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  1. Cyane

    Lag at night in Argentina

    Mira, proba con pingzapper y conectarte con cable a internet, no wi fi. Cambia bastante, sino es injugable. yo juego asi
  2. Cyane

    Cursed Maingauche

    yes. that weapon triggers bleed effect even on high lvls. If you are newbie, i suggest you to take a bow instead to get rb party. but if you are support or tank you ll keep using it, its very useful
  3. Cyane

    I am Prophet

    I saw in some official oly video a pp switching to mele playstyle in some fights with heavy doom and using sword/bleed dagger, probably giving him advantage in some fights. Would like to see this mele gameplay too in some future if it works for you. Hf!
  4. Cyane

    I am Prophet

    Very nice gameplay
  5. Cyane

    L2 classic club TOP 10 plays

    ee had received 3 blows from him, it was probable that stun could brake and ee could heal himself, switch+trick was for prevention i guess, anyway meanwhile he had to wait for blows cooldown
  6. Cyane

    Siege y olis

    Olys de 15hs a 19hs Sieges desde las 13:00hs hasta las 15:00hs
  7. A chinese guy called DeMaCiYa (pt leader) makes rb parties but keeps drops only for himself picking from a second party. Clan HOTT. His characters are ForTheAlliance DarkGod lingtiantian annebaby And DeMaCiYa Altough he said from the first rb that would share runes But after 4 rbs never share one rune (kept 40+ runes for himself) The good part is that they were massacred by a BR party. 😁 So just a warning for random ppl and my 2 cents of drama 😆
  8. Cyane

    Advices for newbies

    Imo the 3 classes you have are the best suited for any mele cp you might want to begin in future. Playing active support classes are always welcome on clans and cps, specially on late game. Although at first you wont meet many ppl since sv is old and you ll lack dmg, the more you progress the more you should engage with other ppl and clans to form a full functioning daily party. And thats the core of your route to take i think. Complete the dmg and tankiness you lack with friends and you ll progress much easier. After lv 20 i recommend you to get a mid bow d for each of you, you might have the chance to join raid boss parties, which are the fastest way to lvl up. Even if you are mages and dont have complete set of buffs, just adding your bow dmg is enough for many pts to take you. At 25+ you should do moon knight armor quest. One of the few quests that are worth doing besides class change quests. The other ones worth doing are at 58+ in loa for getting enchants. Quest name is "Whisper of dreams". For any info related to anything check l2 wiki classic, 90% of whats wrote there is here, rest is more updated content we still dont have As a side note, in classic debuffs have a much better land rates than interlude, so pvp ll be interesting for you. Gl guys and welcome
  9. Cyane

    Perkunas (NA) vs BlueZerg 23/07 (2 vs 3 pts)

    same for argentina, have friends that want to leave already cause its not worth to pvp/pve (aoe) like this anymore, just asked me to make a post but its like video @Koll any info about changes on latin proxies?
  10. Look This is (and please some russian confirm): This means that, in the conditions of the test, Focus death increased the damage by ~32% (while description says it increases critical dmg by 90%), and Focus power increased by ~21% (while description says c. dmg increases by 60%). Knowing that Death whisper lv. 3 (+35% critical dmg) increases by ~27% (5254 / 4139 = 1.27), which is in tests higher dmg bonus than from focus power (+60%critical dmg), then one should make not assumptions about what results to expect from +%critical dmg buffs on blows So compare with official dmgs of daggers in equal condiiton as yours, i suggest to not try to get the 'real' formula of backstab and try to predict correct dmg from it cause as you see it doesnt work as one would expect
  11. Cyane

    Enchant rates/chance

    So if tries would be higher than 400, you would expect to see a decrease/margin of error from 65% to 25% to +6? Given the fact you can see that between bow of peril and damascus sword there is a margin of error of about 4% with 400 tries each, its not reasonable +4 +5 +6
  12. Cyane

    party exp question

    I think its normal, im not sure, but this is what we do know for sure about party xp distribution
  13. Cyane

    About the elephant in the room...

    Right now just tested how it works for me with europe proxy+ pingzapper + 95 megas internet connection 10 min later i got dc and this is how evolved
  14. Cyane


    no love for ol?
  15. When i send my demon dagger othell 6 by email, dagger is received by the other player but without rhe rune and its benefits. Even in stats window critical rate bonus is not displayed. It fixes when restarting