L2 gamma and brightness problem fix

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this topic has been brought to light several times in the history of lineage, since c4 the gamma and brightness of the client has been messed up. from adjusting the gamma on your entire computer, to being too bright and washing out the colors of the game people have been complaining about this for ages.

The gamma settings of the game adjust the brightness of your entire computer without your involvement. in fullscreen, or for those with only one monitor, this problem seems moot. you don't see the rest of your computer while playing the game, and you don't have the issue. however, using multiple monitors, or smaller windows, shows this glaring issue full blown. 

the scary part is: there is a fix.

(taken from another post containing these parameters)


you can see the bottom three values are the ones to blame, and in my experience changing the values to such:


fixes all issues. is there anyway we could get a sanctioned .ini file with these values defaulted in? or at least some other kind of work around. i would be most appreciative.

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On 4/23/2019 at 7:28 PM, Koll said:

Checked, can't put it in patch, l2 are too dark for some people after it. Will put it as optional.


Thank you!
Using this l2.ini we need to start the game from l2.exe instead of the launcher?

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Nice hint!

// Off Topic - start

I'm actually trying to automate this process (making a sort of launcher that handles this kind of things), so this kind of suggestions are really appreciated!
beside that, has anyone found or knows how to implement Morim's Mods on 2.0?
I really would love to include them in a custom system

// Off Topic - end

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