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    Guild coin

    Dude I just find out what about those guild coins. For each box returned you get 200 adenas + 1 guild coin, not sure if after 30 or 40 guild coins you start to receive 400 adenas per box, and when you have 80 guild coins (that the max you can have) you receive 600 adenas per box....not a big deal but for future new players can be a good information to help them out colect some extra adena. 😉
  2. I can confirm that too, but also take a minute or two to mobs respawn back, so not a big issue to cry on.
  3. Hello! This morning while I was doing my daily, a globin spanwed 🙂 Does it gonna be extended for few more days? Thanks!
  4. Amigon

    Guild coin

    Hello! Guys I am doing along with daily quests the repetable quest: hunt of the black lion. While I am killing mobs in Cruma Marshlands, once a while it drops a cargo box. I can exarge those box with npc Morgan for 200 adenas + guild coin (that stuck into my inventory's quests.)....but I dont know how or where spend those coins. Any1 has a clue of it and give a hint for this poor naab? Thanks in advance! 🙂
  5. Well as I see all depends on the situation in group, if there is a bot or two doing the farming and everyone else just sitting/following afk than yes they are all getting advantage over the bots no matter the excuse they may come like:"but he said to me being afk cause his kinda heart was willing to lvl me up". But if the group is all active and there is a bot among us (I mean among them ðŸĪŠ) so they are also farming therefore the beneficion they got with the bot is way lower in front of the risk of being banned. Maybe GM could check for example, group's ip to find more precise the unfair players, for example same ip city of the bot and the buffer who where doing nothing but following/buffing. Well, just my point of view of this delicate situation, after all, if we have a rule where just ban the bot and not party's members, we may have a bot feast explored by those players.
  6. Hello! I just back few days ago and liked a lot the daily quests, really help us out to progress. But npc stand in giran harbor and the number of stores oppened there is huge....sometimes freezy everything. could you guys change the spot of this npc to stand nearby teleport keeper? Or, sinse there are stores oppened in most towns like dion, giran and aden, transfer the official store place to giran town instead giran harbor? And yes, I am im fact surprised with the number of shops oppened, way more then last time I played here ( about 2 and half years ago)
  7. Thanks for anwsering Sano. In time, it will be implement in future updates or the euro version will never get it? Also in American official knights had a passive skill called patience, which gaves +50 Points atk for short time whenever the tank started to fight. Can vou tell me if se will get this passive also? Thanks again for your time Sano
  8. Hello. I Noticed my shield stun do not any dmg over the mobs....searching in wiki it says that skill in classic should do some dmg, like 115 atk power at lvl 1. Here I see the description doesn't mention it; and I was wandering why. Can someone help me with this information? Thanks in advance.
  9. Amazing, this data base will save many players nos only from classic club for sure also I didn't find information about recipe ssd, but I spoiled it from a northen globin.
  10. I played here in classic club long time ago, didin't lvled much my toons 'cause I've got "rickrolled" by NCSOFT lies....but now seems a perfect time to catch up my 25+ lowbies and try again. Btw, I must confess I never expectate see a private server hard core like this keeping up for so long time. I must say congratulation for the work guys, despide any hard time you had been through, 5 atualization and more than 4 years on road says more than any world could do.