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  1. x2 x3 x1 scroll no scroll no care just bring new server YES
  2. not much more to say besides what it was said already, x1 sounds the best option.
  3. Bloody

    PK Scrolls usage changes

    the sad part is that you guys are making admins waste time on this and it will all be for nothing. you still gonna get your ass pk spreed whenever they will want to... but its too hard for ppl to understand that...
  4. on innova players cant make class quest cus the higher players "closed" some key spots and ask for Money to let ppl enter to talk to npcs or kill key mobs consider yourself lucky you get pked only some times in cruma
  5. to not talk about jewels lol, yesterday i was playing on a friend's BD in a party in dragon valley, and one of the mages died to mob and droped a non grade necklace LOL. guy was level 47 or something, in non grade nacklace.
  6. Bloody

    PK removal scrolls

    there is always risk, you just wont find so much ppl with 400 pks like before.
  7. i think 1.3 will be ok for the server now, it will open some more áreas for mid range levels and i think giving B grade now for the few high levels would make the gap bigger and harder to catch up.
  8. i started few days ago and seems quite good for such hard core server. at least til level 32 it has been quite smooth with parties everytime i tried to find one.