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  1. Nice! did you find some script to take all data directly or just 1b1?
  2. i miss (omg suddenly i can write :D) boats, wolves, heine, goddard and its hunting zones, MoS.. and for skills: old totem/rage mechanics cause they all were trade-ofs, they all had a purpose (not one totem being just sa superior version of the older one), old evasion mechanics, debuff landing was more complex (based on parameters and stats, tho that i understand its hard to calculate and balance right) and newer debuff mechanic that altough i didnt play god i readed that they implemented something to protect ppl from cc lock against same kind of debuff about mental on oly i dont agree cause switch / trick efectivness is greatly affected by it.. but if it was up to me to make 1 custom change, implementing the same mechanic that sleep and roots have on fear, would make fear a skill you have to time right giving sometimes to enemy a little bit of time to react instead of brainless spamming..even if you play da horrible. if you lock him with 1 fear, its pretty much over if you just hold that button on and hit.. in the other hand if fear was like sleep, you could only get perma cc if the user is really good at timing it in the right moment.. i dont say the same for stun f.e cause there are already many ways to protect against it and also cause its not unbreakable
  3. any prime, spanish/english speaking pm me
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    poseidon on fire, part II
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  7. Characters currently have 100% chances of landing any debuff (no matter skill lvl and target resistances) if target is 10 lvls lower or more than the caster. Test server: But according to official classic: Aw 55 resisting sleep from wc 78 lv. after guard expires Many stuns resisted by an sk 58 lv. against pr 71 1 Sword of symphony resist and 2 arrest resist (sws 71 vs sk 58) Experiment from official "Moreover, «Silence» skill land rate was tested for lvl 1 character and it was exactly 88%." "as it can be seen from the results, 10 levels difference doesn’t influence much the «Silence» and «Curse Fear» skills land rate." You can confirm that curse fear and silence land rate never changed, remained constant. It didnt matter if target had same lvl, or if it had 5 nor 15 nor 73 lvls of difference: Even a lv 1 should have the same base resistance of a target of the same lvl of caster. In our server, lvl difference gradually reduces target resistance until it becomes 0% with 10+ lvls of diff, and from that moment it cant be increased by any buff nor item (n * 0 = 0). except guard and mystic inmunity obv. I suggest for land rate of debuffs to not increase but to remain constant, as official, when the target is lower lvl than caster. Fixing this issue ll improve chances of lower lvl characters when they have proper debuff resistances due to items or buffs in oly and outside, like puri song or other buffs that a high lvl ally can provide to them for instance. pd: Do not confuse with the fact that skills work less against target of more level, that works as intended. This is the other way around: high lv vs Low lv. Ty
  8. up also baium ring skill power bonus isnt affecting fatal counter dmg
  9. was this took directly from old wiki? or other source?