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  1. We can say the same about the EPIC BOSS if we are going to complain about everything. What does bow rizoss do killing queen chars? Why do 2 chars spend hours inside the antharas so that another side does not enter? Why don't they stop crying and play?
  2. The truth is that they are crybaby. When I entered the server, that already existed and we had to fight with anyone to do a raid. If the new ones want everything easy, it is not a game for them. Look for a new game on steam called LOVE AND PEACE, even the raid bosses can talk there.
  3. Now say it without crying ... Do you know why I did not abuse? because the raid fell asleep and we did it from the beginning ... you could set up your party and go and kill us ... but it is better to cry.
  4. Si hablas español y queres estar en un clan este es tu lugar. Mucho bullying, puteadas y diversion asegurada. No apto para debiles mentales y neutros.
  5. Never trust rizos .. just steal adena and boss jewelry
  6. Hellrebornn clan de habla hispana casi todos latinos y 3 españoles. slds
  7. Buenos días/tardes/noches Clan HR esta reclutando gente activa para clan, cualquier clase sera bienvenida. Somos un clan nuevo que esta en el servidor hace 1 mes y medio rondando el lvl 65-70 con gente activa en todos los horarios. Whisp BaKfutt, Gabigol o disys