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  1. Cyane

    wts / wtt great sword +10

    500kk I accept set bw light+6/toi 6 +adena diference
  2. Cyane

    wts / wtt great sword +10

  3. Cyane

    mana regen wtf?

    men and mp recovery test in official
  4. Cyane

    mana regen wtf?

    i dont know the exact numbers but you gain some % of more mp recovery cause of Mana recovery skill when wearing robe armor. if you delete that skill in test server, blue wolf light has more mp recovery than robe bw
  5. for now you can get full set doom heavy for less than half of the price of fp+6 (2 parts) and it ll work for tanking. if you also want to use it for more speed and single mob killing, then go bw heavy. there is an hp bonus for evey piece of armor from +4 and above, but there is also a set bonus of hp/mp in +6. if you want to think ahead and know exactly how much stats each set gives you can try test server
  6. @Budesca Hi could you upload a chart that shows the rest of levels that are not showed in the second bar chart? (from 78 to 82) using the numbers you got in the table above, to check the difference visually thank you 👍 Here it needs a correction, it would be good to post the first table from this link: the lowest lvl no longer earns experience in a party if the highest member of the party is 15 levels above. For each lvl difference you get between 2-3% penalty, but from 9 lv dif to 10 lv dif there is a big drop in xp: from 78% to 23%(+55% more penalty), being that the reason why ppl dont do partys with more lvls difference
  7. for pve tyr or destro ll be similar with wc duo. while wl needs at least a recharger (ee/se). they can all aoe. i think tyr has the best aoe dps if you can mantain his mp. but the other two can hit with pole for pvp tyr is the most versatile of the 3, and become stronger in 76/78 with range hex and rush. while destro until 70+ is a slow mele stunner with high debuff resist. a tanky warrior, but in 76+ with some 3 class skills and a decent build it becomes a beast in mele combat. wl is for mass pvps / siege
  8. Cyane

    Olly 2

    Very nice Reminds me of some op destro from gk that also used a red D blunt
  9. Cyane

    L2 gamma and brightness problem fix .ini
  10. Cyane

    deys for aw

    +12 wit or +8 wit and +4 str/dex/con depending what you need
  11. Cyane


    -it is easy to move dead cameras to a certain range and teleport it back, it ll move in minimap too -you can hide dead body by using pg up but i find it hard to believe when i see the mouse being in the same position before and after the "teleport", even more if it was during a stream
  12. Cyane

    Deleting bres

    bresses affected gameplay of pking., its not profitable anymore for stronger ppl to force (by pk) randoms to leave spot / join them to be protected, like in 1.5 in ab, cause now pkers end up loosing more money buying scrolls and time than the ppl they are punishing cause of 500+ bresses
  13. Cyane

    PKers and guards

  14. check this topic