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  1. Dude, cant you read?. Description is wrong, it consumes 2 spiritshots.
  2. ​No sabes si estan haciendo algo los gm? Has visitado el foro ademas de este apartado español? Vamos, han creado un apartado de reportes de bots exclusivamente, hay una lista de bots baneados cada dia...
  3. ​Te voy a hacer una simple pregunta sin animo de ofender ni nada. Tu sabes algo sobre la cronica Lineage 2 Classic (nueva cronica), sobre los servidores oficiales de l2 classic (Coreano, Japones, Ruso) , sobre las versiones de l2classic (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0...)?
  4. Alastor

    PK Scrolls

    ​Korean server is not Russian server. Here they follow Russian guidelines.
  5. Been like this for a week. People bot, only a handful get banned. It was a promising server, but with the CoL trade, bots, party limit bug... not anymore.
  6. ​Gladiator is out of mana after 5-6 stuns. Then he is completely useless. Therefore he can do a decent 1 on 1, but no mass pvp. Every class has its ups and downs.
  8. Mages are OP at Mass pvp, go check any korean (3.0 classic) videos. You should take a look at patch notes so you dont get surprised by what skills are implemented and when.
  9. Why dont you check a 2.0 source? So you can see which skills do they get?
  10. PPl sell D items cheaper than in shop. Dwarfs buy them and make ssd.
  11. Welcome to Classic! ​Being worked on. Be patient. ​Welcome to classic? stun 99%? u like that? wtf... ​Like it or not, that is classic.