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  1. Liso


    !WTS SET DRAKE+6 (4piece + FP helmet+6) x 150kk or offer PM in Forum or game "TheTruth
  2. Why only we can see cloak from Castle Aden? Where ir the cloak of Light and cloak darkness from other castles? I ask just out of curiosity, because if we can see only the cloak of Aden it seems very discriminating..
  3. Liso


    WTB BOP +0/+3 Pm in forum
  4. Liso


    WTB DRAKE GLOVES +0+6 WTB FP HELMET +6 PM in forum.
  5. The other day a ESummoner sent the pony from the other side of the map, and we go for them.. he use mount and run, run and run.. wtf and pony hitting! This is a sh*** ! remove mount in combat ! +10
  6. 2 years to change chonica to 2.0 really? i hope they already have all bug fixed right?
  7. Do not waste your time playing here. not worth it....
  8. Legal or illegal people use it equally. And unban for 5 euros. We have as an example "mattD - Dians" and many more. It is a business that you have to understand that serves the server...
  9. Long time ago people are leaving. We are tired of waiting. Those who continue to play are only the Chinese and the br (and in different prime) hahaha. Only want complete epics lvl 3 for 2.0 that will never comer..
  10. This is a shame, only 300 ppl in siege today (in 3 sides...
  11. Liso


  12. Liso

    WTB BOP+8+++

    WTB BOP+8+++ Pm in game "TheTruth
  13. hahahahahaha THAT ADRENALIN! WTF ! Continue in this way the server break soon..