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  1. What is chance to get skill from : 1.Life stone 2.Mid life stone 3.High life stone
  2. Magnus for sure. 25% olympiad games is vs pony , becouse is to much powerfull.
  3. wtb avadon gloves 500k wtb avadon gloves +6 45kk pm Felisime in game
  4. Hi, I got few characters on my account, I want take My Blade dancer to another account, Is it possible to do that, and how is cost?
  5. Jardo

    LF clan/CP

    Hello I have few characters in game (Titan78,bd77,HE78,ST78,BH78,pp76). You can choose what u want . I can be online 16-22 gmt+1 Write here or pm in game Ulgoros
  6. Yes , btw Tyrranosaur is more agressive.
  7. Yes, I made few armors parts for +6. And the second version is more likely.
  8. Better idea is make ticket to GM
  9. We need abort RBs time, is hard to made normal party. People exping only on RBs. Fastest exp in normal location. Vote system because we need more new players . New server will kill old server for sure.
  10. Yes, he got ban. New ban List in forum.
  11. We need this patch before new olympiad. So 3 days maximum.
  12. We need all fears skill nerf. Othel rune nerf. Summoner nerf. More gem A and cloth pieces drop from mobs.
  13. Fear DA is to strong should be smaller chance for succes, 99% olympiad match vs DA is fear all time to me. It's strong class so DA no need that op Skill. We must reduced chance or more reuse time for this skill. Second we should do is reuse skill new summon for summoner , is to fast now.