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  1. I agree with you San0, updates don't need to be rushed in general. I just asked about these features cause i haven't seen them at all here so i just wondering.
  2. So no Rift of Heaven or Dungeon of Abyss? What will happen with PvP Zones (TOI + LOA)? What about events on low level areas with special mobs and herbs like those you recently added? TOI and Baium Talismans will be like retail? Baium's stats? cuz it's almost impossible to make it here as Baium it's now. Gludio Castle will be like special/event castle as it must be? I would like to see in game almost eveything of these new features because game will be more fun to play instead of endless farm and xp. Yeah our L2 Classic is good as it is now but new ways of playing your game and things are needed to every game for sure.
  3. As i have seen from official patch notes, there are a lot of features you haven't said anything about them. So will be those features added as it's on official or they won't added at all?
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    I hope you guys felt for a second ​. Back to work with reports!
  7. Then can you message those who are interested?
  8. A lot of servers have online counters on their page? Why we can't have one of that feature on our website? There is nothing for staff to be afraid of, none of serious players will leave the server just because the number is a bit lower than they would imagine.
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