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  1. Cyane

    Cuenta Bloqueada por actividad sospechosa?

    si usaste bot o capaz es un error envia un ticket
  2. comment number 150 😏 still not 'hot' topic?
  3. Cyane


    delete topic
  4. Cyane

    Zaken OBT discussion

    @San0 can you enable //drop_item command? or drops are already checked?
  5. Cyane

    +soulshot activation problem

    up currently fixed between weapons that use same soulshots(thanks), but problem still exist when changing from different weapon grades, for example, from dagger D (ssd) to bow B(problem with activation on ssb)
  6. 4 noble boxes: -1 EWD -1 Snow Flake -1 IEWC -1 2nd Class buff scroll (sorry, forgot to save screenshoot)
  7. Cyane

    Soy nuevo, merece la Pena?

    pasate por el discord, juegan a la noche argentinos
  8. Cyane

    resurrecting this section part2

    at least here, but well, i take it from your cp and checked in l2 calc. not even close tho 😂
  9. Cyane

    resurrecting this section part2

    nice vids! bracelet +1 con +1dex, -7 con and +7 dex dyes, am i right?
  10. Cyane

    +soulshot activation problem

    up needs to be fixed again
  11. experiment and table are before 2.0. In saviors they nerfed WIT modifiers Check and compare with the new table here In the russian forum you can compare with tests done by ppl in the comments during 2.0, they actually confirm the new table (google translation): "By the way, yes. EE with 26 mdr and base 50% of the skill resizes 61%, and if you believe the table, it should be somewhere 66%" "The table is not relevant after entering 2.0. indicators vit cut in all directions, including res. So here is 40 EE with 2 tattoos and a sofa is set to 43% now." "This test is not actual. All the time ago I tested it, the parameters are completely different .. for example, Bisch 40th lvl with the 28th mud. Resizes 39% and not 44% as it is written here ..."
  12. Cyane

    Starting Out Here

    Overhit ftw
  13. Cyane

    Wrong spoil table

    from waybackmachine maybe
  14. Cyane

    Stun Magnet

    yep, until endgame, 1v1 its something like this in general: DA horror+stun / Necro fear+anchor > warrior + stun + lionheart > archer + stun > fighters and mages with no cc / cc resist. But you can still counterplay sometimes with resist buffs, talismans, pilars, stun resist circlet, and soon sets c/d/b+ ll give decent resistance as well in endgame debuffs wont even pass song of puri+mental+wc chant