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  1. Cyane

    Incorrect Email- Character Transfer

    up i have a similar problem with one of my old accounts, @Mentat did you get a solution?
  2. Cyane


    yes, its time i guess
  3. Cyane

    Editing system messages colors

    @Sabandija this is an alternative made by san0, you can check it too
  4. Cyane


    thats unplayable try with pingzapper, 250 ms from argentina
  5. Cyane

    [You Laugh You Lose challenge] NCwest gets exposed

    top farm spot for newbies ----> pick up adena from chinos in sv ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘ adena guaranteed for top ng/d and c
  6. Cyane

    3rd cube

    i think it is for receiving +1 from another summoner by mass phantom/aqua/storm cubic, but since they got removed in classic, it has no use
  7. Cyane

    +soulshot activation problem

    pls, need to apply this fix between weapons of different grades
  8. Cyane

    wts dark knight suit

  9. Cyane

    Dagger Smash

    In summary yes. Aw also has dots. Th is faster half of the time(when using dash). The other half of the time the other two run faster cause of higher base speed and catch faster due to slow debuffs. But have more con and much more canceling skills. Pw can selfbuff more than others in olympiad, hide safely cause of poison/bleed recovery and heal in hide. Yes, In endgame they have better skill evasion (both physical and magical) but dont evade debuffs.
  10. Cyane

    Dagger Smash

    Th is better in mobility, interrupting skills and has more fighter stats. The elf has recovery skills, more selfbuffs and more skill evasion in end game
  11. Cyane

    Dagger Smash

    Aw hits the strongest stabs cause of hex, focus death and max lv. Crit dmg passive
  12. Cyane

    wtb tablets in quantity

    up offer 250kk
  13. Cyane

    Road to Hero - Draca

  14. Cyane

    Diversity of Olympics vol. 3

    i liked the most the es vs es fights ๐Ÿ˜€ i guess the first to stop running around and nuke the other would have been the first to get stun in many situations, was very fun to watch