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  1. + Catas and Necros ++ Pets - wolf, fenrir, strider, buffalo, cougar, kookaburra + Songs and dance 5 min +++ Next armor and weapon grade only from craft - A more profitable spoil for people without access to RB.
  2. Dropping is part of the game, but is used in a bad way. It is like a knife in real life. In my opinion, it should be removed.
  3. What's with this Updater file? My anti-virus blocked this file, I checked it in addition to Virustotal and there is a score of 32/69. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/226a9616275c9510e33ca14fb2132114f3240f41fbc3036220fe274a01975e3e/detection Can you do something about it? Can I trust you?