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  1. guess one more run wont hurt. good job cheers
  2. Cobra

    Any N/A Clan?

    hi mate. left you a dm on forum contact with my contacts, hit me up so we can chat about maybe having you joining us cheers
  3. both me and my crew are fine with the x3 if the exp boosts are non-existent or minimal from start lowering too much the rates might scare some more casual people who are in the end also important to the server
  4. Cobra

    Auto pickup

    no no, let the game be played, more autonomies you find in the game less of the game you play and soon enough its just a gaming simulator where you prepare your toon and let it do stuff on its own
  5. StrikeForce Clan based on American/Canadian players coming back into the fray after a long break since classic NA FLOP. We are pulling the boys and girls back together and coming in guns blazing. Clan name - StrikeForce Approx number of players - roughly 30 so far Main clan activities timeframe - some of our people have long gameplay sessions but the main times would be from 1800ish and so on until people needs to leave. western time Who is being searched - atm we are looking for a SE to finish one of our melee groups and an overlord. if possible, with experience on both of the roles. other players/CPs willing to join are welcome even if socials only as long as we have clan slots Some of your clan activity media is welcome - will find some to add later doing this topic from work after some of the guys convinced me to start clan here and bring the troops together all over again Contacts - leave pm here in forum with your contacts, i will check it daily. Cheers
  6. im with polygon on this one. we left very sad couple of months ago simply because our life was not allowing us time enough to be a factor on this classic chronicle. we enjoyed all what we have seen here till the moment we had to leave, after long years of playing this game this server admins gave us not only a quite decent server to play on but also attention, what is very important now a days and most of the admins of other servers dont really think about it. they are around on opening, one week, then they show up once per week, then once per month, and then you only see them again when its time to close or to merge with the new server they are about to open again. This guys have been here for longer then a year, and i dont believe during the time i was playing, there was once single day i haven't seen them online, talking with players, answering to reports or simple posts etc. enough with the fanboying this is just my post to say that same as polygon if you guys open another server with a less consuming play time, stuff like GF or H5 we will come to play there independently if the online will be 15000 or 1000. still for you guys not all think im being selfish, i do understand your worries. but i do not think the H5 will make classic have less people and if you think this way... if it doesnt harm talking island but helps the project to become bigger and more known i think overall is good for talking island also.
  7. for the sake of the hardcore and server longivity, x1
  8. 2 things are infinit, the universe and human stupidity... and im not sure about the universe.
  9. Cobra

    PK scrolls work

    emmm in da freaking "Lineage2 Classic"?! Are people here even know what is l2classic? cause I saw a lot that thought its C4 or Interlude handmade *facepalm* and they want make it similar to that chronic but its different game. That was created on GoD engine not much time ago on Korean OFF. Sirs, If you made l2classic server please follow traditional mechanics. I don't talk now about imba exp runes and other lame things in next uptades they can be changes cuz people on official servers were mad about this updates. But thing that is fine should not be changed. It kills spirit of L2C. ​traditional mechanic is quest. ​ ​Our Adena drop rate is 100% as it was on Off Classic 1.0, but x3 Please remember, that with update to v.1.5 adena drop rates were tripled ​Kse, can you explain him what is this game. I assume community don't understand what is l2c. ​i dont give a crap about your l2c. if i want a l2c then i would play on official l2c. ​ ​this just in... this is lineage 2 classic
  10. i think all i could say was said by the guys who came before me but its like, if you dont feel good, no need to bring poison to the fórum, just give items to your friends and go somewhere you have fun. its a game anyway people is supposed to enjoy it.
  11. Cobra

    Server update information

    1.3 i think its enough for now at the stage the server seems to be by now.
  12. Cobra

    Oren and party

    been in a party for all afternoon long (about 4 hours) in forgotten temple, we changed players often and didnt experienced this.
  13. maybe it was at beggining, now i believe you can have shots and still make some Money considering you can get better weapon and better armor for cheaper then ppl did at start. im on 30s and used shot all the time and still have some piggy bank with some Money.
  14. ​i feel you bro!!! i feel you!!!