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  1. shibb


    Then with your arguement pretty sure demfee belongs to the original nonfactors core not totally toxic <3 demfeeeeeee glad to see your still playing l2! hope things are well-- from water/draco/hymli
  2. well also players fighting without xp risk etc, so they dont puss our pr/bsoe & 0% rez scrolls make the fighter more intense and last longer
  3. shibb


    +9 Demon Dagger +10 Emi +9 Crystal Dagger +6 BW Light Set PL Sets Drake Sets Most Spellbooks (and a few more things, will update)
  4. When are china and wicksick gonna split? lol. they just not wanna fight over epics or what. China would win.
  5. Hold up, i have fraps somewhere way back when during the nomy(reavers wc) bot days.
  6. Adren is cheaper than premium lol
  7. Classic sieges are all about fast regroups and out manuevering your enemies. If you watch gran kain sieges you will see that castles change hands like 15 timew during the duration. Its all fast regouping and positioning. Ofc more numbers means more disorganization. A smaller crew can regroup faster if they are well organized. Party recalls are king frandz.
  8. shibb

    LF CP

    This guy didnt play when we did. Hence the january 2nd quote. We obviously just declined him on other servers and ran all over him.
  9. Yeah yeah. Weve heard it all before but the players know how 90% of those cams are really set. Im sure those ee's arent set to party recall when wars run into range too. (cough afrody/play cp back in the day). It was pretty entertaining tho. You couldnt even see their chars due to vision range, only the leftover pr animation.
  10. Tereza still isnt banned? That chars been on bot since 1.3 lol. I wonder if the gms wanna crack down on the alarm cams at ports and loa. I understand its a bit more difficult, but doable. Even if their mains arent botting blatantly they still have adren running on their cam with range alarm set when someone passes. You cant make me believe someone watches cam for 6 hours while xping. Notice how none of them have adventurer/premium.
  11. shibb

    LF CP

    As you can see we have fans. Thanks for bumping my topic
  12. shibb

    Wts Gludin CH Clan

    Gludin CH lvl 3 clan w/ 6k CRP. (sorry we sold our 5k pobs) Price 750kk
  13. provide proof and admins will help with this trade. Same thing for ch trades