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  1. How to kill a almost dead server..... making it more casual than it is already
  2. whenn you added stun bash on TK the tk already on level got the skill automaticly. will this happens also to all that are in the level of the skills ? or 100% lorenzo?
  3. sad u guys put your tails behind you ass and whent back to EU, was funt o see you guys rape FW
  4. Rayssa

    9 vs 18

    WOW, EU who?
  5. what will the primavel talisman last level look like on a player hands? any glowing effects like toi6? show us if possible im curious *--*
  6. talisman crystal will be abtained only clan hall still?
  7. the primavel talisman and the tower talisman can be used at the same time? or you need to choose one?
  8. Hi all, im a EE lvl 53 active LF a nice cp to exp with and make friends Msg me or pm : Electraheart
  9. So i started playing yesterday all fine, but today after i tried to log in i began to get critical error one after another any idea why?