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  1. fits your agenda perfectly as well does it not? :O
  2. there's still world bosses is there not? It is fun to pvp or no? or better keep going this direction in the server with world boss too. For server to become pure pve heaven
  3. imagine every objective in game become like this gate kill pr stay in town. It is fun right?
  4. wasn't Silent Valley a place with alot of fun pvp against clans/ cp's /sides /farmers or whatever
  5. not ONLY, of course he butthurt, but this is not the ONLY reason people advocate for change. Do you really consider it is good for server where places where as i remember parties would come and fight against each other just disapear becouse in 30s there is nothing to fight for. Edit: drop or exp whatever man similar situation to both. lol okay enemy comes with 3 parties? What you should be able to farm against 3 parties with 3, 4 ,5 ppl? sure bro. I am sure for them it is fun to fuck u over so they come and kill you. why would they come with many people to fuck you over? probably becouse they were having fun killing players instead of mobs huh weird game mechanic. Go make friends and go pvp them or go fuck of, because that's how it was intended in game to work
  6. Antharas boss design is seriously flawed like that. Possibly changes requiring to be inside with all of the players in the CC, not only be in CC of 30 players 29 of which stay in town could help and also increasing the minimum number of players in CC requirement. Regarding Zaken both sides can do the same? And it can obviously be countered and played against with proper skill and proper number of players. And if it is problematic, i am really not sure what can be suggested, few things that popped to my head: decrease mob spawn time, so you could possibly clear mobs to farm, making some bleed curse inside ship to fuck up daggers being hidden, zaken aggression trough shadow to be removed. Hide not staying on after relog. Some of these changes might work, now weather it would be more fun gameplay with or without these implementations it is hard for me to say. Cleary to me it seems it is fun game play and not fully broken although it might be broken to some extent.
  7. RB hp drops below 50% (unpossible to compete for drops) under core mechanics of lineage pk/pvp with just few dd's in 30s . The difference is significant because it creates environment where core lineage 2 mechanics like pvp, pk are broken. Obviously in official it was indicated as a problem and barriers were implemented. BTW people are coming here and complaining not only because they are butthurt for loosing raid bosses to these farm parties, but ALSO because it just becomes not fun to play and concerning for server in general
  8. I really like the idea of letting people in with helping. I feel that some of the player base would help if they could.
  9. +6 set + orfen 3 + decent weapon and full buff should help you sustain, though not sure if it does sustain you fully. With iss 13 and +6 robe your mp dont drop while sitting, clarity and kiss of eva reduces mp drained from skill
  10. Its an aura, works similar like warsmith's weapon efficiency and armor efficiency auras, you must be in party and in certain range to receive it (dunno maybe ~ 900 range maybe bit more). It is a good skill and I can assure not boxed hierophants use it all the time, otherwise people use it as a boost to help kill bosses.
  11. ah sorry i mean outside of oly, would love to see them in pvps
  12. Ahh would also like to add, would be fun if dwarfs got some love also
  13. about ol, i think they can fight quite fine on oly, especially with new level on their debuffs, to do damage for lower mana cost, you should use hammer crush with him, its power is quite nice and uses very little mp, but new level soul cry sounds fun to me. Also please fix ol passive mana life steal to stack with orfen, like some fixes were already made with orfen and lord of vampires and prophet passive mp steal about pony, dunno, i think either nerf cd of pony summon even more, or increase mana cost to summon pet
  14. I don't play class enough to comment on the suggested changes, but the gap between bd and any other class in oly is significant. bd have no good matchups in oly and sturggles hard, whereas all other support classes have some good matchups can perfom quite well on oly and are fun to play. I personally don't mind medusa being so effective in pvp, there is se mass puri and bp puri/cleanse to deal with it, but I understand the idea behind rebalancing this skill to give a fighting chance for bd in oly.