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  1. We need abort RBs time, is hard to made normal party. People exping only on RBs. Fastest exp in normal location. Vote system because we need more new players . New server will kill old server for sure.
  2. Yes, he got ban. New ban List in forum.
  3. We need this patch before new olympiad. So 3 days maximum.
  4. We need all fears skill nerf. Othel rune nerf. Summoner nerf. More gem A and cloth pieces drop from mobs.
  5. Fear DA is to strong should be smaller chance for succes, 99% olympiad match vs DA is fear all time to me. It's strong class so DA no need that op Skill. We must reduced chance or more reuse time for this skill. Second we should do is reuse skill new summon for summoner , is to fast now.
  6. Tyrant if you got othel rune in weapon.
  7. I got agation soul how can i used it ? I know this agation can uprade branclet, but where i can buy this branclet on our server?
  8. You need premium account, you can buy it for coins in nostalgia near gk.
  9. Served need gemstone A and cloth of pieces for unseals armor A. Lets give rly small chance for drop and spoil it from Di and gc. We got armors B +6 and more enchant in the serwer. It is more better then top A grade armors +4. In Official classic server you can drop gem a and cloth pieces easly.
  10. Othel runes are too strong. 90% of the people on the server have these runes in their weapons. So far characters with a high critical chance like a dagger or archer, could have a chance to reach 500 critical chance. Blunt weapons have increased accuracy and much more damage, at the cost of a chance of critical damage. When the othel rune gives 370 critical chance, we reach the maximum chance even with a blunt. This gives a huge advantage to a character using this type of weapon. Tyrants currently do the most damage because of this. Archer or daggers have max critical chance with low lvl buffs, no need songs and cov. Othel 13 should give max 150 critical chance. 150 max othel , so tyrants will have max 300 critical chance, with zelot ofc more. Archers and dagger can got 500 critical chance with 150 from othel.
  11. You can abort this sound efect in game options
  12. The problem is not Tyrant, just othel run focus chance . Othel give to much focus. 90% ppl on server got this rune in weapon. Why character with blunt can have 500 critical chance, when this is maximum score. We should lower rune othel focus chance to normal numbers , like old focus SA in weapon, max 120-150 .