed from us when we ganged Your 3 parys with our one in double exp event..... But who cares???? Topic is about this particular PvP .... and it sux a lot even for a cripple.