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  1. If Rush doesn't stun then its ok. You can still kite.
  2. ​Clans these days play mid rates 7x-15x, they like to rush fast to end game then quit. So i doubt there's any clan these days that play one server more than 3 months. Only clans that stay long on low rates are the ones from ru classic. If you want to attract different kind of players just open 20x server since there's no vitality on classic. You might see big clans come here just for 3 month fun.
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    Ask for a clan invite, you start from there.
  4. I remember back in the day before attribute system holy weapon would increase the physical damage against undead monsters and maybe demons don't remember well. The interaction in player versus player was like if attacker had holy weapon and defender divine protection the attacker was doing lower damage than he would do without holy weapon. I remember back then you didn't had the option to click remove buffs and while pveing getting ganked you could lose 9v9s because of that shit unless you had it first buff to overbuff it.
  5. Why not 1 buff set? they are like 1 hour anyway
  6. Who knows. i don't have the epic. Maybe the guy in that movie was very lucky and gained mana from all mobs. Maybe its not 100% chance. Useless to debate this now unless someone had/has the epic already and knows how it works.
  7. Have you watched the pvp movies on official classic l2 gran kain? in pvp debuffs are like 100%. You can see here an example.
  8. From the movies i've seen on classic debuff land rate is really high but the duration is much lower than standard l2. At least from the ones i saw. in standard l2 u had to flip a coin to land a debuff with an insane duration, ie; fear, silence etc. Not to mention A grade will nerf some debuffs like stun,sleep,root,para there will be sets with resists.
  9. Like i said earlier its easy to fix, make it so that you gain mana only from targeted monster. No more full mp during AoE.
  10. ​Dunno, I'm still fairly certain that those raids will be a regular dinner for the largest clans anyway, at least until all of them have a full RB jewel set level 3. ​Still good.
  11. ​orfen of earring lvl 3 gives u chance to get mana back when u deal dmg ant queen ring lvl 3 gives 10% critical dmg (to fighters and also mages) ​this exacly shows how bullsht the orfen 3 is right now - infinite mana. No need rechargers, gg. ​Yeah they need to fix that, maybe gain mana only from targeted monster not all, or put a low chance on gaining mana. There are many ways on fixing that.
  12. Nice, does other epics lvl 3 give similar buffs?
  13. Hello, i got a question regarding this olympiad movie. you can see he gets silenced and clicks on 4 bar num 7 to dispel negative buff. Now i'm not familiar with these changes since i haven't played Classic before. Is that upgraded Ring of Core he clicks on or something else?
  14. I feel like mini-bosses are a smart move to attract more players. Since every player aims at the best gear. Meaning even smaller clans as access to top items. Good move by NCSoft.