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  1. I agree 100% with what you wrote. Note that on the official NA servers it took 7 years to go from C0 Chronicles (Prelude) to High Five Part 5. During this time the amount of changes that were done in this game was huge. There was a strong progression of items all the time. In practice every half a year new items appeared. That is why people played it. On L2Reb they also had to make such a decision about introducing new chronicles, because the server was starting to shrink. Only they did it at the last minute, it's too late here. I don't expect our devs to work like ncsoft because it is impossible. And it is completely understandable, that is not the point. I propose to open a classic server from 1.0 or 1.5 and make updates every half or year, the same as they appeared on this server. During this time, the team has time to develop new updates. And everyone will be happy. I'll just add that a lot of people I've talked to are discouraged from joining the server because of +16 weapons and +8/10 armor. We know this is the result of such a long open server and it's natural. The reason is also that they didn't add more grades as they did on official servers and weapons of lower grades were weaker. Look out for this spam from RMT. Spam in cities, pm and email... Is there really nothing you can do about it? If someone comes here to play it looks like the official server in 2007, there was the same spam and only bots running. Surely there is some way to solve this problem, even by blacklisting words.
  2. Wow genius... this is not an official server.
  3. We need automatic store setup after server restart, as it works on two very popular servers. This can be done on java and l2off files. We have two restarts a week + sometimes a few after the established ones. Manually setting up the store takes a lot of time. Sometimes there is another restart after the store is set up. Then I do not set up stores again because I am a waste of time, plus I do not know if there will be another restart soon. After logging in to a character that is a shop, it should be set to shop options with items displayed and a ready description. Every two weeks, remove all stores to clean up. See how it works on other "E" and "L2R" servers and do it here. This is a great convenience for players. This solution will also be useful on a new server, so the introduction of this solution will certainly not be wasted.
  4. It's sad to see that. There is no other alternative when it comes to the Classic Chronicle. I like the more modern solutions in this chronicle. The only thing I was seriously missing was the pet system.
  5. Delete this server and create a new one in version 1.5 and it will be updated every 6 months. Then you will have a good start without the old known bugs. No enchantments from luxury. Admin will have plenty of time to create new updates. Everyone will be happy.
  6. In my opinion the price for the box is too high. Of course we can earn it in game, but a new player will not earn 50k in a month. And there is no other alternative for example party with other people from town. Interesting solutions: Price for premium account depending on the character with the highest level on the account e.g: 0-40 - 3 euros 41-75 - 7 euro 76+ - 10 euro Rewards for daily logins with requirement of killing X mobs Weekly rewards for killing x mobs, now for example it is Weekly Hunting and in the range 51-60 you need to kill 250 mobs and you get scroll 70% exp for 20 minutes. This is weak, I would increase the amount of mobs needed to kill and increase the amount of scrolls, so that it would be 2-3h bonus per week.
  7. I agree with that. It is good to come back after a break of several months and still have characters. From this point of view it is an ideal server. To attract new people it might be worthwhile to allow one free window, or at least for 5 euros.
  8. + Catas and Necros ++ Pets - wolf, fenrir, strider, buffalo, cougar, kookaburra + Songs and dance 5 min +++ Next armor and weapon grade only from craft - A more profitable spoil for people without access to RB.
  9. Dropping is part of the game, but is used in a bad way. It is like a knife in real life. In my opinion, it should be removed.
  10. What's with this Updater file? My anti-virus blocked this file, I checked it in addition to Virustotal and there is a score of 32/69. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/226a9616275c9510e33ca14fb2132114f3240f41fbc3036220fe274a01975e3e/detection Can you do something about it? Can I trust you?