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  1. Really nice video Bilb! gg ^^
  2. Very cool video!! I wish i knew how to make some Maybe one day i will learn.. ^^
  3. Hi! Im a flight attendant who works sometimes 12h a day and shifts.. making it impossible to have a real constant party and forcing me to just begg for party the minute i log in
  4. ​look above your avatar picture and guess who are you ​I am the cat!!
  5. Monyka

    Hello Enemies 2

    Can you tell me the name of that song please?
  6. ​Not every girl asks for equips, some of us just farm really quiet and don't ask for anything..I'm almost sure that you've seen more (new players) males asking adena in the city than women.. anyway.. Not that it matters for anything ^^"
  7. First of all i don't usual participate in foruns because i don't like to loose my time with most of the arguments that usual goes around here..But as I feel for the second time tempetd to leave this server ( i did it before for more than 1 month) i need to give my opinion as an active player. I understand you want to bring new players in, but i would also like to see you guys doing something to keep the old players that dedicated so many hours here from leaving.. I know this topic was already discussed, but why not change the PK sytem?! How can you pvp when you didnt even have time to farm and get gear yet?! ( not talking about myself, i have a decent lvl and gear).. I played in many servers and there were always pks around.. but you could see many players because they were doing what they loved ingame. Since i started to play here i was pk all the time, now im used to it and never complained, but guess what.. people leave the server for that.. they dedicate hours of their day to play when players come around and pk them for no reason and worse, no consequenses for those players. Bla bla bla.. pvp and pk are part of the game Monica! I know that.. I stoped playing one month because all my friends who had enough lvl to farm with me left for one reason or another. And im not going to join the ally who is winning everything now, because whats the fun in having a server with everyone in the same side? Do whatever you want with my opinion.. Maybe I'm wrong.. But i know dozens of ppl who left because of this.. So if you are askings sugestions about bring more ppl to the server.. I'm giving you one to make them stay. I dont come very often to the forum so don't be surprised if i dont reply or anything like that..