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  1. draco


    Reading your post made me think its some china player voicing his anger. And imagine my suprise when i saw its stiba.
  2. draco

    Kure the unstoppable!

    Exeptional paint skills kure:)
  3. draco

    Mizuno and waterworks perma bans!

    Lol Thats some old shit you just revived
  4. draco

    EU Cp LF sws/dd

    @blacksheep RIP
  5. draco

    All who came back.

    2) Even soil said bizz is better leader on sieges than him Its good to hear that soil is someones authority. @BlackJack aim low so you do not fail am i rite? Even soil said bizz is a better leader. Lol Sup Reaver, long time no see
  6. draco


    whatever makes you sleep at night
  7. draco


    3 pages ago.
  8. draco

    Modoy BUSTED

    yea and he would have english gui, ofc nnyxi
  9. draco

    lf more info on the 2.0 changes

    Kure is not part of nonfactors you mentioned. He never left club with us. I know that he had a break for up to month but nothing else. Non of the core Nonfactors never flamed club officialy, we were just bitching around mby at clan chat but thats it. I feel like youre just being zorgzor succesor, so ill tell you what i told him: make someone check what youre posting, and then tell you is it worth to post or not. a fev more things like that and noone will even bother to read your hardly produced sentences
  10. draco

    Fix summoners!!!

    oh so necro/da are summoners right now? is this: "smarter every day" - by Arcanum
  11. draco

    The PK problem

    well classic cant have other system than this one, its still limited on club tho, with the cd on scroll use, running to floran, etc. and its made becouse at lvl 60+ there are two valiable spots to exp with pt. so you have to fight for spots, imagine if someone had to pk random pt at lvl 65+ becouse dealing with karma takes a lot of time, they do not fight back. and you waste 2h+ on cleaning karma and then exping sin eater to drop 9 pks. this encourage parties to fight back. and sadly makes it easy for ppl to pk lowbies. the thing that would help is: every 10 lvls difference makes you get x5 normal karma, or x10 even
  12. draco


    Yea, you have to click "convert this party to raid group" then it have 51 slots+ 3 for "spectators"
  13. draco

    siege 23/04/17

    im not butthurt about reaver, imo those were the best times in club history we had a great enemy, who wasnt zerg, they were just better than us and was good at map control. when you say you had really hard times cuz you had to farm at loa heart, my discussion about weaker clans have no point.
  14. draco

    siege 23/04/17

    if that means you have impossible time, then i've never ever even reached as good as impossible times during our war with WS
  15. draco

    siege 23/04/17

    yea i went throu all that clown fiesta we did in this topic and i found 3 reasons you stated: according to you winning side is the one who had total control over epics and castles, and the one whos kicking everyone from top spot. so if during last fev months vigi lost fev epic they werent a winning side, they were actually weak side cuz they didnt have total control. thats why i call your argument about "joining a loosing side" bullshit, you never were "weaker" side to the point it matters, you could farm while being in WS noone harrased you to a point that for two weeks you were sitting in town being unable to exp, you high lvls were farming uninterrupted, you could farm somewhat efficient, all they you didnt get was epics, but your ally still overall had more epics than vigi wich they got from 8 months of total domination over epics. all that i see in your "weaker side joiner" statement is boosting your ego.