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  1. Banish3d

    Phantom Cubic

    You kill the right mobs (Giant Monster Eye) but drop rate is very low (0.003% - 0.015% chance with x3 rate).
  2. ​Party has been fixed last night :
  3. Banish3d

    Greater Heal

    Are you sure about power? Because Greater heal (Bishop lv 40) with lv 1 = 326 power. And Greater Heal (EE/SE lv 47) with lv 1 = 326 power.
  4. Banish3d

    Greater Heal

    It works exactly like Official.
  5. If you use a archived L2 central, you can have a 1.0 wiki, HERE.
  6. ​No because it's a misunderstanding by a lot of people, everyone call Age of Splendor (aden content) 2.0 but it's wrong, it's 1.5. So Savior 2.0 is the right version.
  7. ​Take a look here :
  8. Yep in fact every clan hall are wrong if they have more than 5 buff. Need to be fixed like that at stage 3 : Windwalk lv 2 / Decrease Weight lv 3 / Might lv 3 / Shield lv 3 / Mental Shield lv 4.
  9. ​It's because Korea Classic is F2P, that why it's a garbage (they sold Enchant in Cash shop). But Innova Classic server is P2P, if you at least play on RU, you didn't see Cash shop and it will be the same in EU (already confirmed). They already deleted or changed few things compared to KR server (delete p2w cash shop/rework SA/delete fishing (stupid reward) etc...). And if you talk about next Update "Savior" in KR, they added some GOD/Gracia/Interlude skill to melee/dagger and it's a good thing because they needed it and about Cloak it's only for Hero and for this "Kamaloka thing" (Monster Arena), they just talk about it and it's not even on KR live server (so at least a year before Innova said if they keep it or don't). Atm in Korea, they didn't even mention Mount and it's not planned. Only thing we didn't know actually it's about Transformation, they didn't answer. Before spit your venom, can you please learn more about it and don't spread bullshit.
  10. Everyone use dual because they give low D grade Dual with newbies starter kit on RU classic (Source).
  11. Banish3d

    BSOE Clan hall

    Price is correct in 1.0, just check on L2 central archived : Blessed Scroll of Escape
  12. ​There are already a option to disable it, you just have to go in Configure/Audio tab and check this :
  13. If you get SS from starter pack, you can only use them until lv 15, it explain why you can't apply them on your weapon atm.
  14. ​Boss jewels has been added in 1.3 update (Age of War).
  15. ​Yeah XP, Adena, Drop and Spoil. This 1.5 update look like C1 rate (adena/drop/spoil).