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Dear friends!
We want to involve ALL of you in new Event: Flash mob. Each of you will receive a gift! Event will be held at a certain time, which will be announced on the forum and in the game.

What you have to do:

At the appointed time you will need to move to our Flash Mob and perform tasks of our GMs. After completion of the task, each participant will receive a GIFT!

How to participate:

At the Event time a new NPC "Flash mob gatekeeper" will appear in every city. This NPC will provide the teleport to the event absolutely for FREE!


At the end of event you will meet another NPC "Morna". She will give you a FREE opportunity to move to any city, in order to return back to your business.


And the most important thing for you, a gift:

Your gift you will get from the "Gifts chest" NPC.


All members of the Flash mob will receive a "Flash mob Gift".

Flash mob Gift contains:

2zrjev7.jpg Formal Wear 12 hours + 4000 weight
2n7hog.png Scroll: Wind Walk x2
2n7hog.png Scroll: Shield x2
2n7hog.png Scroll: Magic Barrier x2
se0t3o.png Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
294rsj7.png Blessed Scroll of Escape

All of these items, as well as the gift itself, can not be exchanged or sold!

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Don't get me wrong I appreciate that you put in time to do this kind of events. But could you invest some in to fixing 7/7 party bug? People can do fine couple days without events...Const partys  leave from this server because of this bug... one week passed already and no changes have been done

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We understand your frustration and doing everything we can to fix party bug.

And Events are being made by different department so we are not taking any time from people working on party fix.

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Мы понимаем ваше разочарование и делать все возможное, чтобы исправить ошибку партии.

И события делаются другой отдел, поэтому мы не берем в любое время от людей, работающих на стороне исправить.

​Вы лучше с тюрьмы вытащите! не за что кинули еще и ждать не известно сколько!!! понимают они...

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​Вы лучше с тюрьмы вытащите! не за что кинули еще и ждать не известно сколько!!! понимают они...

​If you was jailed, it was for a reason.

Submit a ticket to support. Event thread is not a place for those kinds of complains.

Awesome! Anyway, just approximately - which day it will be held?

​First will happen in next few days. You won't have to wait for too long :)

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I would like offline shop certificate instead scrolls. Please admin, thinking about it. It will be rly better prize for event ! =) 

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Let the event begin!

"Let's dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues

Let's dance to the song 
they're playin' on the radio

Let's sway 
while color lights up your face
Let's sway 
sway through the crowd to an empty space"

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Hello. 1st flash mob will started in 51 min.

Edited by Koll

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