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  1. disapointed but not surprised, clearly some are the favorite "sons" of the bunch
  2. Loved it, except for the item lost buff in the future
  3. EU/PORTUGAL HISTORY TEXT BOOKS: "We freed all slaves, we deserve to be reconized AND THANKED" BRAZIL TEXT BOOKS: "portugal enslaves for 400+ years black people" SANO:
  4. The tank skill "Deflect Magic" does anyone know if its working properly , because i see no change on mages damaes using it or not
  5. this RBs that stay in SV will have flag area near them?
  6. could you please post the chance of getting skills in each argument stone
  7. Is giant Cave going to drop tablets? will raid bosses still be removable from respawn like now? @Koll
  8. Much appreciated WhiteEmperor, This china +dv8 ally is giving us early Christmas
  9. Must be why your crazy spamming on hero chat, selling tablets for the price of 5kk "pleb items" Papa Needs the money back
  10. Ty Nansey ❤️ for the donation, much appreciated and behalf of all NA prime
  11. will you display the costume patch notes for club?
  12. wanted a advance warning because some ppl dont have the test server downloaded or system
  13. @Koll this event on test server will there be rewards? and if so will it be transfered to cahracters in live?