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  2. I guess it was already reported, but just in case. Every time i invite a new pt member it appears this annoying message for all pt members to change to "Finders keepers" pd: now that i put it in random including spoil i doesnt do that anymore.. weird.. i think it happens when having pt in random or dunno
  3. Yeah, or maybe adding more skill power to lethal shot would be an easier solution good suggestions overall
  4. i agree about adding heavy armor mastery after lv 40+ (for both sws and bd). It was an official classic patch change, antharas i think*
  5. Cyane

    Drop for mobs

    i voted no, because i want bots to drop their gear when cc'd under mobs
  6. Cyane

    TH 79 lf clan pvp

    up lf clan pvp any side, eu prime (no pve)
  7. @Rizos you did some list some months ago (i cant find it) about many possible changes. One i remember that i liked was from nostalgia shop, prem acc for 1 day for example and many more
  8. i think that big changes on gameplay like these, before they happen, would be good idea to from now on, to only have them first and only in test server for some time, so all ppl have time to test and give a feedback. You know, to prevent massive qq topics, and having to revert things back that cost for ppl a lot of investment on rollbacks, builds and so on (for example summoner and elder changes) and time from you as well free up
  9. PVE: For frontal tanking, in place: paladin (sacrifice = auto heal non stop, some say heal drain too +more hp). Best for mele rb For any angle tanking, specially when running: tk (aegis+guard stance + heal cubic <heal while running>, +more speed). Best for aoe. PVP: both are trash compared to da/sk until 78+ when debuffs start to fail much often due to puri and chant, and in lv 80 pala/tk get 1 pt buff that any competitive cp wants to have
  10. already reported here (april 12, zaken reports): 84.35% land rate with a sample of 147 tries bit its not yet approved nor received reply even :( i hope it gets fixed soon
  11. yes, i remember too, it was fixed
  12. False. P. atk doesnt have anything to do with if weapon is "same grade or not" nor if its "top" or mid nor low tier. Same weapon p.atk = same p. atk in status, thats the rule for d, c and b grade weapons. Its not the first time there is a wrong bonus after +4 for weapons (case of b grade before zaken) gj budesca pd pd: this is true even when comparing apples to oranges (weapons of different type<fist/bow>, grade<d/b>, tier<mid/top> and enchant<+8vs+0)
  13. another posibility is to not change puri but add or change some skil to counter it. For exmple, by the same way rizos suggested to add -stun resist debuff on provoke on wl, i dont see a reason to not give something similar to overlords but applied to general debuffs to counter puri.. in other words: adding to ol an aoe seal debuff effect in some skill to decrease general debuff resistance on enemies around. It makes sense with ol's classic debuff role
  14. Nice! did you find some script to take all data directly or just 1b1?